Technology Revolution

Making sense of information about events such as the Twin Towers, the death of Michael Jackson or the economic crisis, it’s downright questionable. His reading is fun and its interpretation in the most useless, written just after the fact, rarely see the events in the same way they appear in history. If we allow the trial to see the events set in the future, you may be really important, not the accumulation of information that are submitted and that the story speaks of the technological revolution. . Johny ive has many thoughts on the issue. .

Computer. . . or something, as we talk today about the French Revolution. As in the Revolution liberal / bourgeois and Industry of the century the events generated from widespread access to computer and internet technology beyond the scope of its impact on individuals, their way of relating in society and the formation of this complex as human. Further details can be found at patrick dwyer merrill lynch, an internet resource. To begin the concept of Nation State, which is created historically by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 ending the old feudal order, leads to territorial organizations and population defined around a government, which establishes and who is recognized spatial boundaries, and therefore of power, creating a new liberal social order, bourgeois and capitalist. The first major technological change that radically changed the way people live occurred 12,000 years ago with the agricultural revolution, allowing them to settle in a place and build cities and civilizations.

With the second big change of the industrial revolution, the machines and engines shortened distances and originated the phenomenon of large cities as a center of national power. Today we are experiencing the third great technological revolution, we connected through global networks such as the Internet, interactive media, virtual reality and other advances in the area of information technology, radically transforming our sense of time / space and therefore both reality. Biotechnology, new materials development, determining the structural behavior of matter and the introduction of the quantum interpretation of our universe, changing the way we interact with our environment and even ourselves. The most important may no longer be the territory, raw materials, machinery industries, but knowledge. This would mean that in the future, the foundation of the concept of nation state would lose meaning, leading to a reshaping of the social conglomerate. Inquire about the objective meaning of this trial, deserves the political and diplomatic response from China Zhou Enlai, when asked to comment on the significance of the French Revolution. . . “Too early to tell.”