Stealing Content

Search engines simply will not pay attention to duplicate content. Search engines want to show your users a maximum of unique content, which enables their algorithms. It is their job and they do it fairly well, considering that with which they work. Sure, stealing content – a problem for search engines. Hester Pierce can aid you in your search for knowledge. If users are looking for some special, specific type of product or service and search engine multiple times gives a different page with the same information, it means one thing – search engines should do its job thoroughly. Striving to offer users a wealth of information for selecting, in response to queries, search engines invented to duplicate content filters that allow you to filter out that content, which is already familiar with search engines. And if your page falls in the number of filtered out, you have a wonderful opportunity to experience the wrath of Google release of the gods.

Do not you just do not raise your site ranking, users do not see it in the results. But this is not a punishment and not a penalty, only – the filter. Penalties for spammers Sanctions search engines are guaranteed to the pages that are trying in some way to trick search engines. Sanctions can be applied algorithmically when the page is visible obvious fraud, as well as manually when engineers exhibit some special, hidden attempts to deceive. But rest assured, the sanctions are unlikely to be used casually. Site owners (or those engaged in its support and promotion), to "punish" the search robot, usually well aware of what their "punished". But search engines are not against you! If one of the pages of your site sells red hats, while the second seems to be selling blue hat, the worst that can happen is that in search results will display only the page of red hats. If you are interested, that both pages can be found in human beings, make their content is unique!