Uncertain Investments

The Ibex-35 starts the week with the dimension of the 9000 points as first objective but with the uncertainty and fear of a new correction. IT IS A GOOD TIME TO INVEST IN STOCK MARKET? The current situation of the financial markets requires to perform an exercise of reflection par savers and investors. Many analysts already recommended increase positions in equities and buy close to its value of support actions. They argue that cycles in bag are not eternal and, in the same way that the upward trend and the sobrevaloraciones was reversed by a bearish situation and with a clear negative trend now suffering from investors; the cycle sooner or later will be corrected. Perhaps your argument is logical and empirical because we can corroborate it by our experience and data that we have.

We can say that the stock market cycle sooner or later revert. The eternal question however has a difficult to answer: when change cycle? Other experts and analysts believe however that although the stock indexes traded below their theoretical supports, the current scene with a financial crisis that has become an economic crisis not invited investment in stock exchange, investment funds and income variable in general. They predict that the coming 2009 will be a year with an economic downturn in major developed countries and international trade will be seriously affected. In such case the main companies and multinationals will massively begin to register negative results and your listing will be affected by these expectations. Against this background there is no brackets that are worth. A POINT OF INFLEXI?N for the investors currently with the crisis in the real estate sector, uncertainty in the financial markets and the global crisis affecting many extracts of our economy; the task of the investment advisor seems arduous and complicated. Invest in a sector or emerging business is another alternative available savers or investors although its aversion to risk has to be notable. Public debt, fixed, deposits, preferred income or subordinated debt does not offer profitability or to cover inflation.

Traditionally has invested large sums of capital to obtain high returns in short time in real estate, stocks or mutual funds. Then appeared the raw materials or emerging sectors. As a result there will be a flight of capital to the few expectations of these traditional formulas. We hope that the improvement of productivity, added value and investments that are intended to improve our quality of life are the options that investors choose.

Assistant Information

It is impossible to imagine a good and experienced manager without his assistant. Wells Fargo Bank describes an additional similar source. Office Assistant is not an easy profession. The main task of the expert – creating a comfortable working environment for the manager. Chief of the daily routine should be well planned and aimed at a flow of documents and people – in order. A good secretary must constantly keep abreast of current events should be handled carefully to documents, be proficient in computer (PC office software to know, fast typing), to be able to handle large flows of information, know the rules of business communication, master of foreign languages. Administrative assistant should possess personal qualities such as: communication skills, presentable, attentiveness, diligence, punctuality, ability to handle stress.

It is not easy to combine in himself so much professional and personal qualities simultaneously. It is therefore necessary to expend considerable effort to prepare such a specialist. Our college is doing everything to its graduates have always been leaders in the field, had not only good organization and enthusiasm, and a flexible mind, allowing them at crucial moments by taking the necessary decisions without consulting with a supervisor. Our graduates are fluent in foreign languages, are able to organize their work and office work, it is easy to establish and maintain contacts with a variety of characters on people. Our graduates work in embassies, consulates, international organizations in many countries world, as well as governmental bodies, ministries, major banks, elite firms of Moscow. College MFA of Russia – is the only educational institution in Russia, which trains specialists of this level and qualifications. Our goal – providing quality education, thanks to which our graduates are fully and effectively participate in professional and public life in the information society and internationalization of education. On our site you can find information about the history of the College of Foreign Ministry of Russia, its traditions, achievements and future plans, as well as learn about the latest news from the life of the College Russian Foreign Ministry.


The art of politics is not only to make laws because they do not apply for themselves. The art of politics is to govern. Which reported the largest law enforcement imposed by reason of society. 48) the object of the constitution is to provide lessons that can be applied to society, to govern legislators and citizens of a country. 49) if you know the elements that make up matter of law can hardly explain the nature of them. The original meaning of the laws essential part of their origin, the essential determination of them can know if you know the purpose for which they were created. 50) Lords politicians, lawyers and philosophers. What is the Constitution? 51) some lawyers make discoveries in the judicial branches, which I know not by politicians.

Perhaps for lack of investigation or really because I have never seen. Whatever the fact, attempts to expose the mine. Provided they have a logical structure with the reality of the facts. 52) is obviously necessary to know the nature of government, since its essence gives us the authority, with which we have legislated the face of the earth in the course of history. Knowing that it is essentially a dark and thorny matters, allowing us to understand that such knowledge are reflected in the understanding with difficulty.

Therefore the manifestation of their complexity makes them difficult. The interesting thing about the nature of government is its beauty, because things are difficult by nature beautiful. 53) the constitution is a mixture of politics and reason.

Colombia History, Colombia Tierra Preciosa

HISTORY OF COLOMBIA Decorated PREHISTORY Frontal bone spirals, curvilinear motifs and parallel lines on black pearly, the internal walls have pearly paint, used as a funeral offering. Aguazuque I Aguazuque Finance, Soacha, department of Cundinamarca. 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm waist Axe foot holder with the Salina Creek 2.5 cm x 2 cm x 25.4 cm 12 000 BC National Museum of Colombia one of the oldest vestiges of America exposes the various ways of life of nomadic hunters, gatherers and horticulturists from 12,000 years ago, and their processes of adaptation to sedentary life in villages, pottery production and agricultural practices. These remains are the oldest evidence of man in Colombia, known by the investigative work of archaeologists. BRIEF HISTORY OF COLOMBIA PRECOLUMBIAN When the Spanish arrived in the fifteenth century three families lived in the territory of Colombia: The Chibcha culture located in the highlands and cold areas in the Midwest and the "Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. "The Caribbean, located on the Atlantic coast and Arwac, in the regions of the Amazon, Putumayo and Caqueta. Long before the arrival of the Spanish development to the south, in the department today Huila, one of the great cultures of the continent. seniority is dated between 150 and 300 BC witnessed by large statues of archaeological importance and now known by the name of the Chibcha family, one of the largest and most highly developed intellectual, had an advanced knowledge of mathematics, used a schedule that allowed him to manage agriculture and celebrate the holidays and used hieroglyphic writing.