Research Agency Consumption

The exhibition of luxury goods ‘Millionaire Fair’ in 2007, the research team quans Research Agency is actively applied ethnographic research methods, watching behavior of selected users. It was found a marked increase in tolerance for and interest in the exposure with the passage of time. Comparison of the results of these observations with the results of in-depth interviews conducted among exhibitors and participants after the show, confirmed the hypothesis that the atmosphere of the event promotes sales activity. Why do not they buy: fears and phobias Elite? To refer to consumer potential we use the definition of ‘the volume of consumer resources. ” This design is fundamentally different from the one-sided of the term ‘purchasing power’ that takes into account all kinds of consumer resources on which depend on his intention to buy: money, time, ability, confidence and desire.

The main drawback of measuring the purchasing power of the state statistics is ‘obsession’ on the financial opportunities consumer. This is not entirely justified, because the effects of psychology, sociology and life style make a major adjustment in consumption patterns. How much had he not been rich in lone captain, its importance for the luxury market is negligible during his long sea voyages – a temporary resource limitation prevents consumption. Even billionaires do not need a sports car if he can not manage it – the ability to greatly influence the consumption of goods requiring special skills. But the greatest limiting effect does social consumer confidence, its present and future sense of self in the structure of society.