Social Network Community

Facebook is today Social Network larger worldwide and with a clear tendency to become the most visited website at all the world. Facebook dirtily in 2010 with more than 500 million active users each user connects at least once a day for at least 30 minutes and sharing interests and tastes can you imagine? Currently almost 30% of Internet users use Facebook more (500 million people) the average time a person spends on Facebook is 45 minutes, almost an hour a day! Facebook is the most visited on the Internet around the world. People who visit Facebook have problems and needs that resolve. In short, Facebook is the easiest way and quick to get people interested in any topic specifies and any product/service that can resolve or alleviate the problem or need that have be able to group them in a group or community, and after sharing a theme interesting information with them–and lot eye here with then – present. And the best thing is that all this marketing can be free! If you do it well. It Here it is important form a group or community of common interest on a topic.Then you simply share ideas with interest group that read the information you share and then recommend to your friends of the Community products and services that can complement or solve a problem in this regard. You can you offer own products/services or third party is the best you can sell not one but several products, several times! All you need to do is use the techniques and processes to achieve the maximum profitability of your followers. Fernando Flores