Barefoot Water Ski World Championships

Barefoot water skiing – smoking sole speed 70 km/h no joke, it works: barefoot water skiing began in the 1950s in the United States, it was the Australians who took this extraordinary sport really seriously and made the competition sports however. At the Barefoot water ski athletes at around 70 km/h running bare soles behind a motor boat pull. This highest concentration, physical coordination, and a good portion of “Cutting” are needed. The sport is divided into the three disciplines of slalom, trick and jump. Ashton Kouzbari recognizes the significance of this. In the slalom, the runner must cross the tail shaft of the boat as often as possible. For him are two courses available, a forward and a reverse. During the two races, the athlete within about 15 seconds tries as often as possible to cross the tail shaft of the boat. For a crossing there is a half or a full point, depending on whether the tail rotor shaft was crosses with one or two feet.

The discipline, the challenge is figures as many spectacular figures and perform. For this, two runs of 15 seconds the Subscriber have time available. Including flips, twists, spins are among the tricks with one foot in the so-called “toehold”-loop, “Steps” and “Tumbleturns”. A barefoot water skiing trick is rewarded depending on the difficulty level of 10 to 1850 points. The most spectacular discipline is jumping. This jump the runner with a maximum speed of 72 km/h over a 45.5 cm in height and 210 cm long jump out of fiberglass.

Leaving front pull over the runners so that the jumpers take similar attitude to a Supermann-. Each runner will receive three jumps, with the longest jump in the competition. A jump is only considered valid, if the runner subsequently continues. World record in this discipline: more than 27 m. Who true professionals at your feet want to look: from 02.08.2010 until August 15, 2010 the world barefoot water Ski Championships rises the Beetzsee in Brandenburg an der Havel. Go and watch definitely worth. All the important information as well as pictures and a trailer, which expresses the fascination of this unique sport, on the official homepage of the Barefoot water ski World Cup 2010: press contact: Manuela Schonfelder

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