Autonomous District

a small sacral center, because there a completely different cultural layer … 20 years ago, Gennadiy B. told me that it's amazing! And when we went to the plateau, I thought, my God! What is it small, so insignificant! As the implacable opponent of the view that the Arch – a fortified settlement, and assuming that the Arch is not of great value to Russia and the world of archeology, academician Eugene Black, appealing, yet However, a very convincing comparisons with other Arkaima territory, large-sized archaeological sites .*** Since Arch geographically plays Celtic or oppidumu Kargaly, therefore, and its archaeological significance disproportionately less – so believes Blacks. Eugene Black. In science, as do all the construction: we have, what is greatness? This, above all, a kind of mass … Square Celtic oppiduma occupies 5 square. miles, you know all you like here Arkaima? 280 pieces! Following the logic of Mr. Black, you can do absolutely absurd conclusions: Switzerland, for example, is considerably inferior to the cultural level Mongolia, which is incomparably superior to its area.

Holland, gave the world of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Brueghel, Bosch, bears no comparison with the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, whose territory can be placed around Twenty-five of these states. The Principality of Monaco because of their small size does not deserve the attention of the international community! This absurd list is endless. But then it turns out that archaeologists in their scientific studies do not operate only by measuring scale – and it reaffirms the Eugene Black.

Religious Buildings

During the construction of Roman pagan temples architects used the existing experience of the Balkan and Italian theory construction. Along the shores of the Tiber River is preserved temple of the goddess of fate Virilis. It was built in the third century BC. Oe. on Forum Bulls famous, a place which has traded at the time the bulls.

Structure, which differs perfect size, stands on a high podium, stage, and unique architecture with seven porticus colonnades provide the unique beauty of physical appearance. The bearing axle design emphasizes the expressive gallery original portico. This architectural technique used earlier for the Babylonian buildings. The walls are built with stacked the use of rock elements colonnade made of thick limestone rocks of the Adriatic. This volcanic rock lined the podium.

The difference in the rock is completely hidden with a thin layer of plaster. Architects have always used to improve the appearance of buildings Greek ordinal system. In the sacred building of Fortune elongated Doric columns provide the basis for the foundation of the portico, while the decorative colonnade visually shared wall structure. Philosophical rhythm of columns provides the unity of the exterior design. Next to the temple of Fortune was built round an architectural ensemble dedicated to the god of hearth Vesta. Now historians believe that this temple of the legendary Hercules. The temple was built from a unique Ionic marble from Paros territory. Its composition is characterized by an unprecedented simplicity and perfection. Unimaginable height of structures with Ionic inclusions give the small sanctuary of magnificence. Initial overlap structure has been lost, and the temple is covered with a rounded design directly on the ends of the columns. Ionic order, implemented in This sanctuary quickly becomes a priority in the Roman building. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Tom Smith on most websites. Greek Temple of Athena sets the fashion and the direction of Roman architecture. Center of business and political life of Italy was the forum, area, Located between the hills of the Capitol and the Palatine. There occurred civilian gatherings, during which they discussed the major policy issues. At this point, for centuries had a place to be a stormy political life Rome. In the square were built building of government archives, churches, stadiums, which took place commercial transactions and sat on the judge, there existed the sacred statues of great men and triumphal statues Italic kings. Near the top of the forum took the main path of the Roman Republic, arranged for him the main streets of Rome. The famous ancient city was built jumps. In the I century BC. Oe. it's 150 feet long and 50 up to 70 m in width. Around it are arranged public buildings and porticoes, the appearance of which is often altered. Work at the end of XIX – XX century revealed the ruins of buildings. Among them, towering eight marble bas-reliefs of the temple of Saturn, in which was the state treasury, the ruins of the chapel of Caesar, the temple of the goddess Vesta, oval, and three marble columns of the Temple of Saturn children. Glory to the Romans the art of construction and the achievements of the original application ranneitaliyskogo art contributed to the development of the concept of architecture. In the first century BC. Oe. creator and architect Vitruvius created the job 'work on the construction of ten', which was a detailed encyclopedia of the building practice at the time. For more information, see 'The Art of the Roman Republic' on

Financial Aspects of Divorce

Significant infidelity, differences, traumatic stages of the life, events, answers to prolonged periods of stress and boredom are between the main causes for the divorce, but in different circumstances and with particular common aspects. As certainly even you do not live in an emptiness, so you must contribute to everything what it surrounds to you. Without a doubt, the changes in the society, the rolls of sort, the integration of the community, the values, the beliefs and the law, everything have an impact. Some of the most frequent causes of divorce are: AdulterioComportamiento irracionalDesercin of at least two aosSeparacin of at least two years as agreement between parejT and your esposa/o has lived separated during at least five years. Which are the most common causes for the divorce? Perhaps you are desperate to find out what caused that your married relation finished in divorce. You would do well in not preocuparte for that reason. You will need much energy to do in front of the changes that are approached. We have enumerated the main causes of divorce, although they ten in account that this will not be used you for recuperarte as this difficult stage.

* Infidelity, including the relations in Internet. * Significant differences in values and beliefs. * The oldness and the stages of the life that have happened already * Traumatic events and/or changes of life. Often these are tragic causes of divorce. * Prolonged periods of stress, such as the stress related to the work. * Prolonged stages of stress such as the stress related to the work, in the long term, by questions of disease, mental health, financial problems, etc. * Important emotional needs that they are not fulfilling. * The boredom with the relation or the life. * To deal to the others with scorn.

Saturday Looks

Every man, boy, boys, children have their own goddesses and their queen +. With age, their location and the intrinsic value of the object relative to adoring steadily changing. Although +. That he is married, and she married, on the contrary, each busy with some fleeting romance, which seems to be a break, but for some reason or terribly sorry. Not quite true, of course, anyone. JPMorgan Chase may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And that’s all this pity, a self-contempt, which grows with the years of ridicule, is filled alcohol and flavor flowing bile, but not only in his address, but the whole world, sometimes close-range, and sometimes – in the entire universe. ‘The day is full of life’ – an instant the little man in the head by a half play all hours of crackers explodes – the first, and then a mature love, life, work, dissatisfaction with it as +. That hero Andrei Kovalev (writer and actor rolled into one) child, that he is the father, so there is time to try on the role of an aging parent and adult son, who is trying to dodge the care thereof.

Probably the most difficult moment, when he was horrified looks into the eyes of a lonely old woman, look away with a sigh: “How terrible to grow old in this country ‘. Auditorium fascinated, then filled with laughter, then suddenly becomes serious and stole from a neighbor looks like a tear. And in the back row of a peasant family squabble on stage turns to his wife: – But you did on Saturday as pilish + When the viewer starts to associate himself with the hero on the stage, then the problem’s done, it understood and appreciated, that is to try on. A touchingly attentive sketches on kids, like a real psychologist hero spends the imaginary boundaries of adulthood and unchildlike selfishness. Even growing up, we remain children, who sometimes have to hide behind his father’s pant leg.

Modern Music

Surely fans and lovers of fashion, and, in particular, fashion shows can be said about the importance of selecting background music for this show. Background music that models exhibit a collection of designers, is no less important than, for example, style or color of the dress. In this case the background is not just hide from the audience, for example, pereshoptyvanie in the room, and fully convey the concept, philosophy collection that designer embodied in things as they are created. Historically, the clothing displays are not accompanied by music at all. It was a pretty long time – since the dawn of their appearance, and, more precisely, at the beginning of last century. Only then will they were slightly different nature and, more likely, themselves become the backdrop for visitors to cafes or restaurants.

The development of fashion and the development of music in it was a little later. When the show began to wear perevoplaschyatsya from conventional advertising in these stores full show. Clothing – is an art. Music – the same art. Music, like clothes, can quite clearly and correctly reflect the inner world, his views and position in society.

This tandem just it is impossible not to use in terms of psychological impact on people. I think you should not take talk of "color", which is filled with music of different styles. When selecting background music for fashion show the complexity can cause some issues. Well, the music has to underline the emphasis provided by the product, but does not come to the fore. As any well-known hit carries some meaning, yet conceived by the composer and poet, and everyone can interpret it differently. Because increasingly resorted to the use of this background, instrumental music, which has a unique character. And the work often involved famous and not so DJs to turn a show into a real show. A variety of styles of music is as great as contemporary fashion indulges us different collections – especially for business people, youth, the publication and just casual. Power Music is ready to "play up" to the organizers of shows, if they properly understand and take advantage of it, consider all the moods and nuances. And, just like everywhere else in life, just need to remember the rule of distributions of accents, and then your message clearly understood correctly …