The company but don’t know how. Hyundai contributes greatly to this topic. If we can show managers and IT managers, how employees can communicate according to your ideas with each other and take into account these privacy and security aspects, then staff will use social computing in the enterprise.” He is certainly right. The implementation of already well-known Web 2.0 technologies such as WIKIs or blogs in SharePoint however repeatedly been the subject of criticism, are more specialized platforms such as WordPress here but already much further. SharePoint 2010 introduces a number of improvements but: improvements in blogs, WIKIs and calendars at the same time working on articles by several people key words (tags) for content keyword clouds (tag clouds) reviews bookmarks/favorites “smart profiles” and feeds for the personal Web page browser to search for colleagues and experts publishing of one’s own side to “Share This Site” therefore has at least Technically an introduction of Web 2.0 in your organization nothing more in the way. The holistic consideration of the organizational aspects they find here more information (also available as a PDF download) representation and processing of content through the new “In-context editing” content now finally directly in-place in the browser can be processed. The change between edit mode and display mode is omitted.

Completely WYSIWYG is not there yet, but it is. Finally, FireFox is adequately supported. So far, SharePoint was optimized for Internet Explorer. At last! Images must not be stored in a SharePoint library, but can be uploaded directly from the PC new Web parts can be created now visually (no/less individual programming required) Ajax integrating the SharePoint sites appear much more elegant to use, content loaded up not the whole page is rebuilt chic! Silverlight-integration (for modern & appealing layout) development for Vista and Windows 7 design-digital asset management introduces workflows of the workflow designer (previously only available for a fee and then free install) is now an integral part of SharePoint 2010th IT departments can now more easily and completely without programming workflows create and customize than before.