Writing Books And Stories Is Not Difficult

First, often only know the blade lies in front of one and one does not know how to take his thoughts into words. But if this blockade is overcome once, the rest is really quite simple. While there are a few things about which we should be clear, but basically do not require significant conditions to be his own author. However, you should before you start writing, be clear about why you really want to write and what you would like to say. This can be done for example in a brainstorming or mind-mapping. These methods are so well because you can do is optically clear what you want to say.

Got this in oblivion, you can easily re-map the Mind. If there is going to start writing, you need basically to no set guidelines or a poem not to follow a verse pattern. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tom Smith by clicking through. Only then is it possible to create its own and unique style and achieve. At one rule you should, however, – Keep the thread. A reader’s own history should recognize this in order not to lose the joy of reading and to receive the work as exciting. It often falls to the beginning or hard things “to write down some.” But do not be discouraged and just keep writing.

Nor can one praise from friends and family to help and often to help a new motivation. Of course there are many different ways to put his thoughts into words. Examples include stories, books, poems or song lyrics. “The best form” there is not, however, and each author must find its own form. The new type of communication makes it possible to publish his works created on the Internet and comment on each other. Have fun at the “writing itself”!


Today we are going to a talk about codependency. For those who do not know what it means beyond goes a definition of many that run through internet: codependency can be defined as a disease, whose main characteristic is the lack of its own identity. The codependent loses connection with what feels like, need and want. If it is sweet and nice but not feel it, it is because you are looking for acceptance. He believes that his value as a person depends on the opinion of others. It gives more importance to others than to himself. . It invests an enormous amount of energy into maintaining an image or a status to impress because their self-esteem is very low, since it depends on the value that others give you.

I understand codependency as the obsessive need to be with someone to feel good. This problem is very frequent among couples. There are also Codependence in addictions: smoking or drinking alcohol to feel good. Codependence of the children, etc. This type of syndrome is very harmful to ourselves because us cancelled as persons, i.e.

we forget ourselves. Always are waiting for the other person problems which in the long run is damaging to the relationship. Each Member of the couple acquires a role: on one side is el salvador, and on the other hand the victim. It is a form of slavery for both parties. It is a form of addiction. How to exit from this dynamic? Firstly we have to be aware of one thing: we are all older ones to know what is good and bad. No one sucks is your finger. A codependent relationship the victim has assumed its role and leaves carry acting as it comes in win without thinking about the damage they can cause. The victim knows that their Savior will always be there to not drop it. Free yourself from this slavery! Gives the opportunity for the victim to take the reins of your life and address their problems. Don’t assume their responsibilities. If you do you’ll be sinking more and more. Leave it from sinking until it bottoms and she is herself that out well. It is a difficult travel path in which there will be many relapses. But don’t forget one thing: the people change when they themselves decide to change. You put the media but don’t assume the direction of the car that is not yours. To finish a saying that reflects the direction we take: Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can change, peace to accept that I can not and the wisdom to distinguish the difference.