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Ralf Einert has developed a sustainable economic model that dispenses economic growth. It is now as eBook or audiobook at available. The analysis to a change in economic policy as an example of science reveals a change of perspective. Skeptical doubts should serve not only philosophers to the intellectual edification. Also alleged economic laws are subjected to a critical examination. You see how for true held causal chains run into its opposite: the philosophical and economic analyses, which intensely pursued especially in the last two years Ralf Einert driven by a vague unease towards the social structures – a professional performance matured. In the context of the Foundation of Ralf Einert Consult in August 2010 the work “World spirit” is a world picture in seven levels and analysis to a change in economic policy, also in the form of eBooks, images and audio books, consisting offered.

Due to the social relevance is to highlight in particular the economic analysis. The change in the economic policy proves the banal and absurd-sounding theories, that short working hours and wages must be high. So, decreasing growth rates as a result of the law of diminishing marginal utility encounter increasing productivity due to the idea of the evolution theory. The alternatives are maximizing welfare in the leisure society or the impoverishment at full employment. The work includes the model design for the determination of gross domestic product, analysis of demographic trends, forecasts for the development of unemployment, the conditions for the possibility of social collapse, reflections on the life cycle of industrial Nations, the influence of high and low wages, as well as studies on the demand for labour and the labour market, including the causes for the emergence of social inequality. Finally, a target system with conflicting goals is derived from this.

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Control of filtrations, flights and seals. Training, development of skills and control of competitions. Standards of lubricants. Edition of Hydraulic circuits and Lubrication in CAD Texts and articles of reference. Ben Silbermann may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The Corporative Manual of Lubrication not only provides the appropriate instructions in lubrication, but of greater importance, operate as the masterful guide of the lubrication standards and oil monitoring officially established by the organization.

These standards would have normally to be reviewed by professionals of the company and external consultants, who give the impartial and objective approach to a crucial subject for the mantencin, that really defines the availability of the equipment. b) Micro measurement and macro of results: To return the Procedures Adapted in lubrication in a profitable center of businesses, is than it treats east subject. Only when we turned aside resources from the circle of Fault – Repair towards the availability based on the monitoring of the condition of the equipment, we began to construct value. Takes us factor to the last critical of the success of the program, that is referred like measurement of objectives. That it consists simply of establishing objectives enunciated like results of the program and of comparing the real profits against these. This is realised in scales micro macro and. In order to measure the profits macro one is due to resort like objectives to the general indicators of the specific industry, of the equipment in particular (design, specifications, etc.) or of the industry generally. t-outside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners as a relevant resource throughout. Simply one is to control the tendency with respect to indicators of availability, productivity, speed of operation, frequency available, etc.

through time. As examples we have the following listing of subjects in that normally it is had dedicated displays or global: Availability of equipment, facilities, transport means, tools etc. Frequency available of rests and bearings. Average time between faults.

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However, we must banish from our minds and conspiracy Spanish-envious-that winning an election, not equal astonishment, nor succeed in combat, be it one that is: here, usually, although there are rules of the game they are taken out of context when it suits the combatants. In a democracy if there are rules, of the democratic game, you have to respect and enforce. Not met the rules of the game that democracy requires us, when the PP-its members-is a mistake and lied in the last term in the case of the tanker. It began its collapse on 13 November 2002 – and, soon, echoed the statements of Mr.

Rajoy (21/11/2002): “(…) not going to pour a liter more just. ” “It is in no way an oil slick, it is only localized spots”, made on 23 November 2003. Continue making mistakes and lying during the serious events-attacks-Atocha Station in Madrid (March 11) when the former president, Mr Aznar, with the political arrogance that distinguished him, “he hastens to say that” the authorship of previous events corresponded to the Basque terrorist group. ” (As to 11-M, we all know that police investigations to clarify the tragic and terrible events “occurred, were not entirely orthodox quite precisely: There is much to talk about the cod!) So many mistakes suggests who allegedly lied on any of them, and we all know that the lies make “toccata and fugue of death” for political parties who employ them).