Richard Gebert Managing Director

The entrepreneur Richard Gebert from lower Franconia continues travel & Tourism Division and vehicle construction of the AAGLANDER – companies. “” Prichsenstadt/Unterfranken in conjunction with the recently opened four-star hotel Freihof in Prichsenstadt tourist of the AAGLANDER will be cruises on land “and AAGLANDER matches” start in the future also in Lower Franconia. The previous sites lock cooling rock in Pottenstein/Bavaria and Schloss Frankenberg at Weigenheim/Mittelfranken will remain preserved as tourist destinations. The pleasure trips offered by AAGLAND starting with two-hour getaways to several short trips are unique in the German tourism landscape and stand for a high degree of innovation. Also under the new leadership, the development and the production and distribution of the worldwide unique AAGLANDER motor Kutschen be continued.

The previous production site in the castle is cool rock as ideas and development”continued to operate. The small series production of the AAGLANDER motor Kutschen will take place in the future in the immediate vicinity of Prichsenstadt in Bavaria, Germany. After the original AAGLANDER have achieved the production with a diesel engine, will be worked in the development – and production center on alternative forms of propulsion. With this new eco-friendly AAGLANDER vehicle models to be developed additional target groups and use applications. The employees of the former AAGLAND companies are taken over by the new investor in the AAGLAND company. I am exceptionally that the efforts of recent months were successful and we could can continue not only an innovative tourist service and a unique product, but also the jobs in a difficult environment”, including Jurgen Florack, former Managing Director of AAGLAND’schen Kutschhalterei and in the future together with the holder Richard Gebert Managing Director of the new AAGLAND GmbH & co. KG, the work of the last months together. Also Richard Gebert raves about his latest achievement: excellent, the tourism component of this investment complements our hotel offer in Prichsenstadt.