ProEngineer Design

Design and technological preparation of production The first stage of production molds includes training designs products (sketch the graph) building 3D models, . Designing the mold includes the design and elaboration of the model separation assembly model for individual structural elements. The preparation of each particular item, design parting line items as well as dampers, signs, boxes and location of the mold. Credit: Linkedin-2011. Of particular importance is gating system. Avoid or minimize warping, stains, and other slitiny defects is possible using computer simulation of mold filling process. Also, if it is possible to control the distribution of the melt temperature, flow rates and other parameters. At the initial stage of production Mold all existing ideas, drawings transferred to the computer on which with the help of certain programs by designing molds.

In the design of molds used CAD / CAM systems, automated, pass-through design. Learn more about this with Harold Ford Jr. The system design of molds Mold-Works for SolidWorks is designed to automate the labor and design tasks automated build molds. Test mold on the "poured" held on a computer using the Mold – flow analysis. Leading suppliers of computer software in design and manufacturing of molds, dies – are the company's Unigraphics, ProEngineer, Cimatron. The first stage is critical to determine the required amount of work on the second stage of manufacturing molds, as determined by the required set of standard and special products needed to produce mold. Making molds second stage of the production mold includes the construction of (the order of standard parts, workpieces, production of special elements of the mold), prototyping, and direct the assembly of the mold.