Skiing In Andorra

If you are someone who is passionate about skiing and winter sports, Andorra is the right place. The Principality of Andorra is a small country located in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. Andorra is only 468 square kilometres. You will not be difficult to traverse it in staying in cheap hotels in Andorra. With a population close to 100,000, the Principality is ready to receive tourism as there is cheap hotels in Andorra in all corners.

The great heights of the Pyrenees, generate an ideal weather conditions for skiing. This mountainous country is formed by mountains valleys and massifs that are ideal for all kinds of sports on snow. And the good thing is that there is snow in summer or winter. Skiing there may be economic if you stay in cheap hotels in Andorra. Furthermore, as their products are not overloaded with taxes, it is possible to make something cheaper shopping than in the rest of the countries of Europe. That is why there are many tourists interested in going to visit him. In fact, each year grows the number of visitors it’s always season in the Principality. The mountains are filled with ideal routes for skiing.

Not only is the largest of the Pyrenees, but account skiable surface much with appropriate infrastructure to enjoy the white sport in all its splendor. The Principality has 5 stations, 177 tracks and 105 lifts. In addition, there are installed cannons to generate snow that will ensure that the practice of all winter sports is always possible. Near all the tracks it is possible to get cheap hotels in Andorra in which staying. In addition, the Principality offers an important reservoir of ancestral cultural heritage. Place like this there are we know the history of Europe in its maximum expression. And as always, it will be possible to travel without problems because the offer of accommodation is varied, exist great amount of cheap hotels in Andorra. Of course, Andorra also comprises an industry prepared to relax. Termoludicos spaces to relax and have fun they are highly recommended. No matter the age that you have, if you are with friends or family, it is always possible to find something to do in Andorra. It is possible to make reservations at any of the cheap hotels in Andorra over the Internet. The Principality is waiting for you, everything you need to spend some unforgettable moments is in one place.