The destination does not reign without the secret complicity of instinct and the will. We have Giovanni Papini while life we will be subject to surprises that fate holds for us and many of them will be very taken into account in favour of our personal growth and even in the spiritual and transcendent, but is the destination? Wikipedia in this regard indicates that destination is the supernatural power that is believed, guides the lives of any being necessary form and often is fatal, i.e., inevitable or unavoidable. In Western culture the most religions believed in forms of target, especially related to predestination. The destination is a path with many addresses. Adds us that the destination is a metaphysical construct and as such is subject to interpretations. The destination would be unknowable and inevitable succession of events occurring in different place and time whose consequence of the past affecting one or future more events, as well as the network of possibilities for the future because of the present actions and past events.

Nothing exists by chance like nothing is created from nothing. Everything has a cause, and if you have a cause was predestined to exist from the moment in which the cause arose. Since the immense amount of causes is impensablemente vast, it is impossible to know them all and linking them together. From a religious point of view, the destination is a plan created by God, so it may not be modified in any way. This, of course, except the Judeo-Christian knowledge that rejects the existence of an absolute predestination (because of free will, which among other things, makes the man image and likeness of God) drawing (from Sacred Scripture). The truth, that our life will be surprises arising when they make their appearance a series of questions that require answers in order to investigate the reasons for this.