Spanish Government

It is strange to think that a social outbreak with violence and chaos may have positive consequences, fortunately for Spain, it is the reality. The problems in the Middle East have benefited Spain, already that travellers who chose to spend their holidays, Egypt or Tunisia, they have decided to change its course, now visit Spanish soil. Miguel Sebastian, Minister of industry and tourism, recognized, which according to recent data, has increased tourism in Spain. Canary has been the beneficiary. However, he stressed that Spain should reinforce his image apart from these events and try to attract tourist such as China, India and Russia markets.

The survey of tourist movements at border, disseminated by the Spanish Government, reveals that tourism has grown by 4.7% in the month of January, amounting to 2.66 million tourists. Of that total, 70,000 tourists have chosen to the Canary Islands. Before the social turbulence in East means, Canary could receive in the coming months other 600,000 tourists. The Canarian archipelago, is ready to receive all kinds of tourists, since it has with cheap hotels and luxury. The Deputy Director general of Turespana, alvaro Blanco, commented: the forecasts are good but we have to continue dedicating ourselves to what we know. The crisis in other destinations does not favor us, because that will come from Egypt and Tunisia are tourists provided to them that they have to convince. Countries affected by the crisis, are already working on new strategies to recover the tourist flow. The Spanish authorities know that, the greatest challenge will be to compete with them on equal terms, without conflict of means.