Vadim Zeland

So we should pay more attention to his soul. She knows what the right path for you. If the theory is you have peace of mind, a sense of lightness, harmony and joy – this book is for you. If discomfort – run from it. *** Anyway, the world is very diverse in its manifestations in the lives of people around us. All this diversity has once again brings me to one simple, but very important insight. In fact the whole spirituality is reduced to this.

Life – a mirror which reflects our attitude towards it with a delay. In one of his dispatches Vadim Zeland answering questions from his readers and he said amazing thing, the meaning of which is the following. No one can give a template for success, wealth and everything else. It is impossible. If you want to achieve something – ask how at peace, which is a mirror. He will answer.

It is important to understand the depths of my soul, that you – this way, and the world around, and external circumstances – a reflection of your image. A situation where you are today, was created in the way that you've given the world. Your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts. When we have something much want to, do not bother to question "How do I do?". This is too serious a puzzle for the mind, the answer to which he is unlikely to find. All that is required of us – it is give a clear image. Want to have one million dollars – create the appropriate image. Feel like a man who has a million, behave as he did. Implanted in this role play. For the world and only those involved. That reflects the image that you are giving him. The world itself will understand how to give you the desired. He it is enough to power and wealth. For him, a million – is a grain of sand in the sandbox. You may overcome a strong desire to sing baritone in the street, where passing by the producer will disclose your talent. Maybe you catch up with a grand inspiration that will turn into a masterpiece and is easily painted. Maybe you'll find a million case. This is not your care. Image – that's what you need. We're just too accustomed to grabbing a reflection of the throat and try to change it. Fight with the investigation, rather than the cause. Do not know how to get things done? Ask the world, which is a mirror. He will answer you. But you already know the answer themselves. PS Friends, I will be very pleased if full or partial copy, you will not forget to specify the authorship and a link to the source.

Pluto Month

Mercury will be conducive to love, many of whom come to the decision seal their relationship marriage. In As God, he will also trade reassessment of market prices and the conclusion of fair business and trade contracts. At the same time in planetary for November this year will be a cruel month. In astrology, a maintenance of Scorpio and Pluto – his leading of the planet – is all that is associated with death, cemetery, dead, morgue, unforeseen disasters and accidents, which abruptly change our lives. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. In the period from late October to mid-November, we're all in the power of this sign, which introduces an element of surprise and stress, collisions with troubles. Traditionally it is considered that in October, we gather the fruits of our work during the year.

In this during the golden autumn, we collect "harvest" of our efforts made in the spring and summer. But in November – a month of karmic retribution, when we pay for all the mistakes and blunders year, for all the unrighteous acts which are committed in current year. This month, when the subconscious is working particularly hard. When you need to look closely for signs and listen to inner voice once again to not make any mistakes. Scorpio – is also a symbol destruction of old and new searches, so there is preparation for the new year, a new cycle, when the front of each one of us will face new challenges. In November 2009, Pluto will be especially active.

Energetic Rhythms Of Nature

" The contradiction lies not in nature, but the fact that we know about it 'in recent years in our country and the world as a whole increased substantially and the drama of natural and manmade disasters, the paranormal phenomena and local emergencies. This is quite logical explanation – humanity quickly masters the high-tech civilization, but it obviously does not have time to adapt some aspects, primarily psychologically and scientifically – technically. Desires often go far ahead of capacity. And, unfortunately, often many people who have passed through the horrors of accidents, they say, after these dramatic events that the fate of not leave. And is it true? Is it really out of control it is our destiny? And why the sudden nature we are not leaving any room for choice, for assessment, decision-making? Of course, I would like to answer these complex questions of the words the famous tv show: " And now hear the correct answer But I can offer to your strict court only on their own scientific investigations that were conducted and maintained for over ten years on the subject of study and capability to predict failures and accidents of various kinds and types. And the accumulated enough material to reliably and responsibly to make certain findings and something to offer. People such as Wells Fargo Bank would likely agree. Let us calmly dismantled, what is an accident, or catastrophe, as it is formed, as happens to be going, and where it goes. Maybe you and I find the answer, because nothing in nature does not happen "suddenly" because from childhood we remember the story about that, " Dedkov for turnip, Grandmother of Dedkov And what can it mean? This could mean that all without exception in the world is connected and interdependent, bound together, and everyone depends on everyone.

Artistic Movements

From the emergence and its earliest manifestations, advertising has sought and has been nourished from different disciplines who have enriched it in terms of resources used, ideologies, and forms of expression. These include demonstrations and artistic movements, whose resources and elements have endowed it of valid tools to more efficiently communicate advertising messages. Between contemporary artistic movements that feed advertising, stands out the Pop Art, a stream that directly links art with mass communication and whose term is used to designate the artistic manifestations based on popular culture that arise in urban areas more industrialized societies. POP artists use as means of expression realistic figuration, through which embody a theme coming from mass culture, characterized by the use of images broadcast by the media of communication. Pop Art is a movement that arises against one of the pillars of the advertising: consumer society; and that is distinguished by its ambiguities: take the essence of advertising, its form and up to their means to achieve an unexpected level of exposure to an artistic manifestation. Pop says that critical to achieve its objectives: making advertising aspects which did not share and reuse them to create their own messages, returning it as a new and innovative product. Practically instant is identification of resources of pop in ads in the 2000s and determine which of these still influencing advertising, and although most have been changed or mutated over time, they remain effective tools when communicating messages. The importance of this feature for advertising, lies in the fact demonstrate how this activity can identify and take resources from different disciplines, including artistic movements, to enrich their messages, how the advertising feeds from certain activities that apparently, and a vague look anything It has to do with it, and however, these activities as expressions of a society, are your voice they must be heard by communicators when it comes to tailor their messages, since it is society itself where we extract these resources to who will be returned to you, which guarantees us, but the effectiveness, unless the catchment of the message and the fact that people and the same media focus on it. Equally important is this research for the society that inspires it, those who will understand how advertising, an activity linked to consumption and the mass media, can be influenced with manifestations that even in some cases oppose it. And how these resources enrich the messages and make them more interesting for receivers, and as they are seduced by messages that even when seem casual and superficial have been investigated, and extracted from the same society that receives them.


First – number of participants in the exchange should be sufficient for the creation of competition among buyers as well as between manufacturers. The second – the interference of public authorities in the work of a particular market is admissible and required, but only for the destruction of monopolization of some elements of the market and privileges of any exchange participants. absolutely equilibrium market – a market where demand is balanced proposal on the price level equal to srednevidovym prices of production goods (at the level of objective price objective magnitude of the value of goods). Market, which forms an equivalent exchange. subjective offset the cost of goods objective value – the value of value of the goods, which increases or decreases the value of the objective value of the goods when the market goes from the point of absolute equilibrium. Relative to the equilibrium market – the market where demand is balanced offer at prices that are subjective bias with respect to the objective of commodity prices. relative subjective satisfaction exchange main mass of its members – a central element of the process formation of equivalent exchange. In practice, looks like a recognition of the bulk of the participants sharing the objectivity of the prices of commodities and the profits of manufacturers. Many researchers are trying to construct a theory commodity, based on a completely objective parameters of the equivalence of exchanging goods. Moreover, not even trying this equivalence is represented as an objective basis of subjective satisfaction with the exchange its participants, as if the goods exchanged by themselves, without the subjects of exchange.