The Dynamics

Olmsted The Dynamics of Group, from certain point of view represents " " The theory of the nature of the groups and of interaction within the groups, and includes a set of tcnicas" ". Klineberg " " the Dynamics of Group like discipline, studies forces that affect the conduct of the group, beginning to analyze the group situation as a whole with own form (Gestalt) " ". Lewin, Kurt the Dynamics of Group looks for to explain the internal changes that they take place as a result of the forces and conditions that influence in the groups like a whole. Also one is interested to investigate the processes by means of which the conduct individual it is modified by virtue of the experience of the group and tries to put in clear why certain things in the groups happen, why these behave they do since it, and why the members of the group react like reaccionan" ". Although there is no agreement between psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists respect the reality to the groups, this one is not a discussion subject for the students of the Dynamics of Group. The people interested in the scientific study of the groups, do not doubt that the same exist. She does not have to surprise this fact to us, because the Dynamics of Group it is a relatively new area of investigation. She is for that reason that is conceived of different ways, according to the different theoreticians. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Harold Ford, Washington DC by clicking through.

Next the cuatros more frequent uses appear, than they are attributed to him: 1) In his more basic sense, it is used to describe what it is happening in the group at any moment. (STRONG APPROACH DINAMISTA OR). 2) Also it is used to describe a study field, a branch of social sciences that are dedicated to apply the scientific method, to determine why the groups behave in the form does that it (SCIENTIFIC APPROACH).