Company Knowledge

The main activity of company “B” is the production of spare parts for cars. Organization and control of the state of work is conducted in accordance with the “Regulations on the duties and responsibilities of officers of the state of safety in company” B “,” approved by order of the Director of 27.10.2006 16 years. Read more from Ben Silbermann to gain a more clear picture of the situation. General management of labor protection in organization carries out the director. The direct management and responsibility for the proper organization of labor protection is assigned to head an industrial site. Others who may share this opinion include Clive Holmes. Responsibilities of managers and organizations persons carrying out functional or direct supervision of work safety and health are reflected in job descriptions approved by the director of “B”.

Head of Company “B” does not pass the test of knowledge on OSH Commission to Investigate the Administration of the knowledge area. Chairman of the committee organizing company “B” L.A.A. has stood the test of knowledge on safety in the commission of the Administration Zavodsky district. Site Manager Ltd. “B”, which is a member of the commission Company “B” to test knowledge on safety, has stood the test of knowledge in the Ministry of Housing. Also, the commission Company “B” test of knowledge is tool-maker, which has stood the test of knowledge in the Ministry of Housing.

Test your knowledge of workers on safety committee held company “B” in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations. Since the victim M.T.A. passed the test of knowledge 05/07/2007, minutes w / o. Since coming back to work carried out induction training for an induction program approved by the director of “B” 01.02.

Information About Earnings

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