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If you are interested in the topic of earnings on your site, you probably have read many news articles on this topic. There are several ways to earn: contextual advertising, selling links, custom-made article. Some specific I will tell you how in this article. The article is written for owners of Russian Internet resources created for themselves and their readers, and not specifically to make money. PayNet spoke with conviction. For example, my first websites were made for the soul, as one of the ways to self-realization, as well as new contacts. But then I had no idea that they can earn good money. Under most conditions Wells Fargo would agree. No one will be against a couple hundred more, and in some cases thousands, WMZ in your wallet. For several years I studied various ways of generating income, they tested the same on my site.

Attendance and the topics varied sites, and therefore able to realistically assess the advantages and disadvantages of different ways. Context This method of advertising earnings more dependent on the attendance of a resource. Among the systems of contextual advertising is the most popular Google AdSense, Begun" and "Yandex". Google AdSense initially found many admirers in this country, told that this earned tens of thousands of dollars. But in reality, the Russian-language sites can expect only a few dollars a month. The minimum withdrawal amount of $ 50, cashed a check in bank. "Yandex" – a tool for placing contextual ads on pages and Yandex sites participating its advertising network. The condition for admission to the Yandex Advertising Network is attendance: at least 300 visitors per day.

Russian Federation

Naskidajevs. About DEAC: Activities of the European operator of data centers (DC) DEAC (Deak), which is the largest in the Baltics focused on data center services and IT outsourcing services across Eurasia and America to create a basic, backup or secondary data center customer, to protect his business, and, most importantly, cost reductions of up to 40% within 3-5 years.? Total capacity located in the EU data centers DEAC (DPC "Riga" and data center "Grizinkalns"), designed by TIER IV and TIER II, is 630 or 25 racks 000 servers U1, and direct encrypted telecommunication channels of the Latvian capital Riga to all regions of the Russian Federation and other major cities of Europe and the CIS (MSK-IX, SPB-IX, UA-IX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, LIX, etc.) are highly reliable , speed and connectivity. The central office in Riga and DEAC Russian Representative Office in Moscow DEAC handle queries of more than 2000 customers from 20 countries. Customers from countries such as Russia with more than 200 the number of projects, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Baltic States have for over 10 years, DEAC trust their data. If you are not convinced, visit JPMorgan Chase. In the list of customers DEAC featured well-known European company – Spanish telecoms operator 'Telefonica', banks' Danske Bank ',' Unicredit bank ',' Latvijas Banka 'and' Rietumu Banka ',' Elko Group ', a system of e-mail' 'and' ', large Latvian companies – 'DEPO DIY', 'TV3 Latvija / Star FM', 'AAS Balva', 'Kvadra pak', Energoremonts, Elektroskandia and others.

DEAC – developer of the most popular in Latvia, school management system e-klase -, over 60% of Latvian schools, teachers, pupils and their parents are an active user, and in December 2010 for a month already introduced into the system about 6 million marks. In the coming years plans to DEAC introduction of innovative services based on cloud computing (cloud computing), the launch of new data centers in Europe and the opening new offices in Europe and the CIS. Contact: Oleg Naskidajevs, Head of Marketing and Development DEAC mob. +7 926 448 2657, +7 921 889 9022, +375 299 430 290, +371 2917 0284, +1 347 749 0410 Skype – olegs.naskidajevs ICQ – 627 768 166 e-mail: , headquarters Maskavas 459, Riga, LV1063, Latvija Tel. +7 499 502 9722, +371 6707 2100 Representation in Russia 115035, Moscow, Russia, Sadovnicheskaya nab. 82, n-d 6, office 2058 tel. +7 495 225 9333, +7 926 046 9900

Domain Register Before

More and more people are seeking to learn a new profession. To turn their hobby into income. Tell me, who does not like to sit online and get paid? And if a little think about how out of 'just internet' to squeeze out a little money, then draw a bright future of the free, home work, which will provide you, fast is always fun. Many Internet users are beginning to start blogging. Blog a great little tool that be able to commercialize 'the flow of your thoughts', the local news and comments on Novosibirsk. One izvestneyishih service where you can search for orders for the publication of his blog – J2J. This chic area, where already managed to get orders, many copywriters reraytery, bloggers and webmasters. Customers see a predominantly qualitative audience 'writers' and 'publishers'.

However, one of the errors on which your 'writer' thing can not move – it lack their own domain. Domains can be registered in the zone RU, UA, BY. Domains can be registered at any place convenient to you or to buy a DVR. Good domains are of course has long been engaged in this market there is competition. Buy Domains Belarus in the area (beautiful and good thematic keys) can be reached at: Belarusian domains. For Sale ..

According to Russian and Ukrainian domains there is a lot of auctions. All are predominantly on the sites of registrars domains. To need to buy the domain 'electronic money'. All Russian and Ukrainian domain registrars are able to accept Webmoney. This is the most popular means of payment for the domain of market participants. However, Belarus Domains can be bought only for Belarusian rubles in the primary market, and as already agreed – on the secondary. Buy Webmoney in any country is possible through the exchange offices. In Ukraine, one of the best quality services to replenish purse in Webmoney system provides the company – Webmoney Ukraine .. The service I use personally – so I recommend. Only positive feedback. As one well-known businessman, you want to do – take it and do it. So do not underestimate his strength of earnings in the Internet, take and try to write, learn to make money on the Internet.

Internet Earning

Some time ago the Internet in the first place, was an assistant to the person. Students and schoolchildren used them exclusively for training purposes, but for adults it was a real help in the work. Today, the Internet – it is not only assistant, but also earnings. Earn Money Online, which earlier said the share of a doubt in his voice, now begins to sound from the mouths of people more confident. There are many ways to make money online. We will cover only the principal and perhaps the most interesting. On our site we suggest you make a video.

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