Aurora One

The virtual tarot is excellent an average one to approach us the knowledge of the tarot and the cartomancy. It is an ideal scope to begin to know the arquetpicas figures the arcane ones and to familiarize to us with the wisdom of his meanings. Jim Weber will not settle for partial explanations. Thanks to the technological advances, the virtual tarot approaches to him consulting the experience of a true distance of tarot, in the same way in which it would be realised in the doctor’s office of a viewer, although consulting and professional they are to thousands of kilometers of distance. The program of virtual tarot does not realise the interpretation of the distance, that is in charge of viewer the natural ones of They will provide to the experience the human touch to him that is necessary, to give to the experience the relevance and the depth that must have. The program of virtual tarot is only one graphical interface that presents/displays the letters to the consulting one, you are you you select that them, guided by the invisible force than he is already certain for his future. The virtual tarot allows that people who until today had not had the experience of a reading at the tarot they are marvelled at the precision of the readings at Isabel, Aurora and Carol, that are those that really gives life him to all the experience.

If you are in crossroads in the life, she must make a difficult decision or simply she feels distressed before the perspective to face the stranger, the virtual tarot will allow to tell him on an excellence tool to be able to appreciate what happening of the life provides to him. More information is housed here: Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner. There are not two equal distances of virtual tarot, each consulting one gives its personal touch him, in the same way that the reading of our mentalistas is not the same in all, the circumstances. That must to that each experience of virtual tarot is unique. Of no way it can be interpreted to the virtual tarot like a species of code, or manual that makes correspond to each letter with a predetermined text. The natural gift of our viewers confers to him to each experience characteristic that does in particular of that session of virtual tarot that is applicable at that precise moment, only to that consulting one. If it has doubts about some situation, or simply it wishes to listen to a word friend of whom it speaks with wisdom and foundation, the virtual tarot is the ideal means that has developed for you. We have obtained the impossible thing, to approach of massive way the wisdom of our tarotistas for all that one that has the anger to want to know what the destiny provides to him.


For the situations that the results will not be the desired ones we must review each action individually and consider modifications with focus in the result. The activities of a company tend to be modified, the necessities of the customers in a globalizado environment are dynamic being indispensable changes in the project in accordance with the changes foreseen in each situation, the necessity of being total flexible without losing the main focus are essential for the success of a project of this transport. We can illustrate some forms of accompaniment of pointers of performance of a process, the maiorias of the companies carry through periodic accompaniments are monthly or weekly, intention is to show for the excessively collaborating course of the activities for carried through them, and the accompaniment of graphical form with well defined goals is essential, because what is not measured and controlled, never he will be managed of sustainable form. Some accompaniments must be defined by a have equipped, the pointers must portray the performance of the activities, a suggestion is to measure the final activity, and any variation must be dealt with new plans action, objectifying the improvement of the process, some pointers is indispensable. Former: Movement of vehicles for month. This graph (indicating) of accompaniment must to inside illustrate the amount of movements for month and the type of carried through load of the period, with this graph we have an ample vision of the movements, in giving the conditions for the direct taking of action in the focus, that is in the certain activity, and with some analysis of the activity we thus arrive in the cause root, taking corrective actions using of the improvement concept continues. shows for the team where it must be directed the efforts, without spending energy in the activities that do not generate resulted.

Jose Manuel

Before producing a material didactic we must have which clearly our public-target, which its characteristics. From these information we can define what we want that it more develops throughout the process of learning and the pedagogical strategies adjusted to reach our intentions. I will deal with here important technological supports for the production of pedagogical material: the material printed matter and the language in web (hipermdia), radio, TV and video. The necessity to register the information comes since the primitive man with the drawings in the walls. This necessity made with that throughout the times the man constructed new forms of representation until arriving the writing as we know and the invention of the press. With the evolution of the technologies the text passes to be integrated the sound and image through the hipermdia, making possible a bigger interaction. The use of the hipermdia extended the possibilities of professor to work the diverse literal sorts, providing to bigger interaction between reader and text, beyond offering resources.

The radio is an important vehicle of mass communication and although to seem to be old-fashioned, still it is sufficiently present in the daily one of the people. The computer and the Internet inside bring new possibilities for the use of the radio of the school. With low cost the professor can create spaces in the Internet that give chance so that the pupils express its opinions and divulge the knowledge constructed throughout the learning process developing the verbal language and writing. The TV and the cinema can be used in classroom to enrich debates, to illustrate contents worked in classroom, to argue on subjects of day-by-day, treated in telejornais, at last, have some possibilities of if working the cinema and the TV in classroom. When used well the lessons enrich and open space for other forms of language. According to Moran ‘ ‘ The videos are dynamic, count histories, show and impactam. They facilitate way for more complex, more abstract levels of understanding, with little sensorial support as the philosophical texts, the texts reflexivos.’ ‘ But the video also can be produced in classroom, being used as documentation, register of events and lessons of diverse substances, of studies of field, the most varied experiences and interviews. As we can observe the technology brings a series of chances to enrich the work of the professor, making possible that it and the pupil are party to suit of creation of the knowledge.

Consideraes Final the current society established a change in the position of the professors in relation to the use of the new technologies in and for the education. The integration between TV, video, radio, Internet and vehicles printed matters offers the chance of digitalizar and democratizing the knowledge. As we can observe the technologies bring some possibilities of creation and production it professor to enrich the education process/learning. However, so that it it usufructs of these resources becomes necessary that knows it them better and has clear the objectives that intends to reach with its use. Bibliographical references Azevedo, Waldyr Jnior. Computers in classroom.

Cascavel Professors

(BLONDIN, 2011) 3 PERMITTED PROFESSORS AND the TECHNOLOGY Some cares, mainly, with use of the Internet as pedagogical tool must be observed so that it does not have change in the abilities of know-making, favoring the access to the information that can be ' ' copied and coladas' ' without any selection or daily pay-reading of the texts. This practical reveals each more common time, a time that the pages of relationship and too much technologies are generating of content and does not have as to control the autorias of all. Therefore, the new technologies used in the education demand that the professors are capable to know them, to understand them and to use them in benefit of the learning of the pupil. However, what note is a favorable reaction of many professors to these technological innovations. They prefer to usufruct of the traditional methods for not knowing to deal with these new resources. ' ' … the man is irremediably imprisoned to the technological tools in a relation dialectic between the adhesion and the critical one to novo' '.

(PAIVA, 2008. p.1). To verify effectively as if they hold the professors of superior education in what he refers to the relation with the new technologies is that a research on the subject was carried through in the Union Pan-American of Education? Unipan in Cascavel/PR. The objective was to identify the reasons of the use (or not) of the new tools of technological communication in the formation of permitted professors. The research also was considered to investigate the reasons that make the professors to use these tools and to verify if they stimulate and they teach the pupils on its use. The sample is delimited for professors of the courses of licenciatura of the Unipan, independent of its formation. The questionnaire, with 12 closed questions, was mounted using a technological resource? Google Docs? in the intention, also, to quantify the adhesion through this tool and applied during days 04 the 12 of December of 2010.