Metallography Microscope

In the current practice of metallurgical microscopes (eg microscopes, Mark "Alta") is used for consideration in reflecting a beam of light structures on various surfaces. At this point in metallography extremely extensive use of digital design based on using Metallography microscope, for example, metallographic microscope Alta MET 1M. Intended for visual control and taking photographs prepared surfaces are not visually viewed substances, and fitted with a special digital software to determine the size of the objects of scientific interest in the photographs (for example, Altami Studio) – such devices can significantly make it easier to directly analyze the implementation of quality metals and alloys, which had once expected the major labor and srokovyh costs. These microscopes are equipped with an object micrometer with by which changes computer content changes may save and load, which gives a chance to quickly return to the desired image resolution when changing the lens of the microscope). Of the leading functional a set of software content required to note the possibility of determining the size of individual elements on the way to transfer photos to their simple geometric shapes (segment, rectangle, ellipse, hexagon, etc.). All placements are made in the form of a list of items which have their settings in microns, in proportion to the amount of pictures.

Extremely accelerates the progress of the supervision software's ability to put the form on the "direct image" with the camera, and not exclusively on the already recorded in the memory of the PC image. By utilizing this feature may be useful to make a smaller amount of time considering the object investigation of 3 times, removing from the system analysis process to capture and load into a computer program obtained the figure, as well as the need to create a new photo shoot with unimportant result. These and numerous other advantages of using digital microscopes in metallography without doubt able to lead the process of studying the quality of various metals and alloys at the latest, more significant level, giving opportunity to achieve excellent results at sufficiently small business and time-consuming. Digital metallographic microscope is the last word in science and mechanics!

The Task

Inserted in this context the paper of the professor has basic importance for reingresso of the pupil to the groups of EJA and in the search of the construction of a new identity from the moment of its insertion in the world of the letters. 4.3. Some reflections of the reality of the EJA ' ' The new conception of young education of adult puts in check practical the current ones, a time that it asks for a true reticular organization (nets), in the interior of the formal and not formal systems, innovations, greater criticidade and flexibility. It will be necessary to face challenges, manejando with the education of adults, inside of new boardings, in the perspective of the education, throughout all the life (…). ' ' (MOURA, 2004, p.40). One perceives that while more the economic and social crisis is accented, more the EJA assumes relevance politics.

The dramaticidade of the life of the citizens stirs up to fight them it for its rights. The EJA considers in its bulge the pedagogical dialogue, going beyond a pedagogical perspective that makes possible a reflection of the oppressed ones on its proper one desumanizao and, at the same time, constructs its process of recovery of the humanity. Now if they have a new to look at on the citizens of the EJA, therefore the concern is not only with the pertaining to school trajectory, but mainly with the personal trajectories and human beings, as men, women, aboriginals, blacks and blacks, of the work and the social construction. According to ARROYO (2001, p.242): ' ' The oppressed ones are human beings forbidden to be. Therefore, the task of the education is to catch as (the oppressed ones) they try to surpass the conditions forbid that it to be; to perceive and if to oppose to the situations and the conditions where they carry through its existence where if they deform and if desumanizam' '.

National Curricular Lines

' ' So great task demands exmio professional, with corresponding remuneration, prestige and ability. This lacks of constant update, ahead of the propagandas of the modern world and the innovative conduction of the society and the economy (…) ' '. (DEMON, 1995, P. 95) Even so advances in the efetivao of public politics for average education in Brazil, the reality exist still this far from being the ideal. In such a way, one becomes necessary to surpass the difficulties found in this level of education, betting in the joint work and providing to the future generations better chances, not repeating errors that throughout our history had been committed. Moreover, it is imperative also to think about an overcoming of the dualidade of education. In this direction, Frigotto, Ciavatta and Ramos (cited for BRUEL, 2010, P.

188) explain: The possibility to integrate general formation and formation technique in average education, aiming at to an integral formation of the human being, is … necessary condition for the passage in direction to polytechnical average education and the overcoming of the educational dualidade for the overcoming of the dualidade of classrooms. She is necessary, therefore, that a true joint between average education and the professional education exists, what will be given for a way of double hand. It fits to the schools of average education to contemplate in its proposal pedagogical, in accordance with the local characteristics and of its clientele, excellent contents, as the National Curricular Lines of direction for Average Ensino explicitam. In a similar way, the schools of professional formation must observe which knowledge already had been acquired by the deriving pupils of average education and to use to advantage them. In such a way, a new culture of solidarity and exercise of the citizenship proposal in the lines of direction of average education will only be able to become true if the arraigados customs of an imperatively exculpatory society are substituted by a culture of conquered citizenship.