Best Investment

this has been a year in which many young people are dedicated to study, to improve their resumes and their careers. Ben Silbermann usually is spot on. After many years of economic prosperity and employment, unemployment figures this year (with a higher rate to 18.5%) would have forced many young people to make a move in another way: studying. Spanish young people have realized that the best investment you can make in difficult times is to invest in themselves, in their own training. The most successful training offer has lately been the masters and postgraduate courses. There has been a growth in demand for these courses, both among university students and recent graduates from junior professional with some experience but want to “insure” a strong and competitive race. Within this huge range of postgraduate training, one of the areas has been the main beneficiaries of Management and Human Resource Management, especially in large cities. For example, the demand for Masters of Human Resources Madrid has soared, giving financial relief to institutes and colleges. Another type of offers of training that have benefited from the crisis are the Professional Certifications.

Companies such as SAP, Cisco, PMI, Oracle, Microsoft, Sun and Java, among others, are now considering more candidates, providing more professional certifications and more importantly, getting more money (the rate for SAP Consultant is examined for nearly 500 current euros). All this without forgetting the training for active workers and training for the unemployed INEM. A formation usually is usually focused on commercial, office and new technologies, and also the student leaves him free or largely subsidized. Who does not form / recycle is because it wants.

The University And The Development Of Peoples

The University should insist on the old and integrate it into into new fields. If you insist on the proper and contemporary, the University is useless, because it is expanding a function that already meets the press The development of university and school in general is closely linked to the development of the villages as it contributes to the formation of citizens able to discover knowledge, transform and build scenarios conducive to free thought and the exercise of activities to achieve scientific and technological development, thus beginning to create the conditions for improving the quality of life a larger number of people. It is for this reason (and other) by which higher education must have a valid communication channels, permanent and effective with the company to meet their aspirations, desires and needs and provide appropriate solutions to provide a timely response in line with their social obligations. In some Latin American countries is seen concern that educational institutions are on one side, the productive apparatus of society by another, and, in turn, on a path different from the previous. The result: a stagnation in some sectors, lack of relevance of academic programs offered and the frustration of graduates who are exposed to the plight and pain of not applying the knowledge acquired or apply their profession simply because companies do not require of their services.

So things are often the case recorded a loss of resources by the State and the University and the disruption of life project by the family and the individual, who had relied on the education their chances of finding a decent future their efforts and their dreams. This forces us to rethink everything we have done so far in education and especially higher education, it is necessary to answer some questions which are concerned with students, new graduates, business managers, the parents and, in general, society: Searching is training professionals the country needs? value worth investing time, money and energy into study at the university if, at the end, knowledge is not applied? what guarantee of achieving employment with new employees? how you can help graduates who in a relatively long time still remain inserted in the labor market? These questions can not be answered lightly, but you must act promptly to ensure that the University will continue divorced from the events of their social, political, human and economic. It is imperative to redefine the curriculum and the profiles of future professionals to meet the expectation of a region, a country and a continent committed to the idea of finding once and for all routes that lead you to your full development..