Industry Companies

Just want to say that the spamming technologies such as those letters – "Hi! Yesterday was cool … "" Could not you call … "and the like, for our purposes is strictly not fit! (And generally little to no fit:)) I propose to indicate in the "subject" Your most-presamoe competitive advantage. Linkedin: the source for more info. This is take a creative, because Each situation is unique – a recipe can not be given. In this article, I would simply ask you to think about the direction and course for future action! More useful tips in electronic multimedia magazine "Secrets of the recruiter," For example, from 2005 to 2008. Bobby Kotick is often quoted on this topic.

You have worked in the brand of the company "Daisy" – well-known companies in its industry, write to the theme: "2005-2008, LLC" Daisy "." Any HR / Recruiter get caught sight of a brand in its industry. So my goal – to draw attention to a resume, you have achieved. Congratulations on another victory! Important! – Fits in a minimum number of words! If it so happens that the brand company you do not have to work – not critical. Look for other trump card! Carefully review the vacancy announcement. What are the requirements for applicants are listed as mandatory? – Knowledge of the special program? – Fluent foreign language? – Willingness to travel? Find among these requirements are those in which you make the most powerful. That part of your experience that best coincides with the wishes of the employer! As a result, you should have something like: "Accountant, 1S8" "MSLA, red diploma", "HSE, fluent English," so well, or at least an "active, responsible".

Workplace Knowledge

By the way, not every business makes such benefits, and not everyone is destined to experience the benefits of these. Most business people work even more than the average person in the workplace without weekends and holidays. In many cases, novice entrepreneurs often can not withstand the emotional and physical strain that requires them to business and fail. If only it were so simple, most of us have probably already multi-millionaires (dollar). But the business thing severe. Connect with other leaders such as Jeremy Tucker here. Another reason, and in my opinion, it is home, in which people fail to business – is the lack of skills and knowledge, which should have a successful businessman. Then draw a picture. Most people want to make like your own business, but still remain at its safe working place, afraid to lose in this game.

First, to create a serious business (and we all want to make it a serious business, which would give us a big profit, otherwise why take up little things) need big investments. NR to open a good restaurant, you need about $ 700,000. And then, the initial costs of the business will pay off for years. Second. No skills and knowledge.

Hence, fear and self-doubt. And how do these skills and knowledge will have a man who worked all my life for someone else? Read books on business, attending training course is necessary. But this is only a theory. And one can not build a theory of business. Just like in sports, if a person does not know how swim, then a theory without practice is to float it still will not learn.

Business Package

Attract new partners = fraudulently entice people into the financial pyramid. Get a percentage of = profit came the same as you in the pyramid, he gave money to a family which had to be fed, and you for what you have left to starve his family, relies Award. And so on. I am sure that at least one now says "I've been involved and earn money. " I will not argue – it is possible. Another thing that is as lucky and can put it behind, but in a large "all legally." In fact, what's illegal? Everything is transparent, you can try for free …

STOP! WHERE and How about you know? Guess? No? I'm 90% sure that you have written about it in ICQ, e-mail or you yourself have entered in the query string the search engine something like "good job" or have seen something like "Earnings of $ 100 a day!" . Now do you understand? Well, if the money is so easy to make something a sane person will tell others about it? No! Judge for yourself (quote from one such ad) "We have even beginners who are just learned to use the Internet to earn from $ 100! ". Rotate the chain: if the rookie gets $ 100 then how many should receive "professional"? If everything is analyzed, it turns out that professional should get about two or three thousand dollars a day. Agree that if there is a way of legal earning 2-3 thousand dollars a day, which requires no skills and then at least silly about it to someone tell even for money, especially for free. It's an anecdote: "In the office employee is required, payment of $ 3,000 per month. Who knows the chip does not call! ". Here and there the same way – who knows the piece they did not participate, but who knows gladly give up their money.

As a conclusion, I'll tell you one thing: there is no easy money anywhere, but only free cheese in a mousetrap, and only for a second mouse. If you understand a little better on the internet, consult someone before you do a fatal mistake. For example, one of my friends are not talking to anybody bought a "Business Package" for nearly 7,500 rubles, and then tried to sell it all around. From the definition of Wikipedia: "The financial pyramid – situation that arises in connection with the lure of money from investors in some investment project when the current yield is lower than the rate of project investment, and then part of payments on deposits investors is not out of earnings (profits) of the project, and funds from new investors. A natural result of this situation is the bankruptcy of the project and the recent losses of investors. "


As we all know 90% of the population in the world are looking for safety in the work for them, safe operation is the most important part of their lives. But why this happens? The reason for this, it seems to me foolhardy idea lies in the fact that we all from a tender age, school, home, university, teaching, and teaching is still only about how to work well and how to be good workers and specialists. At school and at university, we are not taught how to properly manage their finance, your money, business, investment, or how to start and grow your business. Because by and large we are taught how to be good employees to work on one salary, and the rich do their hosts. For people who are willing to pay for life for the sake of security wage floor is the main thing in their lives. When it comes to money or jobs, then most people have a fear of losing it, thus they behave just as if they had a snake in his pants, and looking for safety. These people want to feel confident and safe, and to see what their warranties for the job are recorded in writing. Especially now when the most companies, workers become redundant or unnecessary expenses.

And we know what to do with unnecessary costs. The idea is that if you want to be workers and give his life for the sake of salary, it your decision and should not be ashamed of this, listen to advice as before, poor people are doing what they do, and eventually you get something that they themselves have chosen. But if you do not want to give his life for the sake of work, if you want provide money, and freedom for themselves and their families, my advice to you, listen to the advice and counsel of rich people are doing what they do and decide for yourself who you want to become poor or rich, and eventually you get something that you chose. Draw your own conclusions. PS And last advice If you want to take control of your life, you should regularly make personal financial reports.

Building System

Ads pasted on poles not attract many people, and I think you yourself would not want to work that way, but Internet advertising works much more efficiently. 3. What should advertise my ad? Ads with company name or some products give retailers do not understand the nature of MLM, the goal in this business to help as many people can become rich, not to sell you a shampoo, powder or tablet. Pay attention to ads offering opportunities as one need pills, other powder, but want a better life all. 4. Where is the ad? Telephone, mailbox or Web site, think for yourself, whose business is more automated and takes away from his master less time.

Most likely, you too want to spend it as quickly as possible, and be able to teach only one who knows himself. More information on how to make better use of your time, read my article "Time – the main value" (Part 1, Part 2). 5. Look at the system work. After analyzing the first 4 points, you can understand how, in each case by looking for new partners.

More important to evaluate the system of work of the team to which you come. Is it you, if you have a chance and if you are ready to repeat the same actions that make your sponsors. Is there training the system, how to perform every step. Rather, this information will be at this conference or in person. Please note that if these activities are convenient because you eventually have to visit them often and invite people. Personally, I prefer the Internet business, how it works can read in my article "Building System MLM business over the Internet," perhaps you will use it for themselves. 6. What kind of product the company is promoting? Look, it is interesting whether you personally that product or service that you promote going, whether it is necessary to you personally. If not, you should look for another company, at least unethical to offer what you do not like – it will be lies and people will feel it. 7. Where does the money. You need to understand what you are paying and for that you get the reward. If it is unclear where the money come from and where they go – it is an occasion to think twice. Evaluate all the options found on this system will be simple, and choose what you will soon. Forward to your goals.

Domain Register Before

More and more people are seeking to learn a new profession. To turn their hobby into income. Tell me, who does not like to sit online and get paid? And if a little think about how out of 'just internet' to squeeze out a little money, then draw a bright future of the free, home work, which will provide you, fast is always fun. Many Internet users are beginning to start blogging. Blog a great little tool that be able to commercialize 'the flow of your thoughts', the local news and comments on Novosibirsk. One izvestneyishih service where you can search for orders for the publication of his blog – J2J. This chic area, where already managed to get orders, many copywriters reraytery, bloggers and webmasters. Customers see a predominantly qualitative audience 'writers' and 'publishers'.

However, one of the errors on which your 'writer' thing can not move – it lack their own domain. Domains can be registered in the zone RU, UA, BY. Domains can be registered at any place convenient to you or to buy a DVR. Good domains are of course has long been engaged in this market there is competition. Buy Domains Belarus in the area (beautiful and good thematic keys) can be reached at: Belarusian domains. For Sale ..

According to Russian and Ukrainian domains there is a lot of auctions. All are predominantly on the sites of registrars domains. To need to buy the domain 'electronic money'. All Russian and Ukrainian domain registrars are able to accept Webmoney. This is the most popular means of payment for the domain of market participants. However, Belarus Domains can be bought only for Belarusian rubles in the primary market, and as already agreed – on the secondary. Buy Webmoney in any country is possible through the exchange offices. In Ukraine, one of the best quality services to replenish purse in Webmoney system provides the company – Webmoney Ukraine .. The service I use personally – so I recommend. Only positive feedback. As one well-known businessman, you want to do – take it and do it. So do not underestimate his strength of earnings in the Internet, take and try to write, learn to make money on the Internet.

How To Make Money On Foreign Debt

The last few years the Russian market credit boom has swept. By some estimates up to 80% of the working population of Russia took advantage of the services of consumer crediting. Take the official statistics Banks – 5% loans are not returned, – take into account the opinion of experts who evaluate the amount of non-return of 15% and get 10% optimistic. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo Bank for more information. Optimistic for those who will see in this figure, a huge and important as long as the free market for companies building a business on the collection of debts. Today in our article is about debt collection business. The special attraction of the collection business in addition to high-capacity market (over 200 000 million) in the low barriers to entry.

On today to open a debt collection agency does not require any licenses and permits. Desk, chair, office equipment (preferably together with an office), phone (preferably several) of the vehicle (for going to the debtors) and you are ready to conquer the financial Olympus and became an implacable enemy of malicious defaulters. But rather pathetic – turn to the facts. Revenue collection agencies – it is a certain percentage of the amount repaid, with your help debt. Its size can vary from 10 to 50% depending on the term debt of the region, and in fact the debtor. Typically, the average rate of debt collection agency – 25-30% of the actual repayment. So first step you have to do after the registration of the company – to find a customer who agrees to entrust you to collect debts from their troubled clients.

Content Earnings

Here you’ll also need the original article on a similar theme with the product you are promoting. His creations you in advance provides links to the promoted product, then find mailing and site visitors who would have been interesting and useful information presented in your article, and then sending out a masterpiece of the owners of these websites and mailing the proposal to publication. Here I want to focus your attention to the mistake made by most authors and which leads to the inevitable failure in the placement of the article. VNIIMANIE (!) Article should not be advertising in the first article that promotes something must be informative. This is an absolute postulate, which is necessary to remember, if you certainly want to post your article for free! You declare with full responsibility that no publisher would not agree to place a purely ad information for free, but an interesting and informative information to agree to publish even a famous internet entrepreneurs with 20,000 readers in the newsletter, and completely free! Be sure to Acquire the rule and Take it on his arms. Here are two of the most simple and obvious way to make money with their original papers, of course they are much more complete list of methods and application instructions can obtained by following the link at the end of this article.

Go ahead, what is the benefit can still bring their own paper? Article # is a constant, steady source of traffic stress on your sites and newsletters, though enough to write a few interesting articles to place them on dozens of resources and you get the extra couple hundred, and even a few thousand visitors and customers a month. # Each entry is a weighty increase your portfolio that is particularly true for freelancers. I think you, my Dear Readers have been able to feel all the importance of the presence or absence of a portfolio for potential customers. Just an article written by you personally and elsewhere published is the key to successful negotiation and receipt of new orders. # Original article is the best advertisement for himself.

Yes, yes, self-promotion and creation of a personal brand is just as important as selling something, but under hour, even more important. Besides that become familiar and the familiar name is very important for internet entrepreneurs and for the freelancer. Word of mouth works in RuNet for the maximum and if you ever “shine” by publish their own articles you already know about and you say, of course, the potential customer will be no doubts whom to entrust a particular project, or who buy the product. You know what I mean? 😉 This offer is Notke finish our conversation today, I think, dear reader you sane person, so understood the importance of writing your own articles. Finally, I will only say one thing, the ease and professionalism in writing articles achieved only by exercise and training, so write often and much, and as training advice, quick and easy, writing under the name “Stateyny Income”, I am sure that in the process of studying this guide you will find a lot of secret techniques to increase the profitability of their own articles.

Internet Earning

Some time ago the Internet in the first place, was an assistant to the person. Students and schoolchildren used them exclusively for training purposes, but for adults it was a real help in the work. Today, the Internet – it is not only assistant, but also earnings. Earn Money Online, which earlier said the share of a doubt in his voice, now begins to sound from the mouths of people more confident. There are many ways to make money online. We will cover only the principal and perhaps the most interesting. On our site we suggest you make a video.

You know exactly what videos are popular on the Internet? Tired to spread the real masterpieces on other sites, and only get a penny for advertising? Welcome to Vidwor.Ru! Anyone can make money here. All you need – it spread really interesting videos! The number of Internet users growing every day. In the day are reviewed and downloaded hundreds of videos and films, that is, so to speak, a good ground for future earnings in the video. All that you need – to put their videos on our site. But before you start making money on the video, you need to register. You want money with no problems found their "master"? So, five easy steps to your profits: 1. Register online Vidwor.Ru 2.

Recharge your account in My Account (this can be done through any of the presented payment systems) 3. Choose an interesting video from his collection and the place and time of its placement 4. Submit a video on Vidwor.Ru 5. Enjoy guaranteed income-per-view your video! One view is equal to one ruble of your income. This means that if your video looks at the 1000 registered site users, you will earn a good dinner restaurant, and if 10000 – a modern mobile phone! All that is required of you – put your video on the site Vidwor.Ru! Earnings in the video – it's easy! The cost of placing the video on a single day is only 20 rubles! It means that only 20 people who are interested in your movie – and you pay back your investment and start making money! In fact, your video may be interested in tens of thousands of people they register for and Vidwor.Ru will bring you money! Income – is not limited! There is another effective way to generate revenue! Bonus program from Vidwor.Ru available to everyone! From now on, you can earn not only for downloading video, but also on attracting new users of the site Vidwor.Ru. Simply invite your to our friends and relatives, telling them about the simple and effective way to generate income, and get your profits: The first level referrals – those who come to your invitation – Generates a 10% of their earnings, and second level referrals – those who are invited your first level – gives 5% of their earnings. How to invite new users? Any legal means – advertising on the Internet of all possible species! Thus, your income is limited only by your imagination and hard work! Your earnings – in your hands! Upload your first video right now!

Internet Job Search

Then look for a job by typing over the Internet, threw money to start work, but there had been deceived. I bought a course in online polls – there is a very tedious job and need to know English, shorter an extra headache. Paul bought the courses Berestneva – "build your business for 3 months." 2 years ago it did not take it seriously, but now they have a great help to me in site promotion and more. Tried and such business as exchange of electronic money (web Money). Studied courses Evgeny Popov (dvd drive) I bought a package of "The Matrix" – certainly brought benefits – learned a lot. Why I chose the Internet? Because I see that the development of the Internet are not stop and reverse the rapid development goes. Every day the Internet connects so many people.

And entrepreneurs are slowly but surely moving their businesses to the Internet. If you do not start using the Internet in their business, then it will doubtless profit slump – assume a 3 or 4 years. I now have enough knowledge had accumulated about Internet business, and I am confident about the future. From all the above, I want to make one conclusion: If you want to and want to build your business online, then you must do the following: 1. First we need to believe in themselves and who either do not listen.

Set a goal and achieve it by any means overcoming all obstacles. 2. You necessarily need a mentor (a man), who excelled in the same field, in his interest to help you become successful. And learn from him! 3. You have to evolve every day, reading, listening to records, study the success of others people interact with successful people. 4. In the Internet business is an important function in your website. Think of it as your face. Also the second factor – is creating a team to build a powerful business. For this purpose, mailing, where you communicate with the person as a friend. The main trust of a partner to win, but it's not an easy task and requires a lot of time for people to trust you. Also in recent times – is important to create your blog. Simple words – your blog is the twin on the Internet. 5. The most important thing in Internet business – THIS ACTION, ACTION AND ONCE MORE ACTION. If you sit and look at the monitor and only dream, the result is nothing happens. I started actively work with and learn not long ago and see the results every day increases, it becomes a lot of friends and partners. If you want to know what I'm doing, I wrote about this on my site. About me: George milking, born in 1987, residing in Moldova. In his spare time he enjoys sports, computer programs, Internet marketing, I'm fond of reading business books in the field of marketing, psychology of influence and success. I love to vacation in the woods with friends, especially barbecue. Partners from which I learn: Vladimir cold – one of the first Internet entrepreneurs in the Russian-speaking Internet, Dmitry Borisov, Paul Berestnev, Belyaykin Artem Smakotin Dmitri Negoda Maxim, Evgeny Popov, Azamat Ushanov, Alexander Dotsenko and other successful people. Good luck to you all.