Humidifiers are designed to operate in a closed room, eg room. They require no special installation: everything you need to do – is to fill the water in the tank and turn on the humidifier in the socket. All models humidifiers are designed to work around the clock. Noise level working humidifier is so low that with him to sleep. The humidifier is best to install some radiators to moisture faster spread under the influence of warm air. Escaping steam humidifier is not recommended to be sent to the furniture, walls, plants.

For a man comfortable humidity level ranges from 40% to 60%. Steam humidifiers Air most widespread in Russia received the following models of steam humidifiers: Air-O-Swiss 1345, Air-O-Swiss 1346. During operation of the humidifier of this type comes out hot steam, such as from a kettle. Such humidifiers are several advantages over other types: What would the dirty water you poured, steam output will always be perfectly clean, thanks to a special bath (located near the site of the steam out) Humidifier can be used for inhalation biggest performance compared with all other moisturizers (700 grams of fluid per hour), lack of consumables (cartridges, filters). The body is made of special heat-resistant plastic, tightly closed lid for the Gulf waters are not allow to connect an electrical power cable in case the water in the instrument is finished, it will automatically disconnect from the mains (Design of the heating elements consist of 2 electrodes: there is water – the current flows, the water is over – the chain parted) Special design does not allow to turn the humidifier, humidifiers of this type have convenient handle with which to carry it from room to room, there is an indicator of the remaining water can increase the humidity of more than 60%, there are also disadvantages: There is no built-in humidistat (device maintains a given humidity) must be purchased separately Boneco 1352, consumes more electricity than other types of humidifiers; For what purpose is best: an inhalation use in greenhouses and winter gardens (where required humidity above 60%), ultrasonic humidifier Among this class of devices, the most widely used: Boneco 7131, Boneco 7136, Boneco 7133.


A few days ago decided to repair the ceiling at his home and questioned paint or whitewash? I wondered this question because a suspended ceiling, I never edit it and I like not an expert in this field too long need to install it there (!) tension is expensive and time-consuming. Obmozgoval even a little bit and stopped before selecting whitewash the ceiling. Yes indeed in these difficult times, this method is applied is very common. He did not requires a lot of cash investments and spend a lot of time to repair. Pinterest understands that this is vital information. Whitewashed ceiling looks quite neat and in an apartment svetlo.Pochital information, and that’s what I read: Preparations before whitewashing the ceiling or painting: Ceiling blanch and dye only after careful preparation. She performed in several working steps. Ceiling to clean up, putty and prime! After all this work done you can start to whitewash or paint your ceiling.

Requires painting a ceiling: For use lime whitewash the ceiling, and painting, you can use acrylic or latex paint. Whitewash the ceiling, better stages, caused a single layer, it is necessary wait about 24 hours, what would it dry, then you can apply the next layer. Painting a ceiling can be carried out in two steps, but you can into one. All depending on the requirements for the surface. When painting produce a single layer, it is necessary to paint in one direction, and when the two stages, the first may be applied to a thickness of 2 mm, and with the latter inflicted a layer to bring the work to the final. When painting the ceiling in two steps, the quality of Work is getting better. Once the ceiling whitewashed or painted, it can be easily apply a decorative pattern.

Not a very difficult job and agree costs are not as significant as in the other finishing the ceiling. More information about the whitewash and paint the ceiling can be found on the site.

European Metal

When buying a metal door at first note of the manufacturer of this product. Quality European doors of metal, perhaps unparalleled degree of reliability, but also products domestic production is known for its excellent performance, also has several additional advantages. Having made the decision to purchase the doors of European production, specify how the parameters of your door correspond with the size of the European standards. If they match, feel free to purchase imported door. If the same size as the door does not conform to European standards is better to buy the door from a local manufacturer, producing high-quality doors for standard doorways.

The sheer quality of the doors, made of metal, their design will depend on the particular profile used in the manufacture of box door. Also door design will depend on how the door leaf is attached to the box with hinges. The overall level of security doors will depend on the thickness of sheet metal that make up the surface of the leaf. Frequently Pinterest has said that publicly. Are reinforced metal double doors with a thick sheet of 2 to 3 millimeters. It is believed that the door leaf which reinforced double-leaf, have a special degree of reliability and safety. The quantity and quality locks also affects the overall level of security doors. On the door standard, experts prefer to install at least two locks. It is desirable that these locks were of different types: a lever, the other cylinder.

As a rule, lever lock used for locking the door for a long time. Cylinder lock is used to briefly hold the door in the closed position, for example, on a hike to the store. Significant amount of time choosing metal doors should be paid to their ability to insulate the space from the noise. This effect of isolation is achieved through room inside the door of a special material, the filler, which serves as a substance that absorbs sound. The ability to absorb door extraneous noise can enhance the special seals along the entire perimeter of the side doors of the space. Mounted on the door, a sealer will protect your hallway or foyer, not only from harassing, loud sounds, but also from unpleasant odors. Properties of metal doors save heat in the room is also very important. They are achieved through the installation of sealant and filler, which were discussed above. If the security and insulation properties of metal doors set aside sufficient consideration could be given the time and the choice of type of finishing of doors, as well as their accessories. Method of finishing metal door will depend, in many cases, the class of metal doors. Inexpensive, but at the same time functional and stylish look finish class economy is a surface treatment of fabrics such doors with vinyl artificial leather. Finish the same surface of the door with spray paint also features a reasonable price. In addition, she has excellent vandal-proof features, looks great and requires careful maintenance. Door trim with laminate, lining, mdf, solid wood or wrought iron front door with big demand investment. During the selection of doors, made of steel, do not be afraid to directly ask the seller about whether the company engaged in the installation of doors sold. If the answer to your question is yes, boldly purchase your favorite input access door.

Removing Efflorescence

During construction and operation of buildings the appearance of efflorescence is inevitable. Causes of salt deposits on the walls, this is exactly represent a leach, may be the properties of building materials, so and external weather conditions. Therefore, the removal of efflorescence – the primary task of building owners, because the salt deposits, not only detracts from the appearance, but also destroyed the facade of the building. Efflorescence on the building appear as a result of that water washes away the salt from the structure of the building materials. Therefore, removing efflorescence water is not effective. Rather, it is even increase their area of occurrence, which will only aggravate the situation. Independent selection of detergents to remove efflorescence can also lead to disastrous results.

Incorrectly matched chemical agent can turn soluble compounds into insoluble crystalline structure. And in this case, the removal efflorescence can not only take longer, but also do much more expensive. Since the need to investigate the surface to be cleaned, select a special tool with a powerful chemical composition. The scope of work and the number of medium used in this case may be higher. Therefore, for that matter, as the removal of efflorescence is approached very seriously and entrust it to the professionals.

Special chemicals to remove efflorescence have sparing chemical composition: they are strong enough to remove plaque, but it will not damage the building facade. In addition, professional companies use special equipment, which will retain the facade, not allowing its mechanical damage. The process of removing efflorescence should be combined with the water of the building. Then you can avoid the recurrence of plaque. Water repellents have a water-repellent properties and will help to keep the facade of your building from the environment, in particular the penetration of water and other chemicals that can cause salt deposits on the walls. Among other things, water repellents have antifungal properties that protect your walls from mold.

Labor and Material Consumption

The latter option is preferable, because by combining design of bearing and protecting the functions provided by lower costs of labor and material consumption. Cover long flooring design, using standard precast concrete products, under the unified directory of industrial products for the building. In accordance with the space-planning decisions of the building used lengthy flooring surfaces with a flat or gable top surface. Typical floors have openings 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24 m and made in the form of thin-walled reinforced concrete ribbed slabs (with contour and transverse ribs) thin-walled curved plates of type and plates type 2T (c flexinvest type IT). Along with these products use advanced high prefabrication – integrated padded flooring types 2T and special insulated flooring coverings in public buildings, preformed from the constructive keramsit.

Light concrete decks have longitudinal ribs and a three-layer slab with thermal insulation. Last used for overlapping spans of 18 m, and insulated flooring type 2T – up to 24 m. After the installation of insulated flooring coatings on a construction site operates only waterproofing work. In some cases, to cover public buildings used box- reinforced concrete decking or flooring-ducts. In-plane coverages with rod bearing elements (beams, trusses, etc.), the last set in increments of 6 or 12 m (sometimes 15 or 18 meters), based on the columns, at least on the supporting wall. Flooring coatings based on the beams (trusses) and connected by welding steel inserts elements of these structures. The best economic results of using the coating decks of light or aerated concrete than ensured not only by carrying capacity, and thermal insulation coatings.