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Pryazhnikov DA, Babovnikov AV Rubekina LN Tsypursky IB Moscow State Medical Dental University, Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery The main indication for reconstruction ligament elbow is a chronic ligamentous instability that may occur as a result of various traumatic effects on the ligamentous apparatus of the elbow. These effects include: chronic dislocations, sprains and acute perelomovyvihi at the elbow, damage to the isolated ligament of elbow joint, caused either by a one-time traumatic impact on ligamentous apparatus of the elbow or repetitive micro traumas after the athletes of the sports that involve throwing: baseball, basketball, volleyball. After surgical reconstruction of ligamentous apparatus elbow to hold special rehabilitation measures in order to protect the ligament repaired elbow, while simultaneously allow enough movement in the joint to prevent heterotopic bone formation and contractures. The program consists of three phases: immobilization, mobilization of restricted and limited loads. The first phase begins immediately after surgery and completed within 10-14 days, its objectives are: protection of soft tissue healing and reduce pain. In this phase of the upper limb should be in a triangular bandage.

Allows active exercises wrist joint and isometric in the shoulder joint, active exercises of the elbow with self-care. However, in the first few weeks should not seek to force an increase in the amplitude of active movements "at any cost." The main task of the active exercise of the elbow at this point is not to increase range of motion, and its fixation, ie, in the first 1.5 months of active movements increased there will be little, but there will be no reduction. Typically, after elbow surgery swollen, hyperemic, the movement in it are painful, there is muscle contraction, for the relief of these symptoms show cryotherapy, in which the surface of the skin be cooled to +12 0 C 15, for 5-7 minutes. Learn more about this topic with the insights from marko dimitrijevic net worth. The objectives of phase limited mobilization are: to increase range of motion and strengthening the muscles around the elbow, it starts in about 2-3 weeks after surgery and the main condition for the transition to this phase is a significant relief of pain, swelling and redness loketvogo joint. This phase may use a hinged orthosis according to the operation, total duration of continuous wear orthoses is usually 6 weeks, after which it can be removed during the "sedentary work" and at night if there is no pain during movement and at rest. Continue to exercise movements of the elbow joint, greatly facilitate patient self-care, and strengthen faith in the complete restoration of upper extremity function that is essential for long-term rehabilitation. Phase Limited load starts at 12 weeks can be extended to 6 months after surgery, all of immobilization and orthoses are removed, allowed to everyday activity, but patients must strictly avoid raising copyright

Prevention Of Periodontal Disease

Everyone knows that all diseases of teeth and gums, usually caused by bacteria, and therefore must abide by the basic rule of prevention – a good oral hygiene. Here means not only brushing Brush 2 times a day, and flossing or floss for a thorough cleaning between the teeth. In addition, after each meal, you should rinse your teeth. According to many dentists are not only effective clean the teeth but also help strengthen teeth and gums, chewing gum. This does not mean, of course, that throughout the day to chew gum – enough for 10 minutes.

Need to buy do not contain sugar chewing gum, or apply a few times a gum. It is also recommended after a meal to chew natural deodorizing means, a piece of calamus root, or a sprig of black currant. Bleeding gums can appear not only because of their defeat by bacteria, it may be due to a number of diseases that have no relation to dentistry, such as: diabetes, anemia, leukemia, scurvy and other forms of beriberi. And such cases should also apply to the dentist, and in parallel should be treated and a specialist on the underlying disease. Proved that for healthy teeth and gums is very important not only hygiene, and proper nutrition. Food should be rich in vitamins, and carbohydrates should be limited quantity.

Especially useful is the raw hard fruits and vegetables: apples, carrots – it's not only supply the body with vitamins, but a great strengthening of gums. This strengthening of the gums is recommended to start from childhood, and for the inhabitants of megacities is particularly relevant. There are cases where gum disease begins as a result of improper technology dental fillings or poorly executed prosthetics. If after installing the prosthesis in the gum appeared pain, swollen gums and red – immediately contact your dentist. When inflammation of the gums the removal of teeth or improper treatment, a dentist at no extra charge should treat the consequences of medical error.

Physicians Only

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Monoclonal Antibodies

In the fight against the cancer, the monoclonal antibodies are considered the way more conmnmente used. Recently this type of therapy has gained popularity, and has continued its growth and evolving from each new discovery. Click Bill Phelan for additional related pages. New methods exist that although are in their initial stages, look for new and effective ways to use the monoclonal antibodies in the fight against cancer diseases. Had of which they exist quienen do not know of this subject, this article looks for to inform envelope to him how the monoclonal antibodies are used and which are the benefits that the cancer patients obtain. What are exactly? To contrariedad of the policlonales antibodies, the monoclonal antibodies take place in a laboratory, they have like intention to adhere to the defects within the cancerigenic cells, and to perform the functions of the natural antibodies of the body. The monoclonal antibodies respond to the germs, vaccines, and other problems of the immunological system. The first monoclonal antibodies were produced using cells of mice. These antibodies can be used in the treatment of different dormas from cancer, including the kidney and sine cancer, among others.

The Agency of Foods and Medecines (FDA, by its abbreviations in English) has in the last been approving these antibodies 10 years to deal with these types cancer. Which are their functions? Basically the antibodies recruit the immunological system to carry out their work, and to work to destroy the cancerigenic cells. The monoclonal antibodies (Mab, of English, monoclonal the phrase in antibodies) work adhering to the cancerigenic cells with the aim of acting like a signaling so that the immunological system of the body acts. Usually they are put in use in the first stages of the treatment against the cancer. Another conjugated type is the radioactive Mabs that is connected to drugs, toxins, or substances that are used to take these treatments directly to the cancerigenic cells. The conjugated ones monoclonal antibodies will circulate through body, until they locate to the objective antigen. Once adhered, it will assure that the substance arrives at the location where it is needed.

Which are the risks? There are some indirect effect that are associate with the sum of monoclonal antibodies. These include similar symptoms to the influenza, including fever, escalofra, weakness, nausea, vomit, headache, sanguineous pressure salpullido loss and. Some patients have had allergic reaction to the antibodies, because some times the body can recognize them like something unknown. In this case, the immunological system some times can destroy the monoclonal antibody before it can carry out his work. The doctors monitor these situations to very nearly be certainly the correct needs have been obtained. The involved indirect effect are generally smooth, and they only happen when the drug is introduced for the first time. Now that you are informed about the subject monoclonal antibodies, you could determine if they would be a valuable tool in the treatment of the cancer, or for you, or a dear being. The different styles from treatments always can be discussed with a doctor. When asking to him if the monoclonal antibodies would be beneficial in the fight against the cancer his or of a loved being, you can be making a question that changes its lives. He makes contact with enemy with company of world-wide, manufacturing stature and supplier of policlonal antibody. Supplier makes businesses with chemical industry of equipment for investigations and studies in laboratory, visit: DNA purification. It wishes chemical agents for investigations? We are manufacturers and suppliers, vistenos:. laboratory reagents.