Robert Koch Institute

Germany raised the alert against the consumption of raw tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers. Remains the recommendation of not consuming germinated seeds of soy or legumes. Ben Silbermann spoke with conviction. German health authorities Friday lifted the alert against the consumption of cucumbers, lettuce and raw tomatoes by infection with an aggressive strain of the bacterium e. coli that has caused 29 deaths in Germany and 1 in Sweden. So announced it two separate spokesmen for the Robert Koch Institute of Virology and joint the Federal Institute for risk assessment at a press conference in Berlin, which pointed out that the focus of the infection originates with almost absolute certainty in germinated seeds. Authorities maintain the Council of not consuming germinated seeds such as soybeans or vegetables outbreak, to avoid possible contagion of the disease.

The Bild daily stresses based on Government sources that the German authorities consider that increasingly are firmer signs that relate the outbreak of the aggressive strain of e. coli with a producer of germinated seeds of the Northern Bundesland of Baja Saxony. Suspicions focused on a biological farm in the town of Bienenbuttel, in the District of Uelzen, in which several of their employees contracted the disease several weeks ago. However, the analyses carried out in that company after becoming suspicious gave all negative results, although it is possible that the source of infection disappear after its initial outbreak without a trace. Source of the news: Germany drew the germinated seeds as the source of the e. coli outbreak