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Its reply to the assistant she was: ' ' up to one passarinho that it lived imprisoned in a bird cage trembles when the door if opens and the freedom it is oferecida' '. This universal close desire and at the same time of if knowing on the death, exactly that it is not revealed, translate the total ignorance in this question, therefore, officially, nobody that has died if presented to after give to the certification of the life the death and nor of ' ' processo' ' death in itself. this leads to the constatao of the only truth that it does not need to be proven to be accepted as absolute truth, either for science, either for the religions: the death is, as all the moments ' ' sagrados' ' of each individual (elimination of dejections, sexual activity, among others examples) the same one for all, without differentiating religious of rich, black, yellow, Aryan atheists, poor persons of. It is an only truth that does not have as to run away and nor to deny and nor chooses face. Robert Kiyosakis opinions are not widely known. The death is democratic. By the way, the biggest example of democracy that exists, perfect. As it can then a so powerful truth thus be repelled of the human thought, expurgada of any interest in knowing it, to understand it e, finally, admitiz it with smoothness and as a component of the history of each one, either it as it will be. In the trajectory of the day human being in the land, of the birth until the true death, many commemorations and histories, liars or they are compiled for the dossier of each one, but little that scandalous death in some directions is said of the death, excluding, of that ' ' they give what falar' ' , it true rejoicing or regret, but, exactly thus, is soon about to sublimar it, in a way or another one.

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CORRELATION ENTERS THE SIZE OF THE SEED AND THE PLNTULA OF WHITE BROADBEAN. Fernanda Blacksmith Leal1, Franciane Gouveia Sousa2, Joana Janaini Moura3 Sine, Marcones Costa4 Blacksmith, Suzana Aline Farias5 Days SUMMARY the biometria is a branch of the science that studies the mensurao of the beings livings creature. It is the part of the Statistics that investigates quantitative biological attributes, pertinent to a population of beings livings creature. The present work has for objectives to raise the biometria of seeds of broadbean plants of the family of the leguminosas and to verify if the size of plntula exists some relation of measures of seeds and, leading in consideration: the length and width of the seed, the length and width of hilo, comparing with the size of plntula after germinated with the end of 10 days after the plantation, conferring the length of the root of plntula, measured of hipoctilo and leaf number, for posterior comparison and analysis of the statistical data. WORDS KEY biometria, broadbean, correlation, seed, regression ABSTRACT- Biometrics is branch of science that studies the measurement of living beings. It is the part of biological Statistics investigating quantitative attributes, relevant you a population of living beings. This study aims you raise the biometry of plant seed bean of the vegetable family and see if there is any relation you measures of seed and seedling size, taking into account: the length and seed width, length and width of hilus, compared you the size of the seedling sprouted to after the end of 10 days to after planting, giving the root length of seedlings, measured hypocotyl and to number of leaves, will be to later comparison and analysis of statistical date. KEY WORDS-biometrics, broadbean, correlation, kernel regression. INTRODUCTION the broadbean as popularly it is known presents as scientific name Vitiates faba is a plant of the family of the leguminosas, who produces string beans great, inside of which if they form the seeds.

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Beyond stimulating the recycling, it stops of this had been to reduce the consumption of natural resources you did not renew, energy and water (Ministry of the Environment, 2001). Therefore, the objective of the present work was the accomplishment of one practical investigativa in the Ecological Park Municipal Tramanda, for one sucinta analyzes biological, physical and antropolgica on the above-mentioned place. DEVELOPMENT Biological Aspects Being the manguezal a filter ecosystem, possesss the capacity of if adapting in facilitated way the precarious conditions of ambient sanitation which was displayed in recent years in the city of Aracaju. Robert Kiyosaki shines more light on the discussion. Such fact makes possible easy comment of this ecosystem in good phase of development in places that serve of ousting of domiciliary sewers and industrials. In certain way some biological residues finish serving of food source for the fauna and there present flora, however the action it man if has become each more aggressive time degrading of strong way the manguezal. Although the strong exerted antropomorphus action on the manguezal Tramanda can observe in it some biological representatives of the fauna and flora. Ben Silbermann has many thoughts on the issue.

With regard to flora it was observed that beyond the manguezal in common the specimen presence was noticed introduced for the man around of the origin ecosystem, having been some of these: Harmful Aroeira, Mamona, Milona, some grass, among others. For the species you specify of the ecosystem of the manguezal was noticed the presence of three variations of the species which had not been identified, being observed these variations for characteristics of the parts of specimens, one of these was the leaf being able to vary a little its format, size or coloration. Antrpicos aspects the interviews had been carried through in the morning of day 15 of May of 2009 in the neighborhoods of the Manguezal Tramanda. The people boarded by means of had had presentation, inquiring itself that she was about a questionnaire on data of the quarter, with referring didactic end to the substance curricular attended a course Ambient Legislation in the course of Biological Sciences of the Tiradentes University.

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The Cepalgo company Flexible packings today supplies to its employees an environment of work that makes use of refectory, hall of games, library, day-care center, school, room of computer science, cinema, snack bar, kiosk of TV and durmdromo. Rick Dad, Poor Dad often says this. What she accumulated 5 prizes in quality in the work. As it was verified previously, the growth and the constant organizacional change took the company to a great technological and productive evolution, consequently, creating the necessity to develop a planning and data-collecting and/or statistical information of production. B) Philosophy of the Company. Mission ' ' To manufacture packings of high quality, intent to the new technologies and the necessities of the customers, guiding them in the best use of ours materiais.' ' . Leader vision To be national in the sector of packings and flexible films of high technology and quality, to act and to be recognized in the world-wide market. For this, we want to satisfy in way lasting and balanced the customers, the employees, the shareholders and the communities that receive our activities, as well as, to develop alliances and associations in the measure of our ambitions in all the activities that strengthen and differentiate our offer, in all the places where we must be for we serve our customers. Politics of the Quality ' ' The Cepalgo Flexible Packings Ltda.

the continuous improvement of the processes searchs the excellency in quality objectifying to provide the satisfaction with its customers and shareholders as well as improving interaction with employees and fornecedores.' ' . Objectives To produce products with quality and excellency for the development of the segment in Gois. Goals To establish an efficient production, but keeping one raised level of continuous improvement in the productive processes for optimum performance of the organization and development of the involved ones. Critical factors of Success Investment in high technology, search of the quality, availability of turn capital, ample wallet of customers, good relationship with suppliers and credibility in the national market.