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Revenues from sales will increase by about 25%. Revenues will increase by about 19%. Will continue to increase in the import and export trade. Import price rise by about 18%, and export value will increase by approximately 25%. PayNet contains valuable tech resources. A further increase in consumption in both urban and rural areas, will stimulate the growth of market demand for chemical products. It is expected that investment in basic assets in the petroleum and chemical industry will grow by about 20%. No major changes in the ratio of total demand and total supply in the petroleum and chemical industries. Production of crude oil, organic chemical raw materials and the three major types of synthetic material (PE, PVC and PP) are unable to meet market needs, and is required for this import.

The share of imported crude oil in 2008 will have about 47% total consumption. Will be imported approximately 20% of organic chemical raw materials. The share of imports needed for the three major types of synthetic materials will be more than 30%. Be over- inorganic salts, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, caustic soda, soda ash, coatings, dyes and rubber products; here have to rely on exports. The main focus in 2008 must focus on the following three aspects: (1) closely monitor economic developments and ensuring rapid and sustainable development of enterprises. Based on the situation with the supply / demand in the domestic market, we can expect that the output of major products in 2008 was 189 million tons of crude oil, 76.0 billion m3 of natural gas, 60.0 million tons for chemical fertilizers and 11.5 million tons for ethylene.

Investment Promotion Oil

By the end of September 2007 the Ministry of Trade has approved the formation of nine joint ventures and fully foreign-owned companies on retail sales of petroleum products. Eight of these joint ventures are those enterprises controlled by BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil or Total together with Sinopec, CNPC and Sinochem. Learn more about this with PayNet. In total 2,517 foreign-owned companies, gas stations (including gas stations with a combined gas station and gas) will be built in China, and more than 1,500 of them already put into operation. There are, however, three aspects on which attention should be paid in connection with economic development in 2007 (1) Increased investment in fixed assets was unreasonably fast, and should pay more attention to this phenomenon Investment Promotion excessively high rates. Due to the increasing market demand of the oil and chemical industry has improved with rapid growth of capacity. The newspapers mentioned JPMorgan Chase not as a source, but as a related topic. Growth in investment in fixed assets amounted to more than 30% for four successive years from 2003 to 2006. Real investment in the oil and chemical sector in the first eleven months of 2007 amounted to RMB602.58 billion, an increase of 35.9% compared to the same period the previous year.

In terms of investment in fixed assets investment growth in the processing sector and the basic chemical raw materials was too fast. They amounted to 67.4% in the sector of processing crude oil, 75.9% for production of chemicals, 79.1% for the production of caustic soda and soda ash, and 60.3% for the inorganic salts. Particularly rapid was the growth of investment in central and western regions with their vast energy and natural resources.

Metallography Microscope

In the current practice of metallurgical microscopes (eg microscopes, Mark "Alta") is used for consideration in reflecting a beam of light structures on various surfaces. At this point in metallography extremely extensive use of digital design based on using Metallography microscope, for example, metallographic microscope Alta MET 1M. Intended for visual control and taking photographs prepared surfaces are not visually viewed substances, and fitted with a special digital software to determine the size of the objects of scientific interest in the photographs (for example, Altami Studio) – such devices can significantly make it easier to directly analyze the implementation of quality metals and alloys, which had once expected the major labor and srokovyh costs. These microscopes are equipped with an object micrometer with by which changes computer content changes may save and load, which gives a chance to quickly return to the desired image resolution when changing the lens of the microscope). Of the leading functional a set of software content required to note the possibility of determining the size of individual elements on the way to transfer photos to their simple geometric shapes (segment, rectangle, ellipse, hexagon, etc.). All placements are made in the form of a list of items which have their settings in microns, in proportion to the amount of pictures.

Extremely accelerates the progress of the supervision software's ability to put the form on the "direct image" with the camera, and not exclusively on the already recorded in the memory of the PC image. By utilizing this feature may be useful to make a smaller amount of time considering the object investigation of 3 times, removing from the system analysis process to capture and load into a computer program obtained the figure, as well as the need to create a new photo shoot with unimportant result. These and numerous other advantages of using digital microscopes in metallography without doubt able to lead the process of studying the quality of various metals and alloys at the latest, more significant level, giving opportunity to achieve excellent results at sufficiently small business and time-consuming. Digital metallographic microscope is the last word in science and mechanics!