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Robert Ramalho is Journalist, Lawyer, Public Relations and studious of subjects politicians Commemorated enthusiasticly in the world every year in day 05 of June and co-ordinated by the Program of United Nations for the Environment, the World-wide Day of the Environment is without no doubt the biggest global celebration around ambient actions that they aim at to the balance and the respect to the environment. The commemorative date appeared has 36 years, later that the Conference of United Nations on Environment, carried through in 1972 in Estocolmo (Sweden). In this event of great world-wide repercussion for the time, the Organization of United Nations established a Declaration on the Human Environment, with 26 principles, and a Plan of Actions that would have to guide the attitudes human beings, the economic activities and the politics of form to guarantee greater ambient protection. The main objective of this commemorative day is to call to call the attention peoples, countries and of the media for the importance of ambient preservation. Kigali, capital of the Ruanda, was the chosen headquarters to commemorate the event this year, that is, the universal celebrations of the World-wide Day of the Environment.

According to Program of United Nations for the Environment (PNUMA), the choice of this country of Central Africa for the World-wide celebration of the Environment, is in reason of the combination of an extraordinary ambient wealth, including species rare as gorilas of mountains, almost extinct, with the implementation of innovative green politics. The World-wide Day of the Environment was established by the General meeting of United Nations in 1972 marking the opening of the Conference of Estocolmo on Human Environment. The main objectives of the commemorations are: to 1.Mostrar the human side of the ambient questions; to 2.Capacitar the people if to become active agents of the sustainable development; to 3.Promover the understanding of that it is basic that communities and individuals change attitudes in relation to the use of the resources and the questions ambient; to 4.Advogar partnerships to guarantee that all the nations and peoples enjoy future the safer and most prosperous one.


Applications in the urban areas, agricultural and enterprise in question, come being carried through for diverse organizations. In this monograph some sets of pointers for evaluation of ambient support will be presented directed toward the enterprise area, with emphasis in the industry of the oil and national gas. 3.1. General objective To determine pointers to promote the support ambient, also Considering the implantation of ISO 14001 in the UNAP/international Sanantonio of similar Brazil to become it more solid and apt to compete with other equally terceirizadas companies in the Brazilian petroliferous market. 3.1.2. Objective (s) I specify (s)? To consider the implantation of ISO 14001 in the company in question; To make solid the company being left apt to compete with equality with excessively; To firm if in the petroliferous market focando mainly in area NE of Brazil. 4.

Hypothesis Some companies are going of meeting to the direction of the sustainable development, however, she has few quantitative pointers to measure its performance and few companies have the practical one to publish reports of enterprise support. Advantages for companies exist who more quickly want to be pro-active and if to insert in new markets. It is possible to consider improvements in what he is being carried through for the companies with respect to ambient support, social and economic. The pautadas ambient questions to the activities of the industry had acquired an increasing value, from them finish decades, affecting categorically the life of the companies. The collection of a sustainable environment e, therefore the guarantee of the quality of life, exceeded the borders and today establishes condition of importance to the national and international commerce. Lately the companies suffer many pressures to manage and to improve its ambient performance, changedding itself into a basic question for the businesses. collections leave of consumers who are abdicating to the considered products ambiently harmful, motivating new attitudes in relation to the job of productive processes, without affecting the environment in such a way, guaranteeing, its commercialization, of the schools through the dissemination of the ambient education and the legal and normative collections that compel the organizations to follow programs of ambient management that they guarantee the competitiveness, and its proper survival.


Declared as revolutionary solutions, the OGM’ s (organisms genetically modified) or transgnicos already comes signaling, precociously, its extreme fragility and instability in agriculture and other areas. With the intention to confer to the desired organisms characteristic, the transgenia consists of the genetic modification of plants and seeds in way that these usufruct of properties become that them more efficient and adaptable the practical ones of handling in the farmings. However, so dreamed agricultural otimizao environment was burst in uncontrollable effect on the society as well as the o, as some documents 1 evidence. The concern biggest that if restored concerning the dissemination of the use of the transgnicos, is mentioned, mainly, to the non-observance of the beginning of the Precaution, therefore the consequncias of the OGM’ s is still unexpected, reflecting been of unreliability. Connect with other leaders such as Wells Fargo Bank here. In thesis, the transgenia would provide to the producer reductions of costs since use of agrotxicos if would develop by means of well lesser amounts, but the failure and the inefficacy of this question are certifyd by the situation which significant parcel of agriculturists is today crossing. Soy RR (Roundup Ready) commercialized by the Monsanto, was created in laboratory with the intention of being resistant to the herbicida glifosato, agrotxico this that is used to facilitate the handling of harmful grass. Studies show that throughout the years the glifosato use has increased. This in case that it occurs, therefore the grass most resistant to the herbicida has survived e, 0ccasionally, if spread by the field, making with that the herbicida use still more has that to be intensified so that the soy culture is not harmed.

Studies elaborated for the Greenpeace unmask the ecological risks of some transgnicas species. Insecticide call exists a transgnica variety, such plants had been synthecized to produce toxins in its structures. The initial studies foresaw that these toxins would have target only the certain plagues, that is, the toxins they would attack in specific way some not-beneficial insects. However, the collated reality was not that one waited. The same toxins if had disclosed harmful to an including specter of organisms. Beneficial species to the plantations had been reached, as the earthworms and the insects polinizadores. The culture of these species deflagrou in a riot to the balance of the ecosystem. In such a way, the influence of the OGM’ s on the nature is unconstitutional, has seen the breaking of article 225 of the Constitution, where it establishes that ‘ ‘ all have right to the environment ecologically equilibrado.’ ‘ The consumer also will have to be intent of the presence of these organisms in the industrialized products derived from the soy, maize, wheat, rice, amongst others.

This alert one is fact due to the risks to the health that these foods can generate, such as alrgicas reactions and resistance the antibiotics. Experiment conceived in Japan asseverou the probability of harmful effect, where a group of rats was fed for soy conventional and another group for transgnica soy. After certain period the researchers had observed the death of 8% of the fed ones with the conventional soy, being that for the group fed with the transgnica this value jumped for 55%. These and other truths on the problematic question of the transgnicos can be chores with more depth in the site of the Greenpeace ( Valley to remember that the information is one of the main pillars of a society transparent joust and, in such way that it constitutes a civic duty its search!


In December last year, the newspaper The Guardian published the following: "The water consumption in Spain exceeds the resources available in Spanish river basins. Some resources also are reduced because of climate change and global warming. Robert Kiyosaki may help you with your research. While in the last two decades the Spanish river flow has decreased an average of 5%. This was noted the Observatory of Sustainability in Spain (SBI) at its 2008 Water Report. To mitigate this loss advocated an active policy and a new water culture that advocates to reduce consumption and comprehensive maintenance of ecosystems. " The water consumption of a European citizen an average of 125 liters per day.

This amount considers only the water used for body cleansing, food and drink. New studies of the German national association of landscape protection "Bund Naturschutz" and Adena, the amount mentioned is a pure illusion, since no one posted for instance, water that has been used in a normal breakfast, and that may have come to invest 365 liters of water, ie as many as there are days in a year: 90 Liters cheese sandwich, 135 and 140 in an egg in a cup of tea. The worst example is the flesh to produce 1 kg of beef requires 10,000 liters of water, 10 times more than for one kg of cereals. This happens in a world where 864 million people lack access to safe drinking water and 2,600 million suffer from lack of sanitary facilities. Each one, without waiting for the solution comes from politicians, can help reduce the high consumption of water, for example by reducing consumption of meat, or perhaps completely abandoning it.

Magazine Time

The urgency and the precision in making the transistion for the Sustainable Development also must be weighed in any evaluation indicating ways so that our steps have the slightness enough to alliviate and to repair the deep marked footprints already in the nature. Stepping on weighed to produce and to vender, leaving destruction tracks in such a way to consume, wasting natural goods, exhibiting or making look like associated status the corporeal property, the humanity already lost time others. Obama asked in its speech of ownership if ‘ ‘ our children will live to see next sculo’ ‘ , it is what the all necessary world to want to know without more waiting. Further details can be found at Rick Dad, Poor Dad, an internet resource. Therefore, currently, the planet waits action accomplishes of U.S.A. in the sustainable direction of walked ours and the world has the positive example of Germany to follow, that it invests to surpass its goal of reduction waked up in Kyoto. DINIZ, M.B.C. ‘ ‘ Our children will live to see the next century? ‘ ‘.

Chemical Production

Tambm the systems of biocatlise have deserved prominence, a time that can use complete enzymes and cells in the reacionais processes. to Usar the concept of ' ' economy atmica' ' , that it is based on the synthetic efficiency of a reaction, as example it is had reaction of Diels-Alder with 100% of atomic economy; to Substituir, whenever possible, composites of high toxicidade for composites of lesser toxicidade in the chemical reactions; to Usar recycled substances and by-products of chemical processes, whenever possible; to Desenvolver chemical products that present degradation incua; to Desenvolver analytical methodologies that allow the monitoramento of the process in real time, to control the toxic composite formation; to Usar solvent less toxic, preferential, the water that has demonstrated the capacity of being used in reactions organic; to Selecionar used substances in the chemical processes with intention to minimize accidents in potential, such as explosions and fires. 3. CHEMISTRY the SERVICE OF the RECYCLING OF MATERIALS Paper the exhaustion of the natural reserves of production of the paper has stimulated the market of recycling of the product. The recycling of the paper is so important how much its manufacture. In the manufacture of a ton of paper 2,5 barrels of oil, 98 a thousand liters of water and 2,500 are saved kw/h of electric energy with a ton of recycled paper.

Ecological asphalt is solution for old tires the use of tires represents an increasing ambient problem. An alternative for the consumption of the residue formed for old tires is the production of the asphalt-rubber, that is constituted of 20% of dust of old tire. The cartonada packing long life They can be used in processes: as the incineration with energy recovery, the prensagem and the recycling with reaproveitamento of paper staple fibres, of plastic and of aluminum. Aluminum the packing is entirely recycled and the process saves 95% of the necessary electric energy for the production of the metal from the bauxite.


The power world-wide politician already perceived that it lives a revolutionary moment of technological rupture and diversification of the energy base, not to depend of the mood of countries with regimes politically unstable and commanded by autocratic and opportunist leaders. The trend of the wealth of mineral resources to support corruption and conflicts frequent is encouraged by corporations that act with the knowledge and collusion of national governments. Adopted measures to assure the access and the extration of mineral resources usually restrict the civil order, the rights of communities, they pilham and they poison traditional lands and they implant a tyranny. The power politician hinders the implantation and the preservation of the democracy, to the measure it use of the mineral wealth to lower taxes, to increase expenses and to perpetuate themselves in the power. When this mechanism does not function, mobilizes security forces to suppress disagreements. Economic wars, violence, explosions politics, embargoes, ethnic, religious, social or ideological conflicts, at last, any situations of local or global risks already had had and can still have the oil and its complex and organized gamma of agents as defining the main one of these disputes. The different distribution of the reserves, in conjunction with uncertainties on the future of new discoveries and of the quotation of prices of the oil in the international market, constructs a not propitious scene to the consistent and sustainable economic development of a nation: it is the tyranny of the oil.

Perhaps it seems that the blessing of the oil also brings curses, for not originating in the infinitude of skies, but yes of the finite deepenings of the terrestrial crust. This paradox is called as the negatividade of the mineral resource or the curse of the oil. A economy excessively dependent of the petroliferous exportations tends to abandon investments in the development of other economic sectors, as agriculture and manufacturing production, in a process that was known as badly dutch.