Financial Aspects of Divorce

Significant infidelity, differences, traumatic stages of the life, events, answers to prolonged periods of stress and boredom are between the main causes for the divorce, but in different circumstances and with particular common aspects. As certainly even you do not live in an emptiness, so you must contribute to everything what it surrounds to you. Without a doubt, the changes in the society, the rolls of sort, the integration of the community, the values, the beliefs and the law, everything have an impact. Some of the most frequent causes of divorce are: AdulterioComportamiento irracionalDesercin of at least two aosSeparacin of at least two years as agreement between parejT and your esposa/o has lived separated during at least five years. Which are the most common causes for the divorce? Perhaps you are desperate to find out what caused that your married relation finished in divorce. You would do well in not preocuparte for that reason. You will need much energy to do in front of the changes that are approached. We have enumerated the main causes of divorce, although they ten in account that this will not be used you for recuperarte as this difficult stage.

* Infidelity, including the relations in Internet. * Significant differences in values and beliefs. * The oldness and the stages of the life that have happened already * Traumatic events and/or changes of life. Often these are tragic causes of divorce. * Prolonged periods of stress, such as the stress related to the work. * Prolonged stages of stress such as the stress related to the work, in the long term, by questions of disease, mental health, financial problems, etc. * Important emotional needs that they are not fulfilling. * The boredom with the relation or the life. * To deal to the others with scorn.


Fortunately there are who have been attentive during transit by this dimension have been concerned to collect all those teachings that legan us awake, attentive, beings with a spiritual level to share with those who are interested in the opportunity of life for your spiritual evolution. Thus we find writings presented in forms of stories, fables, anecdotes, that legan us the relevance of be committed during the time that it has bequeathed us to share experiences, to keep the flame of our Furrier who enlighten us the path where walking, while we are allowed to be revived. THE ELOQUENCE of silence a father wished for his two children the best possible mystical training. That is why he sent them to train spiritually by a reputed teacher of vedanta philosophy. After a year, the children returned to the parental home.

The father asked one of them about brahman, and the son extended over the deity making all kinds of illustrated references to Scripture, philosophical texts and metaphysical teachings. Then the father asked about Brahman to another son, and this was limited to remain silent. Then the father, speaking to the latter, said: son, you do know really what is Brahman. ** The Maestro says: the word is limited and can not name the unnameable. THE FISHERFOLK were a group of fisherfolk.

After completed the slaughter, were launched toward their respective homes. The journey was long, and when the night began to fall, a violent storm broke. It was raining so torrentially rainy weather is needed. They saw in the distance a House and began to run towards her. They called to the door and opened them a hospitable woman who was the mistress of the House and was engaged in the cultivation and sale of flowers. To see totally soaked to the fisherfolk, it offered them a room to quietly spend the night there.

Change Management

Processes of change: make sure you do not make these mistakes over the past decades, companies of all sizes and features have focused their efforts through different methodologies: management of total quality, reengineering, optimal sizing, restructuring, cultural change and conversion. But in virtually all cases the basic goal was the same: make fundamental changes in the way of directing the companies to operate in a new market and increasingly challenging. Some of these efforts were very successful. Others were a complete failure. Most occupied an intermediate point, with a bias generalized towards the bottom of the scale. The lessons that can be drawn are interesting and probably applicable to your experience, so, we are on them. The more general lesson that can be drawn from the success stories of is that the change process is usually pass through certain stages, skip steps only creates the illusion of going faster and never produces satisfactory results.

A second general lesson with great application potential is that serious mistakes in any of the stages has a devastating effect, which reduces forward speed and counteracts the improvements that had been achieved with so much effort. It might be the cause of even more trained people usually make at least one serious mistake our lack of experience in the renewal of organizations. Do not it!: do not generate the urgency of change. Change efforts more successful getting started when some individuals or some group starts to analyse the competitive situation of the business challenges that seem to close on the horizon of business. Then, those people are way to transmit and disseminate this information in a shocking manner, especially with regard to crisis or great opportunities whose use can be very profitable. This first step is essential, because, from the beginning, the transformation program requires the active cooperation of many individuals. Without motivation, no one You will be willing to help and effort will not come to fruition.