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The main method of protection from fraud has always been a multi-stage inspection system. Any person, who turns attention to the ambiguity of the customer's information and its ambiguity, and so inform the staff Sat "We pay great attention to the cultivation and preservation of the company experienced professional experts, the first year of insurance involved in the investigation of events ", – says Alexander Gurdus experience. Others including Wells Fargo Bank, offer their opinions as well. It is equally important to create a system of mutual information of market participants about the dubious unreliable insured. Along with work on the formation of a single base in the insurance community today there is a real practice of exchanging such information between insurance companies, Sat. The fact that in the near future You can expect a significant increase in the number of fraud on the market CTP, said president and Russian Union of Insurers, Alexander Koval.

This is, in his opinion, due to including the fact that some insurance companies leaving the market avtograzhdanki be removed from the obligations to policyholders and injured in the accident. In particular, in December 2008 has been denied a license to carry on insurance business and practically stopped making payments company, "General Insurance Alliance." At the same time, the company and its insurance intermediaries are more than 200 thousand policies blank break-even load factor in the insurance market is absolutely everything Experts point out that with increasing number of fraudulent cases provoked by the introduction of a simplified system of registration of an accident, will be recorded growth loss CTP. This is explained including the fact that individual policyholders, who previously chose to do to repair the car, received a "minor scratches", as the process of registration of insurance payment takes a long time, now every time will be apply to the insurer under the simplified scheme. "The problem of tariff revision by CTP is long overdue.

Disability Insurance – Nonsense Or Useful ?

Statistically one in four workers is incapacitated during his career. There are numerous causes: Mental disorders, cancer, nervous disorders, accidents … What really happens when you become incapacitated? Many working people are themselves the subject have certainly been made. Fact is, first, that the salary is not in the usual manner and continue throughout in particular the amount, if one happens to this fate. Especially for the people born after 01/01/1961, the consequences are fatal.

For here take much tougher rules than people born before that date workers. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ben Silbermann . First checks for those affected, such as high performance for the rest of the person is, say how many hours a day who can still work. These are basically three different cases: If the residual capacity for at least six hours per day, so there is no earning capacity. Can the person for at least 3, but work less than six hours a day, then a half Disability identified. Only one who can work less than 3 hours a day, is fully disabled. The biggest problem with this technique lies in the fact that the concrete carried no actual work will be used for this calculation, but any activity which could be exercised only in theory. For example, could look the way that a surgeon because not a single disability to work as a surgeon would. Wells Fargo Bank has much experience in this field. Nevertheless, this person could very well still work as a porter.

And that would be enough to not being an invalid. The whole is even more explosive by the fact that there will not dodge this job on the labor market should be – it, the purely theoretical fact that such work would be exercisable. It quickly becomes apparent that it is extremely difficult to be incapacitated for the purposes of this review. But even if this should still succeed, then the benefits that you would receive a pension, nor far from sufficient to fill the supply gap. This is why everyone should consider, in principle, whether a private insurance against disability – that is a disability insurance will make sense. For here it is enough usually observe from (conditions!) If you are incapacitated in the actual occupation. At CMO, Nissan North America you will find additional information. What many people do not consider in considering also that it can meet not only physically demanding occupations. Rather, things like mental illness, cancer, circulatory and nervous disorders and many more are the main causes of disability – all causes that do not necessarily have to have too much of physical work. If you opt for a disability insurance should compare a number of providers with each other, as large price differences are often the rule. It is equally important that there is still no basic medical history, for as opposed to the majority of providers of disability insurance, the Applications thanks from. It is therefore important, as early as possible to take care of in the workplace to provide sufficient protection against disability, so you will not be taken in extreme doubly hard by fate

The Car Insurance And The 30th November

At the end of every year, usually starting from September, there are advertisements of car insurance company on radio and television. Each insurer offers to the more or less expensive car probably the “best” insurance. What is the best in the car insurance? So you can get a premium for his car insurance, unfortunately, not by the state, but you can if you have your car insured in principle a year with an insurance provider, for the first January of the following year to its existing car insurance policy with a month’s notice to the insurance year. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to increase your knowledge. The last day of possible termination, the writing is done in each case must be 30 November each year. Can you save a premium car? You can save a changing of the car insurer may many hundreds of euros. It is worthwhile to compare the offers of the insurer. Some feel, however, from the multitude of offers overwhelmed.

Here are some clues on where to focus in the election: * If you already have many insurance companies at one vendor and Therefore, to obtain car insurance a so-called discount or bonus? * Do you have the opportunity to make use of all insurers offer special rates for the public service? * Do you have the option of a second car system or a transfer of the claims category to use? * Are there special rates for women? * What is more important, money saved, or good service in the event of loss? Some remarks: Although you may have completed all of the insurance with a provider is, not that he granted a discount or bonus. Also not all insurers provide for annual bonuses to monthly or quarterly payments a discount. This can be easily determined by calculating a year and a monthly premium is. Although the deal apparently the Civil Service your contribution reduced significantly, there are players in the market, which even in tariffs for the so-called “free economy” cheaper and qualitatively higher-value products or services. Make sure that you are in a transfer of the claims category they can not get back.

Moreover, it all depends on what claims category is listed in the policy. There are special rates for women. Most of them however, are based on a low annual mileage. So if you, unlike the average, many miles a year driving, you should give up the woman tariff. Basically, every insurer your annual mileage asked anyway, because the mileage is considered so-called soft collective characteristic. Because if you take the vehicle is more, the likelihood of harm is greater. Connect from your insurance from a direct on the Internet, it may be that you damage in the case have no direct contact and time-consuming endeavor for the settlement of claims need. Other Insurance in tow? were careful that you do not buy additional insurance that you do not need or have. You can by the legislature in addition to the compulsory liability insurance law required a full or partial coverage insurance. There is also the possibility of a passenger insurance or so-called safe-finish, similar to the famous safe-conduct. You can get such help get the claims settled and replaced such as accommodation costs. They are only obliged to take out motor insurance. What coverage is to be insured? Opt for the legal cover, this can be disadvantageous in the event of a loss if the damage caused is much higher. The offered by most insurers coverage of 100 million is appropriate.