RAL Furniture

However, small formula-1 fans want to have certainly always been a comfy bed in the form of car racing. No matter what parents their children would fulfill dream a high-quality facility, coupled with loving accessories captured the imagination of the children and ensures high spirits in the nursery. Excellent security at all fantasy can come too short in the nursery the safety of children under any circumstances. These include high-quality, healthy living materials as well as effective parental controls on furniture and electrical outlets. The quality of children’s furniture, which consist mostly of solid beech, Birch or pine veneered wood-based materials with a correspondingly robust and healthy safe varnish coating, is in this country by the GS mark for tested safety”or the Golden M”, the RAL – quality mark for furniture, guaranteed. Once the furniture have survived a series of tough tests in the laboratory, they get one of this seal of approval.

Because parents can recognize that the selected furniture comply with high standards of safety and health”, according to the homesolute experts. Rounded edges and light elements on the bed In addition ensures the well-being of small wild catches. Child-safe electrical the nursery despite high-quality furniture can sometimes pose dangers. Because on par of little adventurers also plugs and power cables apart from toys. Appropriate protective measures are, but quickly and inexpensively installed”emphasize the experts at homesolute.com. So parents can install child protection Sockets concealed or subsequently provided the outlets in the nursery with parental controls including shutter mechanism, where the holes of the box tightly, as soon as the plug is pulled. Also the one or other electric toys in the nursery, a so-called circuit breaker is short: RCD also makes sense. He interrupts the power supply immediately if there are variances in the current flow.

Faithful companion for parents and children so that parents must not unnecessarily much invest in the age-friendly kids rooms, advise the experts at homesolute.com: high “high-quality furniture have their price, parents alike to sparse should ‘ put furniture concepts, which have a variety of functions.” Thus, it can be from the initial baby world conjure up an oasis of the game and later a cool youth room itself, without having to leaving important ergonomic aspects. Because variable furniture, bed, dresser or desk, always adapt to the changing needs of children and escort them out in adolescence and beyond. For more information about designing child-friendly nursery, see… or… . Tanja EST