The Employee

As a consequence – the difficulties encountered in applying the right business model, and indeed in communication at work. Before making a decision about bringing the employee-expat, the employer should calculate all the benefits and risks of this recruitment. Again, attracting expats – is expensive. Nevertheless, there are positions, "requiring" foreign experts. Hear from experts in the field like Wells Fargo Bank for a more varied view. This is due, for example, by using new technologies, which were previously in Russia is not used at all. Naturally, in this case without the expats can not do.

If you look at history, the tradition that put Peter 1, which "opened" a window to Europe and brought new technologies, together with the European specialists. Currently, the labor market are valued foreign chefs, designers and builders. It is believed that they can bring a "flavor" of the kind of activity that are involved. Here, the employer is led by clients: for example, the restaurant is always more to be prized real French chef than a chef, who were trained in France. Employees, ex-pats are irreplaceable, and in positions where it is simply not enough Russian professionals, but in this case, we again are not talking about expats in the sense in which the term adopted to use, but the guest workers.

And yet, the staff of construction and cleaning companies almost 100% composed of foreign labor. An employer who made a decision about hiring, expat should begin the process for a year before the expected release the employee. The first phase – getting the quota. The request for a quota clearly prescribed country, level of education and experience in a foreign specialist, so at this stage, the employer must decide which country should be future employees and what experiences have.


Asked about the annual visa – can I get it. In response, he heard the following: ‘it is unlikely you will open a visa for a year – it maximum term. Of course, as Consul decides. However, few people receive an annual visa ‘ In connection with this question: if after all I only get a six-month visa – can I make based on her time card pobytu? If yes – for how long? Artek Since the visa card and pobytu are documents that allow you to legally stay in the country, at the same time you can only have one of these documents. If you get a six-month visa and work permit issued to you year, then you can apply for a card pobytu being already in Poland. The basic document here is a work permit, since it is on this basis (and not based on a visa) you will receive a map pobytu. In the case of if you have a work permit for a period longer than the visa, you will need to apply for a card pobytu at least 45 days before the end visa.

Normally the validity period pobytu the same as that of the permit work (ie the end at the same time with a work permit). However, sometimes some of the voivodship first card pobytu issued for a shorter period – six months or a year. eurogroup matter arising from the answer: Is it possible to request permission to work at 2, 3, 5 years? Tatiana_g work permit is issued for 1 year in rare cases by 2 years (for example, the statute says that the bus driver gives up to 2 years work permit, I wonder whether the incidents in practice). Artek Under the Law on Employment permission to work can get the maximum of three years or five years (this applies to board members of companies, which employ over 25 people). However, under the same law, the governor is developing criteria for issuing permits work in these criteria commanders often shortened maximum duration of work permits.

So that the period for which we can obtain a work permit depends on the particular province, your position and other factors. Another important moment, a map pobytu can get a maximum of 2 years (even if someone has a work permit for 3 years or five years). Foreigners who have received a work permit for a period of more than 2 years, must apply for the next card when the previous one is terminated. dim_ka81 I live in Warsaw, 3 times a work permit made in year 1, year 1 to year visa, then map pobytu for 2 years at once. So that nothing is impossible.

Compensation Payments

In some cases, state or public duties can be performed precisely in the working time (for example, participation in court as a juror, the turnout on call in the authorities pre- investigation, etc.). Source: Ben Silbermann. In these cases, employers are required to seamlessly go workers to perform these duties. st websites. You do not have values or duration of the public or public duties, nor their frequency or their periodicity, etc. The law presumes that in this case, the reason for the lack of workers at work does not depend on the will of the employee. Guarantees provided by Art. 170 tc rf established for persons engaged in working hours following the state or public duties: 1) exercising the right to vote.

Federal Law "On Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights and the rights to participate in the referendum Citizens of the Russian Federation ", stipulating that candidates (after registration) at the time of the election shall be exempt from work. She maintains her place of work, all the time to vote shall be counted total seniority of the candidate (in the specialty for which he worked). The Election Commission shall pay compensation to a registered candidate (but the average salary for him is not preserved) (Art. 35-30), 2) the performance deputy duties, and 3) a turnout in the bodies of inquiry, preliminary investigation, the prosecutor and the court as a witness, victim, expert, specialist, interpreter, understood, and participation in trials as lay judges, public prosecutors and public defenders, members of social organizations and labor collectives.