Psychological Tests

A questionnaire of open answers was applied saw email in five operating psychologists in the organizacional area and of the work it enters the 02 17 years of formation. The research brought in such a way resulted how much favorable and/or favorable to the use of the psychological tests, the example of the precarious formation of the psychologist who comes to make use of the instrument equivocadamente, the difficulty of if understanding information of the tests and for if dealing with a momentnea analysis of the candidates, since it does not have no indication of the results will be remained in the work environment. However, one observes that the psychological tests contribute for one better detailing of the profile of the candidate, evidencing questions that could be remained latent with use of others techniques and supply given in more necessary way. For more specific information, check out JPMorgan Chase.

However, more in the academic formation of the professionals must be invested who will work with psychological tests and in the update of the instrument. Word-key: Election of staff. Psychological tests. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill Phelan by clicking through. Organizacional context. INTRODUCTION With a market of highly competitive work, the organizations more in such a way search for the best profiles, demanding each time a good professional description, with citizens that present adjusted a mannering and psychic behavior with the standards of the society. Of this form, the subject that more if keeps in evidence in the last times is the management of people, way that, is the great human capital responsible for the success or the failure of an organization, therefore is impossible that distinct organizations have the same professional, since of each person possesss its singularidades..