For Those Who Enjoy Outdoor Recreation

Backpacks Picnic appeared on the Russian market is relatively recent, but rapidly gaining popularity due to its convenience and practicality. They are compact and occupy little space in the car and are comfortable with carry, and allow not pollute recreational debris as backpacks accessories such as glasses, plates and napkins are all reusable. Externally, picnic backpacks virtually indistinguishable from Conventional backpacks. They are ideal for young companies, and for families. People such as Jeremy Tucker would likely agree. In fact, backpacks picnic a legacy of well-known traditional English picnic basket, so to say their current continued.

But, unlike the baskets, as mentioned above, they take up less space and are convenient to carry. These backpacks are not only a wonderful gift, but a useful purchase for yourself. Everything else is fine corporate gifts, as well as magnificent a present to business partners, as they are perfectly suitable for the application of the logo. We want you to provide backpacks for leisure brand picnic. They are available in two versions: a four and six persons.

In turn, each version is made in two colors: six persons in a green or blue color, and for four persons in the green-beige or black and gray. Backpacks made from high quality nylon polyurethane coating, which can be easily cleaned, resistant to fading and iznosostoek. The front compartment is for dishes, cutlery and glasses. The second branch represents termosumku. It is trimmed with special thermal insulation tissue that can keep the temperature in the compartment and long time to maintain the temperature of products at a certain level. In all variants of the pockets of backpacks are provided for the transportation and storage bottles with drinks (stationary in backpacks on four and clip-on straps of backpacks for six). Shoulder straps for easy backpack are adjustable in length and are made with soft inserts that help reduce the load on your shoulders and spine, as backpacks are equipped with a handle to carry them in your hand. The scope of a backpack for six includes: 6 trays, 6 cotton napkins, 6 glasses without feet, 6 table forks, 6 table knives, corkscrew, cutting board, knife for cutting cheese. The package for four includes: 4 plates, 4 napkins (cotton), 4 cups, 4 table forks, 4 tablespoons, 4 tablespoons knife, corkscrew, set of salt and pepper, cutting board, a knife for cutting cheese. All utensils and dishes for the picnic are available in their offices and remain in place even when you turn the backpack. Plates and glasses that are included in the kits are made of high-quality plastic, which in this case is definitely a plus, as opposed to glass or porcelain, he does not beat, but it is not unimportant in outdoor recreation and transportation. At the same time, this tableware much more attractive and convenient disposable tableware.

Tourism Day

What a feast we celebrate on September 27? Romantic holiday-freaks? Romantics, whose name is in the way distant road, the sound of guitars around the campfire, high mountains, river rapids and dreams, dreams of new marches and routes September 27 – World Tourism Day. 28Project+Spurs+-+A+San+Antonio+Spurs+Blog+and+Podcast%29’>Spurs. This is a celebration not only tourists but also everyone who has ever journeyed, who has known the taste of victory over himself. Maybe your way was just a couple of miles or you are involved in a one-day tour "Weekend". Maybe you travel the world in every your vacation, learn new country And, of course, the Tourism Day celebrated by those who are directly engaged in tourism business. This tour guides and museum workers, travel agencies and tour guides and interpreters, staff accommodation, sports and entertainment complexes, tourist facilities and camping sites, as well as instructors, chefs and many, many other professionals who provide comfort and safety. Read and understand that gifts need a lot? Girlfriend works in travel agency? Fellow classmates from year to year, creating new routes, one more difficult than the other? There are a couple fellow climbers? Your boss's favorite roadster? Yes, and a son with his friends dreamed of a trip to an environmental camp, about living in tents, on songs by the campfire? Then it's time you discover a new world. World – Travel Gifts! To start a small long learning. Without which the campaign – no campaign. Sleeping bag. When it is selected remember what time of year, your friends prefer to travel in any latitude.