Aurora One

The virtual tarot is excellent an average one to approach us the knowledge of the tarot and the cartomancy. It is an ideal scope to begin to know the arquetpicas figures the arcane ones and to familiarize to us with the wisdom of his meanings. Jim Weber will not settle for partial explanations. Thanks to the technological advances, the virtual tarot approaches to him consulting the experience of a true distance of tarot, in the same way in which it would be realised in the doctor’s office of a viewer, although consulting and professional they are to thousands of kilometers of distance. The program of virtual tarot does not realise the interpretation of the distance, that is in charge of viewer the natural ones of They will provide to the experience the human touch to him that is necessary, to give to the experience the relevance and the depth that must have. The program of virtual tarot is only one graphical interface that presents/displays the letters to the consulting one, you are you you select that them, guided by the invisible force than he is already certain for his future. The virtual tarot allows that people who until today had not had the experience of a reading at the tarot they are marvelled at the precision of the readings at Isabel, Aurora and Carol, that are those that really gives life him to all the experience.

If you are in crossroads in the life, she must make a difficult decision or simply she feels distressed before the perspective to face the stranger, the virtual tarot will allow to tell him on an excellence tool to be able to appreciate what happening of the life provides to him. More information is housed here: Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner. There are not two equal distances of virtual tarot, each consulting one gives its personal touch him, in the same way that the reading of our mentalistas is not the same in all, the circumstances. That must to that each experience of virtual tarot is unique. Of no way it can be interpreted to the virtual tarot like a species of code, or manual that makes correspond to each letter with a predetermined text. The natural gift of our viewers confers to him to each experience characteristic that does in particular of that session of virtual tarot that is applicable at that precise moment, only to that consulting one. If it has doubts about some situation, or simply it wishes to listen to a word friend of whom it speaks with wisdom and foundation, the virtual tarot is the ideal means that has developed for you. We have obtained the impossible thing, to approach of massive way the wisdom of our tarotistas for all that one that has the anger to want to know what the destiny provides to him.


The power world-wide politician already perceived that it lives a revolutionary moment of technological rupture and diversification of the energy base, not to depend of the mood of countries with regimes politically unstable and commanded by autocratic and opportunist leaders. The trend of the wealth of mineral resources to support corruption and conflicts frequent is encouraged by corporations that act with the knowledge and collusion of national governments. Adopted measures to assure the access and the extration of mineral resources usually restrict the civil order, the rights of communities, they pilham and they poison traditional lands and they implant a tyranny. The power politician hinders the implantation and the preservation of the democracy, to the measure it use of the mineral wealth to lower taxes, to increase expenses and to perpetuate themselves in the power. When this mechanism does not function, mobilizes security forces to suppress disagreements. Economic wars, violence, explosions politics, embargoes, ethnic, religious, social or ideological conflicts, at last, any situations of local or global risks already had had and can still have the oil and its complex and organized gamma of agents as defining the main one of these disputes. The different distribution of the reserves, in conjunction with uncertainties on the future of new discoveries and of the quotation of prices of the oil in the international market, constructs a not propitious scene to the consistent and sustainable economic development of a nation: it is the tyranny of the oil.

Perhaps it seems that the blessing of the oil also brings curses, for not originating in the infinitude of skies, but yes of the finite deepenings of the terrestrial crust. This paradox is called as the negatividade of the mineral resource or the curse of the oil. A economy excessively dependent of the petroliferous exportations tends to abandon investments in the development of other economic sectors, as agriculture and manufacturing production, in a process that was known as badly dutch.