Foreign Ministers

And to give you an idea of the importance of the block, I tell them that it covers 388 million people with a global GDP of U.S. $ 1.9 billion (ie about 3.5% of world GDP). How do you shape the UNASUR? The first thing to say is that it is at deliberative bodies, a Council of Heads of State and Government, a Council of Foreign Ministers and a Council of Delegates. You also have a , based in Quito, and providing for the establishment of a South American parliament, to be located in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. One of the most enthusiastic about the new bloc, Lula said inter alia that “we must move quickly with innovative projects and powerful in priority areas such as financial and energy integration, improving regional infrastructure and the establishment of a social cooperation agenda. ” As always, Lula has ambitious ideas in mind where, of course, Brazil takes the lead in initiatives. The truth is that the whole issue of UNASUR has taken by surprise more than one at a time just was not imaginable where the formation of such blocks that succeeded in bringing together some countries. That is why this block, while generating high expectations and at the same time produces a number of questions. The most immediate is the following: What prospects have strengthened this block and produce benefits for the region? In connection therewith, the first thing to consider is that the block comes in a context where several Latin American countries have been able to consolidate macroeconomic and institutional strength, achieving international recognition has awarded many of the same with the much sought investment grade.

Macquarie Futures USA

Murti is currently one of the most listened gurus on Wall Street, and investment reports are read by many investors before choosing destinations or sectors to invest. And even though someone does not agree with their predictions, it matters little, ‘is always Goldman Goldman. ” Nauman Barakat, vice president of energy futures at Macquarie Futures USA told the New York Times: “Same if you disagree with their predictions, the problem is that Goldman brings a lot of credibility. There are many traders who invest based on their reports. “There are other analysts who are predicting that a barrel can return to $ 70 by year-end. There are many opinions about whether oil demand is sufficient or not, if the supply is declining or not, whether oil will run out sooner than I imagined, if it is a problem of demand, supply, or simple market speculators future, as analysts there. Paynet often addresses the matter in his writings. Citigroup analyst (NYSE: C) Tim Evans, said that commodities operate today, is like putting your hand in the blender.

The oil is hot, and we all want to make predictions, however disparate they may seem, but if one thing is certain, is that Americans are addicted to oil. And if it does not shake a deep recession in the United States, the chances to see the oil to 50% below today’s prices, is the less striking. Probably the one thing certain is the claim of Evans.

Invest Small Amounts

Know how to exploit investments when we have little dienro to invest. You must be imagining that if they are 20 or $ 100 could not invest in anything, is more even than a Broker hesitate to accept such small amounts of money. I must remark that can be made very good investments and it would have no problem if we wanted to open an account with as little dinero.Yo say I will not obligate you to invest in a particular company, but what if I can say is like investing in smaller, medium and large amounts of money. The first thing I want to explain is that they could invest only $ 20 We will start assuming you do not have to pay any interest of any debt and have some money saved in an account. They can not wait to start investing to secure the future, but are unable to cope with such small amounts. Now I will explain how they can be getting great returns by investing small amounts of money. One of the best ways to invest rather small amounts of money is known through Reinvestments Dividend Plans (DRPs). This type of investment coupled with calls Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPs) allow you to bypass brokers and their commissions as hated as you can buy directly from the company, as well as through its agents. Over one thousand companies that already have systematized this system. Some companies offer free investment this possibility, while others charge a small amount.


This strategy of Napoleon, is of great help to dominate your time. React immediately and consciously against frequent occasions that involve risk of misuse of your time. Accurately identify your habits and particular attitudes that make you waste time. Time is one of the most valuable resources, but is a good which can not be saved. Time passes continuously and is impossible to recover if it is wasted. The 3 key actions of the time management are planning, prioritize and schedule tasks. 1 Plans tasks a tasks list is an ordered list where you must write all the tasks that you must perform.

This allows us to group together all similar activities, or which must make in one place and organize the best time to carry them out with the minimum expenditure of resources. To-do lists are essential when you need to make a large volume of different tasks. If you feel that always failures by having forgotten to do something, then it is time that you start to use a task list to improve your productivity. Although to-do lists often appear very simple, actually are very powerful and extremely useful. 2 Prioritizes tasks in the work plan is not enough to have multiple lists, it is important that you provide for each task a priority level that will tell you the order in which you perform them. To prioritize tasks, you have to assess the following aspects: the complexity or dependence on other tasks. The complexity.

The importance. The deadline dates. 3 Calendar tasks to prioritize tasks and agendarlas for its execution, it is important to try to follow to the letter the baseline plan and deal with the problems according to their priority. Thus, at the end of the day you will have the satisfaction of seeing how diminishes your list of tasks to do. The next step is to establish the dates of critical activities. These tasks must be carried out according to the plan, since a delay in any of them could mean the failure of your project or the loss of a client. It is essential that your priority analysis and rate them to determine if they are critical or not, and so define the dates of realization to achieve a better time management. Carlos Gallego creator of the course dominates Tu time rejoinder Tu productivity in 7 days, click DominTuTiempo.

Dollar In Argentina, Argentina Crisis and The Value Of Stocks

Buenos Aires, Argentina May 29, 2008 Talking with a friend, he said how serious it was from my point of view, the problem between the field and the Argentine government, in what he wryly replied: "At least we have U.S. $ 50,000 for international reserves in the Central Bank. " Without hesitation I replied with words that left him a little confused: "Yes, I really do … I do not know what would have happened if these reserves were not" … How does the conflict between the government and the Argentine countryside with policy of accumulating reserves of the BCRA? It seems that there is much to do, but actually has a lot. Is not for the volume of international reserves available to the BCRA, the conflict between the Argentine government and the field could have triggered a crisis of major proportions. Argentine Journalism can not complain with the government of Cristina.

Is that reporters rarely have time to get bored as the events unfold with remarkable speed. Such is the pace of events that leave no time to dwell on the many unusual situations that occur … A union that negotiates wages with one hand while the government acts as a strike force against the country, a minister of economy than just you know its name, a mobile retentions which persist despite his father creator is no longer in government, a crazy price index shows that all is well, etc and etc and etc … When he took Cristina, expectations were too many because he could not continue the direction that came bringing the economy.