Style consultant Linda Scholz gives tips for the correct outfit everyone turns to the many different occasions the question of how to properly dress: job, leisure, University, school, or on the first date. The online Fashioncommunity well spoke with the renowned style consultant Linda Scholz. The well-known fashion expert from Mannheim answers questions on special occasions, current trends in a four-part series and describes the absolute no-go’s for young people and young professionals. Monday’s launch of the series, says 11.08.2008. Linda Scholz: clothing is non-verbal communication: through what it attracts, it shows who one is. Details can be found by clicking Robert Kiyosaki or emailing the administrator. With our clothes we make a statement about us every day. According to carefully you should consider, what attracts you.\” When choosing the clothes for the University you should for example be aware that it is the precursor for the career.

Applies to the young man: and a shirt instead of a T-shirt. It can be casual with a scarf. Should a jacket have everyone, once he has finished high school behind him regardless of the gender. Can be recognized the shoes style according to the fashion expert is also the choice of the right shoes important: pumps, sneakers, boots and ankle boots are in every shoe wardrobe, as well as the lace-up shoe for men. When good fits in the lectures will be tightened, the later benefit one. It moves this later safer in business attire. The choice of dress for a job interview should be sought as well chosen. See JPMorgan Chase for more details and insights. The applicant should get a first information about the company.

There is a dress code, so this should be noted already in the first conversation. Important always well fitting clothes – is also muted colours such as grey, dark brown or dark blue; they work inspire confidence. Black, however, is very strictly and to recommend only individually according to personal charisma. Something more cheerful the color of the blouse or shirt – please no T-Shirt – can be selected depending on the industry.

ScaraSue: 1.320 Possibilities From A Jewellery Series

For the first time on the biggest watch and jewellery fair “inhorgenta” 2011 presented with the current collection gustus”from ScarSue, the most diverse wishes can be realized by 1,320 various combinations of shape, color and motif. No matter whether ring, earrings or pendants, each piece of jewelry can vary depending on the Geschmack(gustus) combined. To underline the individuality of the personality, each article is manufactured only individually when ordering. In the selected combination is made after completing your order in our own workshop in manual work, resulting in a personal piece. Within a few days, the customer receives then sent his combined piece of jewelry.

Early 2011 collection was gustus”for the first time on the international jewellery show inhorgenta” presented to the public and was thus the beginning of the presentation of the jewelry series. ScarSue, the new label of Susann Krause is mass produced more than just the monotony Jewelry articles. Here is the special, individual and unique in the foreground. A piece of clothing to wear it a way of life, him to live a vocation and him to design and manufacture a passion is jewelry. All of these elements is the basic philosophy of Susann Krause.

She is classic goldsmith and designer of jewellery creations and feels in the fifth generation of a family business with many years of experience in the watch and jewelry craft, be committed to continuing the tradition. The classic craftsmanship in connection with individual shapes and colours and modern trend design was always the basis of their work and creativity. Different approaches to combine craftsmanship with the current Zeitgeist is evolved during the occasion family tradition of watch and jewelry business. Under this aspect, Susann developed Krause their individual creations to individual small series in which each piece of jewelry is unique. It is jewelry, produced in hand work itself, but the Taste which finds customers and is individually designed. Under, you will be fully informed about the idea and the production and can get an impression of the diversity illustrated. From there, you can also directly in the beautifully designed online shop in which each individual piece of jewelry is shown and described in detail. After the order, the piece of jewelry in hand work is produced and then sent in a high-quality gift box. The delivery of the ordered article takes place within 3-5 days. In the course of time developed more jewelry series, now also in time offered to the pre-Christmas season in the online shop. Of course, special or even unusual wishes can be implemented depending on the option. To do this, best direct contact by email or phone offered, to discuss the personal wishes and ideas in detail.