Social Robots

And some of these guys is fantastic in training camp. They get a huge reaction the vast majority of the time. But at the same time, never seem to have a girlfriend. Most men I know are like that. And there are some reasons: First, going back to one of my cardinal rules: Sarge The best way is to have something better to do than sarge itself. Some guys give up everything.

The school, work, even their girlfriends to learn to sarge better. But all these things allow you to sarge better, because they make you a richer person. Jeffrey Leiden often says this. One problem I've noticed among some of the things mentioned above, especially those that started at adolescence or early 20 years on the issue of AUP, is that they have invented through this theory. They are, to some extent, social robots, and then after 20 minutes of talking with a girl, begins to show by their actions and words that has nothing more going for it to offer. The other problem with being a social robot is that you start thinking that each and every one of the girls around you anywhere is a girl to flirt, and obviously they also begin to read too much of your actions. Here's another thing that makes Social Robots: They begin to treat women completely different from how they treat men. If you are around women, even in a working lunch, they are shot of adrenaline and begin to experience the strange sensation as if they had to start to sarge.