The Device

The gestation period is 21 (mouse) and 23 (rat) days. This explains the fast increase in population of rodents in areas where people are not waiting for them. Previously, the main methods of struggle with the hated rodents have been known to us chemical methods (poison bait, strong flavors, etc.), physical methods (traps, sealing holes and passages in the construction, demolition 'nests'), biological (use of natural enemies – cats, dogs, etc.). Important discovery was the discovery of a powerful aversion of rodents to high-frequency sound (ultrasound) who do not hear people. Visit patrick ian for more clarity on the issue. Application of ultrasonic repeller ultrasonic repeller generates high-frequency waves and high volume, which reflected many times on different surfaces create uncomfortable indoor environment for rodents and cause them to leave the protected area unit. The use of ultrasound repeller has several advantages: 1. device is harmless to humans and domestic animals, 2. is environmentally friendly because it does not use chemicals and other consumables; 3.

generates a constant changing sounds, so do not cause addiction in pests 4. easy to install, requires no maintenance, 5. not affect the operation of televisions, computers and other electronic devices 6. can be used everywhere – in the residential, office, warehouses, garages, basements, attics, industrial plants, 7. runs silently, 8.

result of the device shown in two weeks after starting use. At application of ultrasonic repeller to take into account the following considerations: 1. ultrasound is reflected from all surfaces (obstacles). From solid surfaces (walls, ceilings) ultrasound is reflected better than from the soft (carpet, furniture), 2. to achieve the result repeller must work continuously, 3. in the characteristics of ultrasonic repeller rodent protected area is indicated for the empty spaces with concrete walls. If the room has a high degree of congestion, the protected area is reduced by half. If the room has a strong degree of congestion, the protected area is reduced to three. Protected area also decreases, if the premises are objects, poorly reflecting ultrasound (upholstered furniture, bags of goods, bales, etc.) 4. As a rule, from the premises where stored food, care of rodents may take up to two months. In the absence of food this time may be shortened to two weeks; 5. All ultrasound Scarers rodent must continually work for two months. Then you can turn off appliances and include at week of continuous operation each month.