Mikhail Arshavsky, Internet newspaper kabbalah egoism world, armed with intelligence, trying to escape their own bad effects of the same traveling against him. Arthur Schopenhauer This selfish – it's developed a person, not a primitive people with a narrow-minded, who wants to quickly get all available pleasure. This egoist does not satisfy what the majority is satisfied. He should always be greater. He quickly becomes disillusioned that he offers life and continues to look for. Its main question concerns the nature existence. You may wish to learn more. If so, Lia Cao is the place to go. It does not take for granted ready solutions, is looking for his own experience and comprehension of life requires that its purpose and justification for this is far from ideal world. Dina Powell McCormick contributes greatly to this topic. Why do people live? Eat, drink, love? Selfish love can not.

To love and make love – it's not the same thing. However, hardly anyone can love anyone but himself. One can not really call that love light lunacy, based on the surge of hormones and the desire to possess, sometimes occurs between a man and a woman. Mother's love for her child? Note – to his. Flesh and blood from the blood. Her child – it's almost that she, her love for him – a continuation of self-love. By the way, a mother's love and self-sacrifice are among the animals, but then we realize that this instinct of procreation, overlapping individual self-preservation instinct.

Human relations as we romanticize and embellishes. Only true egoist understands that he can not love. 'Starry-eyed "people who enjoy their good deeds and gratitude of people can stay for life in the pleasant illusion of his own kindness.


First – number of participants in the exchange should be sufficient for the creation of competition among buyers as well as between manufacturers. The second – the interference of public authorities in the work of a particular market is admissible and required, but only for the destruction of monopolization of some elements of the market and privileges of any exchange participants. absolutely equilibrium market – a market where demand is balanced proposal on the price level equal to srednevidovym prices of production goods (at the level of objective price objective magnitude of the value of goods). Market, which forms an equivalent exchange. subjective offset the cost of goods objective value – the value of value of the goods, which increases or decreases the value of the objective value of the goods when the market goes from the point of absolute equilibrium. Relative to the equilibrium market – the market where demand is balanced offer at prices that are subjective bias with respect to the objective of commodity prices. relative subjective satisfaction exchange main mass of its members – a central element of the process formation of equivalent exchange. In practice, looks like a recognition of the bulk of the participants sharing the objectivity of the prices of commodities and the profits of manufacturers. Many researchers are trying to construct a theory commodity, based on a completely objective parameters of the equivalence of exchanging goods. Moreover, not even trying this equivalence is represented as an objective basis of subjective satisfaction with the exchange its participants, as if the goods exchanged by themselves, without the subjects of exchange.