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Don Shula has been exponent of coaching in the United States coaches coach.In the work culture is changed also the language, the attitude, the labour contractual almost disappears into a relationship of partners (company – employed) where what counts is mutual growth, development and learning with a common destiny: leadership. But, specifically, what is what is understood by coaching?, in this respect we are told, that is a system that includes concepts, structures, processes, work tools and measuring instruments and groups of persons; It also includes a leadership style, a particular form of select people or create groups of people in development. At the same time it helps employees to improve their work skills through praise and feedback positive based on observation.It is an activity that improves performance on an ongoing basis. Specifically, It is a conversation that involves at least two people in our case to a supervisor and an individual; Although sometimes it can be between a superior and his team.The concept that underlies this definition is that there has been no coaching unless a positive change has occurred.Managers, supervisors and leaders can have many types of conversations in which trying to improve some aspect of individual performance or equipment. But if some improvement does not occur, then what happened was some interaction of some sort, but not any interaction of coaching, and therefore, on productivity, business goals, definitely, coaching once you want to implement in an organization, will represent a great help, collaboration on the neuralgic, as in the human resource aspects, where the coach, management, leadership provides stimuli, actions, efforts that are sheltered from motivation, recognition, performance, favoring working groups, individuals in their personal and professional growth. Therefore it is very valid point, coaching then, open Windows to scrutinize new concepts, new integrated systems, techniques, tools and new technologies of business management that focus on: 1.

The Path to Success

We are often approached business owners asking how to build a system of selling the company or enterprise system as a whole. Since the communication process becomes clear that the representation of the system at the plant and system sales department at all different, we decided to briefly illuminate the subject. In this case we consider distribyutsionoe enterprise (hereinafter AP) as the most complex form in the active development of sales. System sales – is just one, but the most valuable from a flower petal referred distribyutsionym now. In turn, the enterprise system is a set of people united in the divisions and units located in relations and in relations with each other in a certain order forming the integrity and unity.

So, you need to create a system of the enterprise. 1. Desire – to go to success until the end. 2. Knowledge – to learn by yourself or use knowledge of others.

3. Resources – must comply with its scope and ambition. 4. Time – must comply with scrupulous calculation. 5. All employees and departments dp must effectively communicate with each other with only one common purpose, increase profits. To do this, what would they have been trained, motivated and controlled. 6. It is also necessary to understand that the dp can be ideal, as the official instructions, and developed sequence of their execution, but the system it will be when all this will run continuously throughout the working process, which requires strict discipline. However, the known scheme of 'carrot and stick' is not get carried away 'whip'.