Global Prosperity

While the majority of the analysts nailed the continuity of the spiral of global prosperity, liquidacionistas liquidacionistas prevailed in diverse countries and until more serious and serious measures they had been taken getting worse the problem. More information is housed here: Reeta Holmes. One of the measures more esdrxulas was the protection of the countries its economy in detriment of the global commerce, mainly the United States. Explicit and irresponsible protectionism aggravates the problem seriously and alone to have an idea: The global market, in all segments fell 30%, the prices of all products, feeding the naval industry, had had collapse of prices of up to 40%. The economic retraction in the Europe between 1931 and 1935 was of almost 20%. Ben Silbermann shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This increased the unemployment and the refreada one of the commerce entering in perverse cycle.The United States with serious social and economic problems harden the protectionistic line, with the Law Smoot-Hawley that raised the customs tariffs, finishes being a shot for the butt and drags the world for deeper in the well.

The spiral of the deceleration and lacks business-oriented goes mining all> liquidacionistas starts to lose land, measures and governmental programs are created in diverse countries cooling of certain form the serious social problems. In U.S.A. the program New Deal fruits and to change the economic mentality of the governing. All made age to brake the social bleeding and the decurrent problems of the lack of job and income with the fall of the economic activity. Narratives of malnutrition, hunger, illnesses and misery of the time show the desperation for which they had passed diverse families. I afflict it was unimaginable and comparative to few catastrophes of the humanity. The change of the thought was the beginning of the shy economic recovery, saw a new modality, used public expenses to create job and to stimulate the investment with generation of job and income.

Power Inside

An Order whose requirements and beddings had been for It determined. Nissan often expresses his thoughts on the topic. at the moment, thousands of people, cliente of that the current order is defective and that will not be extended for much time are working quiet in the construction of this New. All the men are invited for the construction of this new civilization, traced for Bah' u' llh, in the following way: that these are joined by the same vision and respect the determination Of it, to form a pacific army. Bah' u' llh affirms that the construction of the new world-wide order will not be made from partisan politics, nor for revolutions, but yes, through individual and social transformation. Therefore it is emphasized that: ' ' Bah' s (those that apiam the plan of Bah' u' llh) not politicians must engage themselves in movements who lead to the sedio.

They must be interested itself for movements that lead to the law and the order of Bah' u' llh' ' .9 On the fight for the Power Inside of the Government he has following orientation: ' ' Of this enclosure for bullfighting bah' s must abstain. They cannot if filiar the political parties and do not have to enter into an alliance no faction. The partisan competition for the power is, in a direction, the subliming of the civil war, and the parties, of this form, act as armies polticos.' ' 9 the world-wide order of Bah' u' llh is an objective that we can glimpse in sketch and for which we can work. It is not one millenium magical, result of some special action economic politics or. Spiritual of the unit of the human sort is established in the concept and builds a structure in which this unit can be preserved and be developed. ' ' The land is one alone country, and the humanity its cidados' '.

Petoro Politics

New the state one, as the Petoro, will be the proprietor of the reserves that to fit to the Union, fitting it to define its destination and to commercialize it, being remunerated for the given services. Particularly, the regulation to diminish the asymmetry of information between the Union and the operting companies -, and. The creation of the Petrosal facilitates, still, the negotiations with other operators for joint and optimized exploration of adjacent or next reservoirs, situation that tends to be common in the daily pay-salt. The great one question is to know if these objectives could not be reached without the creation of a state one. The reply she is more or less clear. Yes, the Petrosal is not the nevrlgico point of the considered model, but without a doubt, it very facilitates in the atingimento of the goals proposals. does not have to scare none of the actors of this market, accustomed that they are> much more rigid conditions alhures. Ben Silbermann oftentimes addresses this issue. The main doubt that remains in relation to the new Petrosal says respect to the old preconception against state.

Without a doubt, always it has the risk of contamination of the new company with indications and influences politics, and the swell of its picture. However, the government if compromises to establish rigorous rules of governana for the company, who will have to be integrated by body qualified technician, with number limited and predefined of employees chosen by means of public competition. The creation of the Petrosal is, therefore, recommendable, and the mediation risks politics in its administration can be neutralized with clear rules of governana and criteria of ample performance with visibilidade.5) the paper of the MME, the ANP and the CNPEO government Squid uses to advantage the change of the regulation to materialize the thesis that supports since the beginning of its management, of that agencies of the government must be puted in charge to trace the lines of politics, and subjects to the approval of the CNPE -, beyond the format of the auctions and contracts. On the other hand, the ANP, in fact, as they affirm the critics, suffers certain esvaziamento, therefore Law 9478/97 it atribua the establishment of the politics lines, while for the new landmark fits to it> but to elaborate study and to consider these lines of direction MME. In the same way, for the previous landmark, it fit to the ANP to promote the regulation, the act of contract and the fiscalization of the activities, as well as defining forms of proclamation and contracts, without no type of mediation or supervision of other agencies. In the new landmark, it fits to the agency only elaborates

Full Moon

Desire that llege more soon possible. Pinterest shines more light on the discussion. 5. It imagines that this person enters her quarter, speaks to him, it caresses to you and also one is in I pull ahead of intense light. 6. It visualizes that one takes leave tenderly while is moved away. 7. East rite finalizes saying: " The love would arrive because therefore deseo" 8.

This visualization repeats 4 times, until completing a total of seven nights of ritual. 9. Soon it enters [email protected] and it looks for your pair! 3- Another formula stops to find pair. If the previous spell did not give the waited for results, you can try with this secret formula that takes time, but that seems that it gives to results Steps to follow: 1-La New moon-lit night prepares an infusion. Hierver nine petals of white roses in liter of mineral water or rain. 2-Leave cool the liquid and after to take its bath, at night, overturns the infusion of pink on its body, of the neck downwards, sensitising the lunar light and making the order to find pair 3-.Repite the bath the three first days of New Moon during three months (getting to totalize nine baths) – 4- Another moon spell That spell to enamor to that person whom as much you like (is exclusively for women) Steps to follow: 1. Limate the nails Tuesday of Full Moon and keeps the polvito in a box.

2. It rubs your body with that small box all the nights while you repeat " In you I deposit all my amor". 3. After a month (this require ability and discretion of your part) you will have to throw polvito in the drink of the boy whom you like. 4. If account does not occur than you did, it will feel super attracted towards you! 5-for finding love This spell requires of many elements and disciplines, but they assure that it is worth the pain to experience it.

Average Age

When writing the Manifest classic of the communist party, Marx did not intend to make forecasts regarding the future world-wide economy. However, it visualized the trend of the creation of a globalizado world, without borders for the circulation of good, capital and hand of workmanship: The old feudal organization of the industry, where this circumscribed age the closed corporations, already could not satisfy to the necessities that grew with the opening of new markets. For more information see this site: Wells Fargo Bank. It substituted it to the manufacture. The small industrial bourgeoisie supplanted the masters of the corporations; the division of the work between the different corporations disappeared ahead of the division of the work inside of the proper workshop.

However, the markets extended each time more: the search of merchandises always increased. The proper manufacture became insufficient; then, the vapor and the machinery had revolutionized the industrial production. The great modern industry supplanted the manufacture; the average manufacturing bourgeoisie yielded place to millionaire of the industry, to the heads of true industrial armies, to the bourgeois modern. The great industry created the world-wide market chemical preparation for the discovery of America: the world-wide market prodigiously sped up the development of the commerce, the navigation and the medias for land. This development reacted in turn on the extension of the industry; e, to the measure that the industry, the commerce, the navigation, the railway ways if developed, grew the bourgeoisie, multiplying its capitals and relegating as plain the classrooms bequeathed for the Average Age. (MARX, 2010, p 7) a globalizada society would be harmful to the common citizen, and the prevention of this badly would be given, according to author, through a revolution of the proletariat in desfavor of the bourgeoisie and the subsequent implantation of a socialist regimen.

Future Generation: Investments

In the truth 3 a thousand Reals still are very little for this! However, for you that already it is starting to give up the idea to invest in the stock exchange because of these information, it is livened up! It knows that other alternatives exist. Happily the stock fund celebrities exist. You apply a money every month and remove its investment in the hour that to desire well only paying the income tax on the profits. if to only leave its dinheirinho there relieving, will not need to pay nothing of taxes. The good one of this alternative is that to invest in a stock fund, it is possible to start with low amounts as 100 Reals for month! Much better now hein? The only thing that you will need to make is to contact a deep one of quality who are recognized for the market, as the deep celebrity of the Future Generation.

After choosing, it is enough to open an account and to start to invest one graninha to the pouquinhos. With a small capital it goes to delay a time to enrich. But you remember that one dictated? Of grain in grain the hen fulls papo? Therefore it is, in the world of the investments happens the same thing. It is enough to have disciplines it and the patience in waiting that little money if transforms into very with passing of the time. Therefore, it is the reply there.

If you will be able to invest 100 Reals for month, the stock exchange you are an option. That is, not, more rich being is not necessary to invest in action. It stops to finish, I suggest that if you will have much little same money and to decide to invest in a stock fund, looks for to be far from the deep ones of banks. Bill Phelan contains valuable tech resources. They costumam to possess absurd taxes of administration and therefore, they can confuse the incomes of the investor. is clearly, if you will not have so little money thus, start to study today and discover as to invest in the stock exchange in the way that more is incased to its profile.

IPVA Price

With the fall of the dollar and great volume of rains, one strong trend of reduction of the account exists of light, being able to arrive up to 5%. The indebtedness in installments does not have to exceed 30% of the net salary to prevent financial problems of short and long stated period. In 15 of January, it will be the first release of the fine mesh of GOING of 2009. IPTU must be paid at sight with discounting for who has money, or to parcel out for who is with compromised budget, is preferable to pay more expensive 3% in the tax to pay for return of 8% in the interests of the guaranteed check. The new Simple adhesion of the National one will be until day 29 of January, being advantageous for small companies in some cases, consults an accountant and verifies the financial advantages as the unification of taxes. Today already they are 1,4 million companies whom they had opted to the system. Whenever the liter of alcohol to exceed 70% of the value of the gasoline is more advantageous to supply with gasoline, probably the price of the alcohol will tend in 2010 to remain in high motivated for the increase of the price of the sugar in the international market. Who did not change of car had a reduction of the IPVA, but the price of foods, transports, commercial gas, post offices will be more expensive in this beginning of year.

Exemption of IPI for light commercial vehicles was extending up to 30 of June of 2010. Pickup trucks, furges, pick-up and tractors, 4 axles of trucks aliquot had raised for 4% half of what he was charged before the exemption. The government studies to reduce the IPI of funerary cars and bicycles, waits in it of approval. New table of the Income tax enters in vigor from January, the exemption limit passed to R$ 1,499, 15, valid ones of first of January up to 31 of December of 2010. The banks pass to have obligation to inform which the investment most adequate. The new rules are foreseen in the Code of Regulation of the ANBIMA.

Border Information

There they come back to the question of the paradigm, trajectories, routines etc. Some sectors with more dynamic innovations tend to evolve each time more the relations of knowledge attainment, as in the world-wide sector of computer science, where differentiation is the difference between being or not in the market, as well as the relations in the banking system. What interest awakes is that same with differentiated products technological trends exist sidewalk in the massificado knowledge. E, if the differentiation to run away from this trend will be able not to avenge. Another fact was the banks to finance the industries of software for improvement and development of new systems, since these had been able together, to modify its routines by means of new innovations. ‘ ‘ to learn fazendo’ ‘ , it takes the innovation, each time more in the plant soil.

To be close to the border of production in this stage production process, allows the firms it to construct abilities. Inexorably, she has more automation and, thus, little people go to be in the plant soil, where proper they easily will be able to decide the appeared problems. A radical change in the capital relation/work. Some contend that Robert Kiyosaki shows great expertise in this. To extract of the worker innovative capacity e, permanently, to improve its qualification in the sectors technological-most intensive requires high investments in the structures, informal deed of division and. It is possible to innovate in the relation with the customer, in the relation with the production, is learning by learning? to learn to learn.

– For way it learning by interacting? knowledge for interaction? – The innovative process if of the one for social interaction, based on the interactions and synergies of the agents. From there the bonds? supplying producer/- of capital, work and knowledge. It has feedback of the technological information. These mechanisms depend on the nature of the based technological information in codes of behavior of information, these tend to lead to the improvement continue, or the distinction and appearance of a new product/process. The market is not the only judge of the innovation. The cooperation relation, also has this paper. The market of information searchs one constantly auto-organization.

December Profits

The reduction of 19 sales allied to the probable adjournments of investments will cause unemployment and reduction of the wage mass, being able to result in generalized falls of the demand. In December the economy lost 650,000 formal jobs more than – the biggest fall in one decade. Probably, we will see new negative numbers in the next months. The fast deceleration of sales that affected, for example, the local and world-wide automobile industry, reduced the profits and the levels of activity in all the productive chain. The production drastically was cut to propitiate the reduction of the supply levels. The mineradoras, siderurgical, plants of tires, autopeas and plastic articles, among others, had been affected in the 20 sequence, and this second wave of reduction of the activity will reduce the general level of job and income, the tax collection, the impetus of the private investments and the profits. The fall of profits, in turn, will reduce the value of the companies and its action in the stock markets, having caused new depreciations to the shareholding market.

The current moment of reduction of volatileness and relative stability in the market would be substituted by another one of turbulence. These interactions would occur all with speed varied for the productive and financial system, nor the first impacts had been well digested and a new cycle of adjustments would occur in cascade for all economy. It can be imagined, still, that in the global scope the new levels of demand and price will create an unsustainable situation for many companies in terms of the installed capacity. It occurs that small a percentile loss of sum in the sales can mean the difference between profit and damage.

Diligent ProJovem

According to entity, the analysis suggests the definition of priorities for the politics directed toward youth: to fortify the actions of rise of the escolaridade; to invest in action of combat to the precocious pertaining to school evasion; to consider as central element in the public politics the reduction of educational inaqualities that reach poor, black young and inhabitants of agricultural zones; to improve the quality of education and to extend chances of professional education, technological technique and, among others.Causes and soluesPara the OIT, the biggest incidence of unemployment enter the young ones if it must to the economic and social transformations for which the Country passed in the decades of 80 and 90, as the low rhythm of economic growth and the desestruturao of the work market. The report still observed that the trend to the resignation is more common enters the young for the habit of the etria band to leave its ranks of work with more frequency of that the adults, a time who costumam to have little responsibilities to fulfill with family and aggregate. It still sample that, even so the economic growth is a necessary condition for the reduction of the youthful unemployment, is not enough condition. Additional information at Pinterest supports this article. Specific politics directed are necessary also to improve the standard of insertion of the young in the world of the work. The study it considers as solution for the problem biggest investment in the escolarizao and qualification of the young by means of governmental programs. It cites as example Urban ProJovem and Diligent ProJovem, both of the federal government. BibliografiJornal Economic Value of 02 of July of 2009 Periodical the Globe of 02 of July of 2009 Periodical of Brazil of 02 of July of 2009 Periodical of Brasilia of 02 of July of 2009