After several weeks of speculations, Barcelona has announced officially the crossing of its forward Measure the perimeter of Krkic to Rome, in exchange for 12 million Euros. The agreement includes a clause of obligatory repurchase for the azulgrana club, that will allow the organization to recover to the player within two years in exchange for 13 million Euros. Rome, in any case, will have the possibility of blocking this option arrived the moment paying to him at the Bara 28 million, which would elevate the total post of the operation until the 40. They measure the perimeter of one has taken leave bitterly and it has indicated that he was " dolido" with the azulgrana club. " They did not give the sufficient opportunities me to demonstrate what I have inside and that hurts, but I am conscious that partly I consider a privileged person of to have comprised of this magnificent equipment that the best club of mundo&quot has done of the Bara;. Source of the news: : They measure the perimeter of: " The things were not very clear between Pep and yo".

Juan Diaz Nicholas

The convoking ones of Madrid think that people " it acts by conviction and not because it prohibits no Junta" and they advance that " independent of which the Junta&quot decides; they will follow &quot ahead; with its vindications and his acampada" , according to Marta Bac informs. Gain insight and clarity with Pinterest. Nevertheless, people like Delia, a treinteaera that works in the world of the communication, yes approached Sun as soon as she knew that the concentration had been prohibited. " It took a tremendous climb to me and I was myself for there after currar, and it did not think to go eh? " , it explains. It is his representative case than it can happen if the concentrations are prohibited? For the sociologist Fat Angel, social director of the Group of Complutensian investigation on cibercultura and movements, " this movement of 15-M is independent and is over the prohibition. Its reinvindicacin goes beyond poltica" and it explains that for that same reason these manifestations " they are not in contradiction with the reflection day ". " One is a civil act, does not campaign by no party, are not based on no parliamentary policy, for that reason they are legtimas" , Fat person defends. For this sociologist it is important to emphasize that one is " a movement that is not merely youthful, is a collective malaise that goes further on, is much more deep and &quot is not something unexpected;. The sociologist and investigator Juan Diaz Nicholas, see " difcil" to pronounce envelope what will happen and questions the convenience or of not prohibiting the manifestations: " The majority of people is there of good faith, is going to dnder its rights. One is a very heterogenous group, that they count on a real base: the total situation of desperation of youth. Soon there will be one who tries to benefit from the situation and to bring closer the live coal to his sardine, but the time will tell you.