Consider the program, which has a serious responsibility to train, train, specialists in high-level quality and productivity and develop applied research as a fortress to solve problems of quality and productivity in public sector enterprises, private sector, and direct their efforts towards the transformation of these companies and the training of an executive leader and innovator, aware of the challenges facing the world today to make a commitment to transforming the current reality.

Participants are committed to present and defend a thesis that includes not only contributions, suggestions towards solving problems of quality and productivity, but the submission of proposals, models involving businesses, organizations, institutions, benefit from what the quality and productivity in this represents the product of their research. The program to define its lines of research according to the requirements that the institutions, organizations, companies require a field investigation conducted to fully determine which manifests the major problems of quality and productivity, to cover needs, competitive requirements, modern requirements on quality standards and all that, that happened to favorable results in the performance of this specialty.