Investment in the text for the site very often customers refer to the agency by writing texts site after web-resource is already established and is functioning for some time. Judging by the words of customers and website owners often working web site is not very good, because its main task is not executed. In this situation there is question of information resources and on the “collectors clicks” whose task is to generate revenues from contextual ads. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bill Phelan is the place to go. The situation in the network changes, and are concerned about literacy and working text on the site by representatives of business resources and network offices. The main objective of small business on the Internet – notification of its existence for new clients, adequate cost advertising products and services, as well as the successful positioning in the highly competitive environment. Design is, and not filling It’s not uncommon during creating a site-representation, or small website developer offers the best site structure, menus and navigation, creating a successful planning sections.

In this case, a developer of content easily with minimal costs for the customer to make a qualitative resource in promotional or business site, which will work to attract customers. Ultimately, a business site must sell products or services, and striking design without a distinct words can not cope with the task. In the case where the cause of failure of the site is identified, further action of the owner of “dead” of the resource clear. The design of the texts should prevail, or otherwise – semantic and ideological content of the site. Today, a rare visitor becomes a buyer of goods or services, if in the first minutes of being on the site will not be able to get comprehensive information about what is sold and how much it’s worth. Content of the site as a sales tool Efficient and selling texts on this site should take precedence over graphics, animation and colors. The text should work – it sounds too general, but it is only natural and understandable copywriting professionals.

Content manager in a position to fill the site, close the empty sections found in the online content, but it is very likely that the site of this “easier” will not. The text for the site must be written individually for each case and taking into account the nuances of the company and its representation in the network. Content business site must convince and then to argue, and sell at the same time meet user to all possible questions. The Russian-speaking users in the main category carefully read the text on the site and provides a resource for interested them much more time than the notorious 10 seconds. It is worth Whether to save on text web-site? To answer this question categorically ‘no’, those who have already had the sad experience of investing in a bright design of the site, hoping to attract visitors to the export news feed “about everything.” Owners of sites that are new to the absence of effect on the generated site, or rethink their mistakes, or forever give up on the internet as a way of advertising your business.

Blogging and Business

In one of the most popular platforms for blogging – – the blog owner can, without making absolutely no effort to optimize and promote your blog to get huge traffic (tens of thousands of hits per month) and hundreds of regular readers. The whole secret lies in the fact that the blog should catch the eye of someone of the leading blog service Blogger Buzz Blogger, and like him enough to be mentioned in the daily review of Blogs of Note. It is clear that the chance of being seen too little. But if you know how to be a blog, so he stood out from the thousands of others, and you can work hard – painfully so the results are impressive. Reviewing blogs, trapped in Blogs of Note in the last two months, I brought a set of signs, possessing which you will significantly increase the chances of getting into the coveted top.

The main thing is that they want guglovtsy of Blogger – it's your blog at first sight can be uniquely identified as a blog platform Blogger (or Blogspot). In this position lies 70% of success. Or more. What does this mean practically? 1. Using the standard template.

Without it – anywhere. 2. The presence of the top navigation bar (NavBar). It is also – must have (necessarily). 3. The absence or minimal possible number of third-party gadgets and, consequently, the use of 'their', 'blogging' gadgets If these three points are met – consider that you are on the right track. If not – can not continue. What else do you like Blogger-in? 4. Daily (Or at least every 2-3 days) updated blog (recent postings). 5. The original (in the sense of authorship) photos. Moreover, the quality of photos is not critical, most importantly – their number. 6. Topic blog – 'something personal'. And in any If no earnings in the network, not marketing, not SEO, nothing like that! Traveling, cooking, biographies, hobbies – that's it please your heart's content. 7. A large number of posts per page – up to 20 spins and more. 8. Light-face on dark background (30 per cent of cases). Do not try to improve what you give. Deals exclusively with the content. Write often and generously Illustrate your word creation. 'Golden' hint: contact service administration Blogger. If you do not have a problem that can be referred to invent it! And then the team will visit the Blogger blog, obaldeet, mentions it – and all, get ready for the flow of visitors.


How to promote a site for yourself? This was asking all the new owners of Web resources, willing to earn on its website. Let's try to briefly answer this question. Generally speaking, all methods of site promotion imply any external links to the promoted resource. Sources of links can be "white" "black" or "gray", but to avoid the risk of a bank in the system to promote better use of only "white" links, voluntarily and selflessly relying users and webmasters. So, for the promotion of the site in the first place is to register its resource directory with online services or special programs, that will allow him to quickly get search engines to index. You can try and publish on the message boards and adding resources to social bookmarking sites. Anyone who thinks about how to promote the site for free, sooner or later comes to the conclusion that writing and posting on its share of unique articles, which contain information useful to visitors. It is necessary to indicate that the copying of information allowed only with indication of active links to your site.

It is useful also to share articles with other sites by placing them in the links to your site. As soon as the indicator of site traffic will rise at least a little above zero, you can organize your free newsletter, which further contribute to increase the flow of visitors to your website. Finally, if you're willing to pay for the promotion of the site at least a little money and try this auxiliary method of promotion, like buying links, appealing directly to the webmasters or through the exchange of links. If your friends are also owners of Internet resources, ask them to put a link to your site. Source: Building and SEO

Blog Advertising

Recently, I was going to write an article on the "standard" earnings for bloggers. And so it goes for such service as (who in the course can stop reading.) I will not give advertising information, yeah and so you can learn at their site, and I will tell about their observations and victories. Let's start with the fact that you have a blog, no matter on what you have it, on a paid or free hosting service, the main thing that the conduct of his blog and diluting its promotional items you can receive the very real money. For example, on one blog I write 3-6 articles a day advertising, which is from 6 – $ 12, I took time from 1 to 2 hours, it is easy to calculate that $ 100 a month to get a trifling matter. Here the most important thing you need to initial stage is to prepare yourself a template that helps you cope with the tasks to 2 times faster, then he'll never have (by the way the example sentences for Blogun it can look at my blog). He is a set of phrases divided in parts (introduction, middle and ending – it's an option). What other advantages can be drawn from this service in addition to profits? First you raise your horizons. Secondly you have a great experience in writing advertising of posts and articles, which you will then be very useful. Third, you can not only advertise other people's resources on his blog, but also to advertise about your blog or website. So if you're interested in getting paid for Reference my blog, feel free to join.

SEOs Future

At the next lesson, the future of SEOs (and) we consider the material associated with the site, content, copywriting and copywriting exchanges. To begin the lecture in the center of online education with the concept of content – the Internet content, which bears news value. The key parameters appear to volume, urgency and relevance. Content is the following types: text – complete and connected sequence of characters (in general). Types of text on the site: significant and vspomogatelnyy.Grafika – images, photographs, design elements.

We select the most popular image search sitemy: and – video in various formats on the site (avi, flv, etc.). Files – represent a logical unit of information (doc, pdf, etc.). An integral part of good content is its uniqueness, literacy, usefulness and originality. Uniqueness can be divided into several types, such as copywriting, rewriting, sinonimayzing, bredotekst. Used to validate the request for a search engine, as well as specialized software (Advego Plagiatus and DCFinder – mobile, but does not show the percentage of uniqueness). Literacy text, you can check through web-services / speller and As for the utility, the useful are natural texts more than 1000 characters with a normal number of keywords (3-5%) and are useful user. Before proceeding to placing content on the site, SEOs should prepare it in interesting ways: to evaluate the competitors TOP20 (to determine the amount of content, keyword density, the presence of word forms associations, etc.); receive pages stamped tags.

It is also worth mentioning that there are specific exchanges on which you can order your desired content writing – this job exchanges copywriting. These include:,,, On This is our lecture has come to its logical conclusion. Yours ever, the future SEOs.

How To Choose A Web Hosting

How to choose a hosting service to which the answer is obvious to an experienced webmaster, can confound the novice. With the development of the Internet, World Wide Web has become an excellent platform for business, entertainment, as well as for various advertising and marketing campaigns. Now my personal website as well as a huge corporate portal has a lot of weight on the Web, so many people want to break off a piece of cake charms network. As a rule selection Hosting depends on the objectives pursued. One of the first questions that comes from people creating their own site for the first time – is what to choose hosting – paid or free. Free hosting is suitable for training, ie to practice setting up the site, connecting the domain and etc. Server – this is a normal computer, in the sense that it has a processor, RAM, hard disk drive.

On a single server can accommodate, say, a thousand sites. When you buy an inexpensive web hosting, your site is becoming one of this thousand. Paid Hosting (compared with free, for example) has several advantages First – high speed. Slow server will not only inhibit your work with him, but loading pages when browsing. And very slow server can simply 'kill' your site, page load is several times slower than it should be (this is especially noticeable when a lot of graphics on the pages and animation) Most advanced hosting companies provides customers with the best quality of service.

This is, first of all, means having quick access to the site of the client. The choice of hosting – a very important step in the process of creating site. And the choice is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Choosing quality hosting – important step that can seriously affect the success of your Internet project. Therefore, the choice should be approached with hosting seriously.