Social Work And Health

Institutions that traditionally performed social work with young people were not effective, or only intervened when it was too late, when problematic situations were obvious. Even these institutions were not able to come effectively to youth and certain groups, especially because in tune with their concerns and needs. Until now there was a history of working in this type of educator focused especially on preventive work with children and youth in neighborhoods, employment workshops, open centers, etc. As a facilitator of social action since serving associations, but new realities are demanding its intervention in other areas where you notice your absence, especially because it may play a role of closeness and support that could hardly hold any other professional. We refer to a part of teams in action projects with drug addicts, prostitutes, ethnic minorities, immigrants, etc.. through methadone programs, decreased damage, social inclusion, health and hygiene, social guarantees.

. . The and are often the only adults who can go esignificativasu youth and other groups when they encounter problems, difficult situations and conflicts. It is true that every day Street Educators incorporate new teams of government (municipalities, associations, etc.), But could be emphasized that private initiative is still difficult to deal with these professionals who end up being the last link in the list recruitment. In some associations have disappeared or been reduced educators for not having the support by means of subsidies, even when available the necessary social support. Resources Administration has created, for example for young people still lack staff capable of serving the entire population at risk in a structured and permanent over time.