The Economic Cost

Can you imagine what could become the economic cost? would be astronomical, but certainly the most important thing is the human cost that this would cause. No doubt that this education will be key, from institutes and homes. It's time to really know and act. You can no longer continue to ignore, more details and less detail, climate change is a reality and is due in large part to the action of man, that I have no doubt. I think the Climate varies naturally but I think the man has accelerated this process.

But aside think this, what is it that we leave to those who come to future generations and other living things? Some people think that maybe this can happen, but downplay because they think not going to play in their lives or what will happen in a long time, but as I said before, those who come to? Suffer the consequences of what they did its predecessors. I think there are natural and external factors like the sun also causes climate change, but I think as I said before, that the most important factor is human activity. I do not think this is normal weather cycles as some claim. For example all the pollution generated by industries and transportation means any adverse impact on the atmosphere must have. Surely that should alter the balance of the atmospheric system and hence weather patterns. The climate is changing radically and I think it could reach entirely unknown quantities in the Earth's climate history.