Public Force

-Of where it is? – the police asks. – Alive in the Pitahaya, it was going to take the bus when that malparido attacked to me in front of my children. They inform – Me by the radio that has caught a suspect and my companions will bring it up to here so that you identify-inform another police. – Oscar and Jorge, remain mine, everything on a par are going to be well my loves, already everything happened and mother no longer bleeds, it guard consoles the woman while it shows its hurt ears to them. – Of said its ears they are in favor well, only has a small split in the right ear, but already I contained bleeding to him, so it can be calm-assures the cruzrojista. – Many thanks boy, disclpeme by to me to have carried so malcriada with you, but very you were scared, disclpeme please. – There is no problem lady I include/understand, it, is very ugly what it happened to him.

– There the officials come from the Public Force with suspicious-indicates the police. – Lady, this he is the man assaulted who it? – one of the officials solicits. – I believe that yes, it looks like, he is that everything happened very fast, I felt that jalonazo in my ears and only shouted like crazy person, only memory to have seen a man leave running from my back and it hid between the crowd, but I believe that he because peln is and brown, and the one are that assaulted to me was thus. – They do not jodan the life to me, now are going to me to throw the fault, always throw a me the fault, I am not thief, I am a traveling salesman of craft-says to the subject hediondo to sweat and dressed evil. -Where they are the earrings? – a police interrogates. -Which earrings? – truhn disguises. – Diay, those that you robbed to him to the defenseless one Mrs.-incriminates somebody. – Cabrn swallowed, always do the same we go when them to capture-assures an experienced police.

– I cannot remain all the day here, my children are scared and with hunger, and if they are not going to give back the earrings immediately to me, better go-he notices the woman to me. – The denunciation against him Puts we will lock up and it in the jail, of to that we will be able to investigate way and verify it if it takes the earrings by inside-asks for an official. – Sincerely it does not interest to me, who knows where they are those earrings, better I go away, thank you very much dismisses the lady to everything-self at the same time as way between the crowd is abre. – Vyase of here marrullero, the next time will not have the same luck-warns police. – Calm official, has not passed anything here, either I go away and blotch and counts new, clearly, goes away of celebration, I jodo to anybody official, or does not go away, is to his orders if me she dismisses sinvergenza to need-self with an ironic and dirty smile while she vanishes between the streets of this dirty and stinking city of San jOse. Aim.