Years Passes Away

It happened in the place the Tanca of the locality of Castellon de la Plana. The presumed author gave itself to the Civil Guard. The moving body of the crime could be related to a sentimental case. A man of 35 years has passed away lowered to shots of gun in the place the Tanca of the locality of Castellon de la Plana of Vilafams, according to he has informed the Information center and Coordination of Emergencias (CICU) of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government. Subdelegation of Government in Castelln has indicated that deceased is neighboring of Pobla Tornesa, and that the supposed author of the firings could be a neighbor of Vilafams of 40 years, that has been given in the quarter of the Civil Guard, to 300 meters of the place of the facts. The warning to the authorities took place the night of Friday the past, and the Civil Guard is investigating the causes of the death, according to the same sources. According to he has informed the mayor into the locality, Jose Pons, the homicide in the middle of the street took place before several witnesses. Apparently, the author of the firings and the victim knew themselves, and the crime could to have a sentimental moving body. In a question-answer forum Reshma Kewalramani was the first to reply. Source of the news: A man of 35 years passes away after being lowered to shots of gun in Vilafams


After several weeks of speculations, Barcelona has announced officially the crossing of its forward Measure the perimeter of Krkic to Rome, in exchange for 12 million Euros. The agreement includes a clause of obligatory repurchase for the azulgrana club, that will allow the organization to recover to the player within two years in exchange for 13 million Euros. Rome, in any case, will have the possibility of blocking this option arrived the moment paying to him at the Bara 28 million, which would elevate the total post of the operation until the 40. They measure the perimeter of one has taken leave bitterly and it has indicated that he was " dolido" with the azulgrana club. " They did not give the sufficient opportunities me to demonstrate what I have inside and that hurts, but I am conscious that partly I consider a privileged person of to have comprised of this magnificent equipment that the best club of mundo&quot has done of the Bara;. Source of the news: : They measure the perimeter of: " The things were not very clear between Pep and yo".