Soft Growth

Therefore, some means for weight loss instead of the desired weight loss can be completed hair loss. (Not to be confused with patrick burns!). Stress also did not contribute to stability of the hair. You probably noticed that is nervous, as with hair problems begin. When the unit stress hair loss quickly returns to normal, the vessels of the scalp quickly restored. But if the 'training' is constantly narrowing blood vessels in the head so that hair is already taking chronic. Hair loss often occurs due to various diseases. Hair loss as a reaction to medication.

At present, these drugs are more than a hundred. This birth control pills for high blood pressure, diuretics, antidepressants, steroids and even aspirin. Visit Susan Gonda for more clarity on the issue. Hair loss on due to careless handling. Coloring, perms, hair curlers, hair dryers, hair spoil, and if you can not refuse them, then at least let your hair time to rest. Also not recommended to wear wigs, hairpieces, false hair, tight braids and tightening, parted in the same place.

Even the masks can cause hair loss, if the mask is chosen incorrectly or not done in accordance with the instructions. All types of hair loss, take in enough food proteins and amino acids that are the building blocks for healthy hair growth. Between meals, eat fruits and vegetables, if you are a vegetarian, include in your diet foods Soy, be sure to take iron supplements and vitamins B and C as a dietary supplement to maintain normal hair growth. Good progress in strengthening the hair (especially to eliminate the effects of the last reasons) is the use of specialized tools for hair care products. They have a deep cleansing properties. It makes your hair susceptible to the active components of which have nutritional and tonic effect, stimulating hair growth. Immediately solved another problem with improper use of hair-dander. Less important procedure in the fight for healthy and strong hair is massage, and do not necessarily professional. Just put your fingers on the head and the soft circular movements massage the skin with fingertips – this will improve blood circulation to the scalp, and, consequently, the power bulbs hair. And if you ask your mate to make you a massage – and still get a lot of fun!