Autonomous District

a small sacral center, because there a completely different cultural layer … 20 years ago, Gennadiy B. told me that it's amazing! And when we went to the plateau, I thought, my God! What is it small, so insignificant! As the implacable opponent of the view that the Arch – a fortified settlement, and assuming that the Arch is not of great value to Russia and the world of archeology, academician Eugene Black, appealing, yet However, a very convincing comparisons with other Arkaima territory, large-sized archaeological sites .*** Since Arch geographically plays Celtic or oppidumu Kargaly, therefore, and its archaeological significance disproportionately less – so believes Blacks. Eugene Black. In science, as do all the construction: we have, what is greatness? This, above all, a kind of mass … Square Celtic oppiduma occupies 5 square. Click Reeta Kapnai to learn more. miles, you know all you like here Arkaima? 280 pieces! Following the logic of Mr. Black, you can do absolutely absurd conclusions: Switzerland, for example, is considerably inferior to the cultural level Mongolia, which is incomparably superior to its area.

Holland, gave the world of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Brueghel, Bosch, bears no comparison with the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, whose territory can be placed around Twenty-five of these states. The Principality of Monaco because of their small size does not deserve the attention of the international community! This absurd list is endless. But then it turns out that archaeologists in their scientific studies do not operate only by measuring scale – and it reaffirms the Eugene Black.

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Religious Buildings

During the construction of Roman pagan temples architects used the existing experience of the Balkan and Italian theory construction. Along the shores of the Tiber River is preserved temple of the goddess of fate Virilis. It was built in the third century BC. Oe. on Forum Bulls famous, a place which has traded at the time the bulls.

Structure, which differs perfect size, stands on a high podium, stage, and unique architecture with seven porticus colonnades provide the unique beauty of physical appearance. The bearing axle design emphasizes the expressive gallery original portico. This architectural technique used earlier for the Babylonian buildings. The walls are built with stacked the use of rock elements colonnade made of thick limestone rocks of the Adriatic. This volcanic rock lined the podium.

The difference in the rock is completely hidden with a thin layer of plaster. Architects have always used to improve the appearance of buildings Greek ordinal system. In the sacred building of Fortune elongated Doric columns provide the basis for the foundation of the portico, while the decorative colonnade visually shared wall structure. Philosophical rhythm of columns provides the unity of the exterior design. Next to the temple of Fortune was built round an architectural ensemble dedicated to the god of hearth Vesta. Now historians believe that this temple of the legendary Hercules. The temple was built from a unique Ionic marble from Paros territory. Its composition is characterized by an unprecedented simplicity and perfection. Unimaginable height of structures with Ionic inclusions give the small sanctuary of magnificence. Initial overlap structure has been lost, and the temple is covered with a rounded design directly on the ends of the columns. Ionic order, implemented in This sanctuary quickly becomes a priority in the Roman building. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Tom Smith on most websites. Greek Temple of Athena sets the fashion and the direction of Roman architecture. Center of business and political life of Italy was the forum, area, Located between the hills of the Capitol and the Palatine. There occurred civilian gatherings, during which they discussed the major policy issues. At this point, for centuries had a place to be a stormy political life Rome. In the square were built building of government archives, churches, stadiums, which took place commercial transactions and sat on the judge, there existed the sacred statues of great men and triumphal statues Italic kings. Near the top of the forum took the main path of the Roman Republic, arranged for him the main streets of Rome. The famous ancient city was built jumps. In the I century BC. Oe. it's 150 feet long and 50 up to 70 m in width. Around it are arranged public buildings and porticoes, the appearance of which is often altered. Work at the end of XIX – XX century revealed the ruins of buildings. Among them, towering eight marble bas-reliefs of the temple of Saturn, in which was the state treasury, the ruins of the chapel of Caesar, the temple of the goddess Vesta, oval, and three marble columns of the Temple of Saturn children. Glory to the Romans the art of construction and the achievements of the original application ranneitaliyskogo art contributed to the development of the concept of architecture. In the first century BC. Oe. creator and architect Vitruvius created the job 'work on the construction of ten', which was a detailed encyclopedia of the building practice at the time. For more information, see 'The Art of the Roman Republic' on

Brazilian Expenses

Referring to the government of Fernando Collor de Mello, although the measures of politics the short-term one, very contributed with the insertion of a new idea to govern, changing the route to the ideas of new politics of market, the globalization and to the dream of a supported economic development. Had to the high taxes of social changes headed by these governments, the increase of the informal work had significant increase, making with that the unions lost its power. When inserted in strikes they only searched to give to emphasis to the stability or opposite to demand stewardships to the worker, giving bigger support to the negotiation in the act of contract, before the used masters and. The unions, in view of, as enemy of the neoliberal ones they had had that to mold the current politics of government, ahead not losing its force of the workers. Speaking candidly Rick Dad, Poor Dad told us the story. Ahead of a solution for some problems in the country, the ideal would be to adopt a mixing economy, but in long stated period, with reforms in the education, that would be the foundation, or better, saying, optimum investment at the moment, to offer to chances of education and qualification of quality. Seeing as a positive side to the Brazilian commercial opening, attracting investing foreigners, the reform tax would be importantssima in the stimulation of a healthful competition with the Brazilian market, being able to increase the employment formality, with this generating income and the power of purchase of the population, without speaking in the economic growth. Another fact of important relevance is the reduction of the public expenses in the country. According to data of the treasury department (2002), the expenses with the Social welfare had corresponded the biggest parcel of the social expenses right-handers, having arrived 65.8%, being in the front of the expenses with education and culture, that 5.3% had.

Presidential Speeches

With this, in the context of the AI-5, the President he signs Decree E. n 3,330, where he detached that: Purpose specifies of the associations of inhabitants the representation of the communitarian interests before the government … recognizes existences only of an association, in each community, conditioning such recognition the fulfilment of a series of requirements. (Richness & Richness, 1974, P. 106) However, if in plan politician the government already opts to the control of the excluded ones, was enough the military regimen to keep the good appearances gifts in the half miditicos, immediately afterwards will detach some factors gifts, in the periodic ones in what it refers to the urbanization to be able and them alicerados in its speeches.

BETWEEN THE SPEECHES AND THE FACTS. All the ones that they look to reconstruct the history of the point of view of the workers, of the excluded ones, to know its trajectories, its vicissitudes, its daily practical culture and its, know that they are defying some rules. In the truth, this type of research looks for to unmask the history of the simple men who had been forbidden to make and to write its proper history. (SPOSITO, 1993, p.27) During all decade of 1970, the reach of the private initiatives concerning the economic miracle is undeniable, a time that Brazil kept the intensification in the sectors of industrialization and urbanization, since the military acted to contain the social order and riots. The periodicals have as substance cousin to the notice, according to Riella and Gorkon (2002.p.18). ' ' Information on facts that occur related and treat in accordance with the interests to who emits informao' '. The speech as theoretical object for which it is possible to explain the manifestations of the governments through the language structures becomes throughout the military period a persuasion tool where the main objective age to keep a good appearance in international scope, therefore was with the external investments that &#039 appears; ' growth econmico' ' or economic miracle.

The Productions

All these and many other improvements had been and are being made and remade in relation to the images and history of the black personage in infanto-youthful literature, so that if it can construct or reconstruct the image of the black personage since its infancy until the adult and aged life of the black and, thus, terms pride of this another part of our history that was brought and given to read of form so kept out of society, prejudiced, minimized. everything this, this disrespect that if it perceives, will only go to findar when the children will have more access the literary books or not on Africa, its histories, culture when the professors will have formation enough to argue on the subject, to present books who not only bring the black personage in histories, but its histories and memories She is necessary that literary and not-literary texts on the culture afro not to still break taboos of beauty of identitria acceptance, color, creed, place in a society extremely fracionada and racist. He is as in Oliveira speaks to them (2008, P. 02): … Is not enough, therefore, the mere inclusion in the publishing market and the pertaining to school space of literary productions that present black protagonists (), or that they delineate the religiosidades of matrices Africans, the culture afro-Brazilian, the African continent and thematic similar. Ahead of the propagation of the inferiorizao of the black ethnic-racial segment in the didactic materials and literature, more still one becomes necessary, in the present time, to redouble the attention in relation to the productions in this approach, therefore, in virtue of law 10,639/03, the trend is that it has investment in the publishing market, culminating with publications new editions nor always elaborated with the had aesthetic and thematic quality. We know that the cultural tradition of inferiorizao and subjugation of the Africans and its descendants is a pack weighed on the shoulders of that they are its representatives, however, exactly with all the imperfections, the gaps, the misfortunes, is validates all quarrel concerning the construction, that exactly delayed, of a history of the African, of the afro-Brazilian, so that, of today in ahead, they obtain to be proud and if to see as one afro and not as brown, chocolate, but if assumes in its color, in its physical culture, its traces, its beauty, its histories. .

Save & Earn Money

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Average Age

Been born in Salvador, Bahia, the 17 of February of 1929, made its primary and secondary studies there, graduating itself Right, for the University of the Bahia, in 1950. Having to decide not to follow the profession, one registered the course of Geography and History of the College of Philosophy and Sciences Human beings of the same University, getting the degree of permitted in Geography and History in the year of 1955. Through stock market granted for the French government, it got License in Geography Human being and Economic for the University of Estrasburgo, in July of 1959.* In 1987 Waldir Freitas Oliveira it publishes the Way of the Average Age, a relatively compact workmanship and objective that deals with mainly on specific points to the religion with regard to the Roman Empire, opposing Empire this that already meets I divide between Ocidente and East. Of start the author in the sample as was the Christianity in the East, where he did not meet established the Christian doctrine, a time marked for conflicts, opposing frequent some to the others, its proper followers, between Nestorianos, Monofisistas and Calcednios. Something interesting of if noticing are the much more next relation where the east (especificadamente Constantinopla) has with the religion, and same throughout the years, through these disputes, unification attempts (with special prominence the Justiniano) it is arrived the end of century VI, a broken up Eastern Christianity, having for base churches that continued to confrot themselves, defending orthodox diverse principles being, Nestorianos and Monofisistas, beyond is clearly of influences exerted of the Eastern Christianity on the Ocidente having a fusing of ‘ ‘ Religiosas’ cultures; ‘ so to speak.

Already on the Christianity in the Ocidente the Author if at the time arrests the Biography of prominence figures as Saint Augustin, Blessed of Nrsia and Great Gregorio; these that, according to author, for its thoughts, actions and diffusions of ideas, would have in this established period the principles on which it would start to support itself Church of Rome to affirm its priority as superior force placed above of the power of the men, also detaching the paper of monges, responsible for great progressos in the expansion of the Christianity on lands of the Europe. Finally the author speaks on the Germanic presence in the Ocidente, presence this that goes to bring an overturn in the papers where the Romans leave to be dominadores and pass to be dominated, also having an intense mixture of cultures having the fast adaptation of the full brothers to the urban life as main prominence. The Christianity also plays a basic role where the unitria idea of Empire goes to act as great factor of unit of the Europe substituting with advantage and constituting the new religion with its message of universalista and igualitrio character In satisfactory way and making use of a clear and simple language of easy agreement the author passes its ideas with regard to the period and on the main subject; Christianity and Religion in the Ocidente and East, but sin for making use of practically biographies in the part where if it deals with the Ocidente. Pra is a recommended reading who works in the area, either academic or and even though curious on the subject, not only requiring a previous knowledge on the studied period.

Twentieth Century Aviation

The development of aviation began at about age 18-19, it was from that moment begins to exist at all because such a thing as a flying machine. This concept is formulated by George Cayley. But a serious increase in aviation truly began only in 1903. If you remember, during this year the Wright brothers took off on his "Flower". Forty years of hard work and classic aircraft has reached its highest point, further development could bring only one thing – to decrease in speed and power, but then began a new era in the development of aviation. The era of aviation.

Discovery can be read from in 1936. That was the year officially came to exist a new line of "Zeppelins", on which he began his travels around the world airship – Ginderburg. It is the development of passenger aviation industry has pushed to large steps and military aviation. For a start it should be noted that instead of the classic aircraft came to aviation reactive. Beginning of an era of jet planes can say that began in 1930. This year, the first turbojet was patented cadet summer school Whittle.

And after nine years, flew the first airplane with the engine design background Ohayna. So, finally, the development aviakonstruirovanie beginning to rise sharply. Now let's look back at the beginning of 20 century. 1903 – Wright brothers. 1914 – there were already aircraft that was forced to look for parties and to "choose", it was the aircraft Yakov Gakkel, dp Grigorovich, Igor Sikorsky, and others.