Forest Investments

Forest investments as a growing trend / interview with ForestFinance CEO Harry Assenmacher of forest investments a safe and lucrative alternative to traditional investments? Yes, says at least the financial portal of the Munchner BorseGo AG and reported positively about the offers of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance. “In the article of forest investments: Watch the money grow” informed BorseGo editor Helge Rehbein on the growing trend: forest investments have become increasingly popular. (u0085) Investors can obtain lucrative returns with their investments, help the local people and protect the climate. “The products of forest finance () are the most interesting investment opportunities”, so Rehbein. Also the fluctuations in the value of forest investments were only minimal”. Also the yield performance of forest investments is outstanding. “So the US forest investment NCREIF Index have the Tiber country index between 1997 and 2009 an average 15 percent annually” to. BorseGo author Rehbein “stressed also that forest direct investments particularly wanted” were.

The reason: With forest direct investments in worldwide high demand hardwoods investors market fluctuations can () quietly in the eye can see. Bill Phelan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “The crops can be () move depending on the market situation.” “Further advantages speak only FSC certified offer in Germany for the BaumSparVertrag of ForestFinance according to the BorseGo author Rehbein: while the profits from forest shares with up to a 30 percent withholding tax are occupied, for example tree savings remain tax exempt”. At the BaumSparVertrag you can create monthly a new tropical wood from 33 euro with only a one-year minimum deposit. At the end of the term, the owner will receive the then expected six to eight times his deposit amount. For more information, see investors are involved in forest shares only on the Baumverkauferslos, the tree replanting but is stimulated hardly”, explains BorseGo author Rehbein and recommends: who sustained “want to invest should therefore opt for direct forest investments.

MCM Investor

Ms. Meier shakes my head: from your income as an employee would like to put back every month something. Magdeburg, 06.06.2013 – the MCM offers an alternative investor Management AG. It allows access to the attractive real estate business a broader target group of investors by investors with manageable monthly amounts with profit from the business of MCM investor Management AG. The investor acquires this beneficiary shares, so make with the claim, if successful.

In addition, this participation with a minimum interest rate is equipped, provision, the investor receives, which is considerably higher than the above, currently attainable yields. But how? A ten-year federal bond brings 1.5 percent return per year at the moment. The same applies to corporate bonds of strong credit rating companies. At the classic savings account, there are only a few mostly foreign banks, which offer an interest in. Many interpret this as touting.

And shares? There, Ms. Meier has no simple Experiences and would also run the risk not of. The risk that the price of the selected system crashes are too big from their point of view, also she don’t even know what company she should invest. A consultation with a bank takes also no enlightenment”. As Ms. If you are not convinced, visit Wells Fargo. Meier million other savers in Germany faces the question: what do I do with my money? Germany, a desert plant? “The investment company PIMCO, Andrew Bosomworth, Germany Chief takes to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung strong words: this is the declared intention of monetary policy to push investors into risky and illiquid investments, so the interest rates stay low and forced the consumer to consumer.” Because there higher yields only tangible assets such as real estate, infrastructure or energy they are the achievers, when it comes to the economic prosperity of the country. But here too, many investors are unsure, what should I invest and how can I get sound Offers? Real estate are in favor of the investors at the very top. Real estate as an investment? “Thomas Filor, Chief of Faraman underwriter from Magdeburg White Board: of course a well rented property is a safe investment, but not everyone is capable of an apartment, or to purchase an entire object, although this represents a viable alternative.” It is also important that no investor should take over for Faraman real estate experts. If the loan too much press, then the overall portfolio of the investor is usually to one side,”he says. A good advice is the be-all and end-all of any decision here. Professionals would show up quickly one with which real estate medium-term money making was, to do this, belong, that the purchase price, the attainable rental and financing agreed. The MCM offers an alternative investor Management AG. It allows access to the attractive real estate, a broader target group of investors by investors already with manageable monthly amounts from the MCM business investor Benefit from Management AG. The investor acquires this beneficiary shares, so make with the claim, if successful. In addition, this participation with a minimum interest rate is equipped, provision, the investor receives, which is considerably higher than the above, currently attainable yields. Profit participation rights in real estate companies are in fact secured with property assets and thus provide a higher security than, for example, the participation of a manufacturing or service company.

MCM Investor Management

The crisis of the open-ended real estate funds seems largely over. Magdeburg, 13.11.2013. Investors regain their confidence, accept the new holding periods and investing again in the appropriate financial products. The so far worst crisis of the sector seems to lean towards the end. Fund providers are again legitimate hope: alone in the first eight months of this year, private savers have accumulated 3.6 billion in open-end real estate funds. More than two billion euros came of age pension funds and insurance companies.

To prevent a flight of investors like 2008, the Federal Government with the new investment code (KAGB) has reformed the products. Ben Silbermann has plenty of information regarding this issue. Investors feel safe again. New monies in the Fund may be deducted not more daily, but only after a 24 months minimum holding period and after a one-year termination. Both terms can be combined, so that investors now at the earliest after two years of return on their capital. This prevents that the open-end Fund sales come under pressure and the funds must close. Also in the closed-end real estate funds does something: in the first half of this year the issuing houses achieved only 840,6 million euros according to their association with savers.

But the Federal Government has set new rules of the game for these financial products with the KAGB. The initiators must comply with extensive reporting obligations and more controlled by the financial supervisory authority. The Fund may finance yet more than 60 percent of their investments through loans. This will bring back the confidence of investors in these products, hope the issuing houses run successfully through the crisis. By the new requirements, closed-end funds to gain the same status as other regulated financial products. Also at the MCM investor Management AG, investor confidence plays a central role. The Magdeburg company offers the possibility to profit from the real estate market together with the person in charge of the MCM investors even with small savings premiums. So-called rights are offered with one, realistic reason interest rates are equipped. In addition, an excess profit should be realised, which proportion flows to the investors.

Dresden Investing

Just today is worth an investment in tangible assets this investment is still tax-funded, then it’s fun not only the eye but many investors have invested in residential property to the pension provision in cities like Leipzig and Dresden, Erfurt or Rostock also the money bag. You can detect these investments in such magnificent cityscapes such as Dresden or Leipzig. Exactly this appearance today is the flagship of these cities and goes on a journey to an experience – especially to an experience for the eye. “Schon-this is the first comment you get to hear from guests of the city of Dresden, when asked, and how do you like it?”.In fact, comparing the current appearance of the cities in the new federal States in General with the shocking pictures of 1990, believes it to be in two different worlds. Read additional details here: Pinterest. These flowering landscapes”were made possible largely by private investment. Many investors have in home ownership to the retirement plans in cities such as Leipzig and Dresden, Erfurt or Rostock invested. You can detect these investments in such magnificent cityscapes such as Dresden or Leipzig. Exactly this appearance today is the flagship of these cities and goes on a journey to an experience – especially to an experience for the eye.

Of course also craftsmen and construction companies are involved in the redevelopment of the city image. One such company is the Megaron GmbH and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG in Leipzig. Countless objects have been rehabilitated with the help of these companies or completely renovated. Just today is worth an investment in tangible assets this investment is still tax-funded, then it makes the eye not only fun but also the money bag. It is important for such an investment to have always the right partner. A partner who cares even after the acquisition of real estate in the long run, that’s why. A subsidiary of DGG AG in the Administration has more than 5,000 homes.

Amtex Direct Investments

Certificates on raw materials refer to the respective futures of raw materials, such as oil. In the framework of the so-called rollover is sold the expiring futures and the amount of money in the next due future invested (or rolled). The price difference between the individual contracts will be balanced by the fact by rise or fall in the participation of the certificate. A comparison can be found here. Funds that put the capital of investors in securities by providers who are active in the commodities sector, are known as commodity funds. With these investors through the use of different instruments can seize opportunities offered in global commodity markets. It is possible, on the one hand, to participate in positive developments in the commodity markets, on the other hand you can benefit but also by negative price trends by setting temporary short positions. You can find the different offers among other things here.

Without wanting to evaluate these investments, they completely differ from direct investments in oil and natural gas sources. An oil certificate not invested oil or its source, for example, in the raw material, but is based on the prices of oil futures, which are traded on the Futures Exchange. The investor is not directly on the asset system oil or natural gas involved so tradable securities, but only on their derivatives. As pointed out the renowned Professor Dr. Karl-Georg Loritz in several essays, this is dependent on the interactions of the stock exchange here, without directly to influence the actual asset. You should leave this field specialists. Otherwise the direct stakes of the Amtex oil & gas LLC: here the investor acquires a stake in one or more oil and natural gas sources, i.e. real property in form of production equipment and raw materials therefore supported in the ground, which is registered at the competent County Court in his name and has over the years in the exploration success of sources.

South America Investment

Expand your understanding of teakwood investment teak of investment – a market of teak wood is a prime example of a tropical hardwood that is used for commercial use in a forestry plantation. The hardwood requires 20 to 25 years up to the harvest for its growth. The plant originated in Asia, but today cultivated teak wood plantations in different tropical climates in Central and South America, Asia and Africa. A teak wood investment in a tropical tree plantation is considered one of the most attractive long-term investment, avoids the felling of natural forest regions, and provides an investor yield of over 10% in Vista what can beat the stock market so. Search specific available teak wood investment opportunities according to, the individual investor is facing options a jungle from different vendors and “Best Buy” -. To want to create an adequate comparative analysis is difficult, requires much time and also a lack of data makes it very difficult really to understand the options available and to evaluate.

For the uninitiated, it is virtually impossible to compare the different offers of teak wood and soon the investor given the single, you can blindly trust the provider, is literally lost. Teak wood in a tree plantation of internal rate of return – IRR most teak wood investment the return potential of a teak investments highlight by either the internal rate of return (internal rate of return – IRR) or the return on investment (ROI) is highlighted. IRR is a derived from the expected cash flow, subjective and forward-looking estimate of the expected annual return. Read more here: JPMorgan Chase. However, any cash flow forecasts with money supply and drains are not written in stone, but subjective estimates. On the contrary, estimates are strongly dependent on the underlying assumptions.

AIFM Investors

The Franconian capital investment and real estate specialist has won the trust of distributors and investors in 2012 and expanded its leading market position. Bamberg, 10.01.2013: Raised equity capital rises to EUR 66.3 million in the past fiscal year. Despite the opposing competition environment in the area of closed-end Fund, PROJECT can further open the market for themselves. Speaking candidly JPMorgan Chase told us the story. Placed equity grows by 12 percent compared to the previous year. 2011 were acquired equity of 59.3 million. PROJECT achieved a significant one time investments by investors especially focused.

Sales growth of 20 percent with an equity drawing sum of nearly 4 million. Last year, the comparable amount of drawing still amounted to EUR 39.5 million. We attribute the continued success of our real estate investment deals especially on the strictly intrinsically based security concept and the high quality of our residential properties and layers that achieve demonstrably reliable and sustainable returns for our investors ,. Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner and founder of the PROJECT investment group. 2013 investors moneyed more sales by opening up new investor group also invested 2012 strengthened the franc with a minimum contribution of 500,000 euros in real estate investments. The private placement equity increase from 6.4 to 7.7 million euros.

The Immobiliensparplan reached almost the previous year’s level of EUR 19.8 million 2012 with 18.9 million euros. 2013 we expect in the course of the implementation of the AIFM and a consolidating market environment with further sales increases, especially as we open our real estate investments for institutional investors such as foundations,”says Wolfgang Dippold. Only in November 2012, the PROJECT real estate trust GmbH was founded specifically for the support of institutional investors.

Tips To Avoid Non-payment

1 part of the series: background and basics just small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) suffer disproportionately frequently and heavily the consequences of payment and bad debt losses. SMEs are particularly affected in the areas of construction, craft and general services. Are many reasons for the failure to pay, but you can make a simple classification based on the customers. For business customers (B2B), especially short-term liquidity problems and pending claims to own customers are responsible that invoices are not paid. Worsened their situation is often too little equity capital reserves. This noticeable, particularly at times of low order access because they severely limit the economic scope. Especially over-indebtedness and unemployment are responsible for unpaid invoices for private customers (B2C).

Often also a short-term liquidity squeeze can lead to the deterioration of the payment, however, it is especially in the B2C area also, a considerable number of debtors who deliberately waive the payment of invoices. Especially for SMEs, it can be crucial for economic survival constantly to have the payment behaviour of their customers. So debt avoids beforehand or at least risk to minimize the risk of their occurrence. Tip: create solid basis of the business relationship, you meet the customers. Advance, first of all, it must be clarified whether the customer is an individual or a company. Details of the full name, marital status and legal capacity must be obtained in the case of private customers. The customer is a company, so cleared in advance, must already be whether it is a sole proprietor or a legal person. As also in the case of individuals, it is important to know the precise and official company name.

The client is a legal entity, it is also important to know which form of society. Furthermore, it is to determine whether any conversation or contracting party actually has the appropriate power to act, to be able to enter into a business relationship and who is the legal representative of the company. To claim that it doesn’t matter whether it is a B2C or B2B customers, later the payment without too much problems is strictly to ensure that the customer all documents of correspondence will be addressed always and with its official name. Links: checklist for creditor… losses…

Federal Republic

Expensive is not always the same good. In terms of location of the SHB real estate funds real estate experts leave nothing to chance: will only invest in economically stable locations. The situation is critical in real estate, then comes the situation and thirdly, it is the situation which constitutes the value of a real estate!” This is a like to use quote when it comes to the profitability of real estate or real estate funds. A truism which is true but again and again. Because in addition to other factors, such as good buildings or facilities, it is the site when it comes to the long-term profitability of real estate investments. “Just when the economic crises or in the market there are price corrections: good layers are less affected and provide adequate interest for safe preservation of capital and despite the crisis”, says Hans Gruber of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG.

The real estate professionals of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) attach great importance to the optimal location for this reason the individual commercial real estate site analysis. One good location begins with the State”, know the SHB real estate expert. The return fund 6 SHB innovative fund concepts AG was invests exclusively in plants in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Gruber explains why: Bavaria is one of the regions with the strongest economic power in Germany. The Bavarian economic performance is increased in the last few years to nearly 30 percent, as strong as in any other State.” But as well as Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg is one of the strongest economic and competitive regions of Germany. In particular in the industrial high technologies as well as research and development of Baden-Wurttemberg is regarded as the most innovative region in the Federal Republic of Germany”, know the SHB real estate expert. As the engine of the Baden-Wurttemberg economy, surprisingly, the export and the high dynamics in the core sectors of the country, such as machinery and vehicle construction, electrical engineering, data processing and the metal industry.

“Gruber: Baden-Wurttemberg is the export State no. 1 in Germany.” Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg be due to the well-developed infrastructure, the high-tech skills, reliable framework conditions for enterprise and pro-business climate according to many surveys with the most attractive business locations in Germany. The positive demographics speak also for the two southernmost provinces: so Bavaria is still the Immigration No. 1 in Germany and Baden-Wurttemberg the population compared to the nationwide average rose in the past decade thanks to high immigration and births also significantly stronger. SHB innovative fund concepts AG will therefore great emphasis on meaningful market analysis before investing in a site. Only stable income to achieve so. The results give the rights. For more information,

Managing Director

‘ German S & K property no. 2’ is now at the disposal of Hamburg, 13.02.2012. “After the successful placement of the Fund S & K German property GmbH & co. KG” with 40 million euro of equity, the successor is German S & K property no. 2 available now.

Again the Frankfurt real estate specialist Dr. Jonas Koller and Stephan Schafer rely on the know-how of the Hamburg-based emission House United investors, who have designed the Fund and set up. S & K has a placement volume of 30 million euro property no. 2, a drawing is possible from 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium. A closure of the Fund is planned for this year. The remaining term of the Fund is still four years, so it is a short runner funds. Also in terms of the distributions, S & K could significantly rework: future 12 percent per year are distributed monthly and proportionally after accession and full payment.

The very satisfactory economic situation at S & K allowed us, the return on the succession Fund to adjust, because the investor directly to the business success of the company participate in”, explains Thomas Gloy, Managing Director of United investors. As in the predecessor Fund also distinguished German S & K property no. 2 by a special security structure. So, the money in the Fund as a partialisches loan are inserted directly into the S & K and interest here. Investors thus benefit from the overall success of the Group and not run the risk of, that a single project even might not work. Tabled by Dr Koller and Saeed capital of five million euros and the fact that the investment is typical collateral are, can be viewed as a further security features. This S & K investors invest – in a company, confirmed by the TuV Sud – has a private real estate assets. The total portfolio of the Group has a market value of less than EUR 150 million. The TuV confirmed also the results of operations of recent years, underlying the Fund. S & K has this concentrated two divisions: on the purchase of real estate from forced situations, Bank uses or in the run-up. These objects are then a market supplement”sold or held to expand of the level of own real estate in the Group of companies to achieve returns from rental income. On the other hand the S & K is a group of companies in the purchase of typical receivables collateralized actively, with the utilization of the underlying real estate of significant interest in this business field. These properties are being developed in case of need through active management for sale and information so an appreciation of. We see continued excellent opportunities in the German real estate market, probe but also the possibilities offered in addition. We are sure to be able to generate returns that will enable us to offer investments significantly above market level over the coming years”, explains Dr. Jonas Koller as Board in the S & K group.